Against the Gods - Chapter 1171 - You Are Not Worthy

Chapter 1171 - You Are Not Worthy

Chapter 1171 - You Are Not Worthy

“Answer my question.” In contrast to the excitement of Yun Che when he heard her voice, Jasmine’s voice didn’t contain the least bit of emotional fluctuations. She had a cold and harsh att.i.tude, as if she was facing someone who didn’t mean anything to her. “Why would you come to the G.o.d Realm? Why would you partic.i.p.ate in the Profound G.o.d Convention? Could it be that you were already at the end of your rope in the Blue Pole Star?”

“It’s all to see you!” Yun Che answered without any hesitation. Unwilling to give up, he looked around in all directions, wishfully hoping to catch a glimpse of Jasmine’s figure, and feel her aura. Every cell of his body was agitated, as if it was bathing in a raging fire.

“Because of such a reason?”

“That’s right! I…”

“How foolish and ridiculous!” Jasmine let out a sneer in a low voice. “You came here to see me? Have you got nothing inside that brain of yours, or is it that you’re tired of living!?”

Despite being reprimanded by her, Yun Che responded with a faint smile… Although it had been only four years since they had separated, it seemed as if a very, very long time had pa.s.sed. There was a time when he would feel like his ears would become callused listening to her loud cursing voice. But these past few days, such a thing only happened in his dreams.

However, it was not a dream today.

“I’m fine with being foolish, and don’t care about courting death, either. In comparison to meeting you, everything else is unimportant,” Yun Che said while smiling faintly. “Hurry up and come out, I…”

“Do you truly know what you’re doing?” Seemingly, Jasmine didn’t want to hear his words, as she once again interrupted him in a cold tone. “Do you have any idea about the kind of place the G.o.d Realm is? Do you know that you’re currently in extremely great danger!?”

“Back then when I left, your cultivation was at the middle stages of the Emperor Profound Realm. In just four years, you have now reached the Divine Tribulation Realm! Such speed of increase in cultivation level is enough to alarm the G.o.d Realm and it’s not only me who knows about the fact that you only had the profound strength of the Emperor Profound Realm four years ago. Moreover, one of them is even present at the site of the Profound G.o.d Convention!”

“I know.” Yun Che nodded his head. A deeply hidden look of hatred flashed through his eyes. “It’s Moonflower, who took you away from my side!”

“Oh?” As if surprised by Yun Che’s reaction, Jasmine said in a cold voice. “Back then, she certainly promised me to not tell anyone about you. But with you unexpectedly appearing at this place, do you think that malicious woman would overlook such a thing!? If by chance her vile nature gets aroused, and she tells others that I was close to you during those years of my disappearance, can you guess the consequences you’ll have to face then!?”

“Rest easy, that won’t happen,” Yun Che said in a light and slow tone of voice. “The point that someone like me, who comes from the lower realm, cultivated from the Emperor Profound Realm up to the Divine Tribulation Realm in four years, makes it almost impossible for her to think that I’m the same person. Besides… the Yun Che she saw back then has already ‘died’ at her hands.”

“…” Silence reigned the place for a short while, as the air became a bit chilly. “Died at her hands? What do you mean?”

He wanted to urgently meet Jasmine, and had countless things that he wanted to tell her. Perhaps, it was only when facing Jasmine that he would never hide anything from her. He immediately said without the slightest hesitation, “Back then when you were taken away by Moonflower, I was severely injured by the power that she had left behind. If it was someone else, they would have died without a doubt. But fortunately, I managed to keep my life in the end.”

“…Impossible!” Jasmine’s voice slowed down, as obvious changes occurred in her tone. “If Moonflower truly wanted to kill you, even if you have the body of the Dragon G.o.d, and the power of the Rage G.o.d… not even ten thousand lives would be enough to save you!”

“When I was struck by her energy that she had left behind at the time, all of my internal organs were completely destroyed. Furthermore, the remnants of her energy was still left inside my body. Even the Great Way of the Buddha was unable to help me recover from the injuries, and I was bound to die… Finally, Xue’er used her phoenix vital yin and the power of ‘nirvana,’ which one could only use once in their life, to purify all the power of Moonflower. It’s only because of that, that I barely survived.”

Yun Che was, undoubtedly, the closest to death at the time.

Therefore, when he discovered the existence of Moonflower at the Conferred G.o.d Stage, he never let his gaze come in contact with her… He was afraid she would perceive his killing intent and hatred.

That was why he was very certain that Moonflower would not “recognize” him. Just now, Jasmine also denied the possibility of him surviving after getting hit by Moonflower’s power, so there was no way that Moonflower would think otherwise.

However, she was too fearsome of a person, an existence at the same level as Jasmine… She was so powerful that it was basically impossible for him to take revenge against her in his life.

“…” The world around them grew quiet as Jasmine didn’t say anything back for a long while.

“Jasmine, where exactly are you? Quickly come out. There are still a lot of things that I want to tell you.” Yun Che continuously turned around. He couldn’t understand why Jasmine would not show herself so they could see each other, despite coming looking for him.

‘What about the devil origin orb inside your body?” Jasmine’s voice again reached his ears all of a sudden. It still sounded totally emotionless. “Not only is the darkness profound energy not flowing out in the slightest, even I can’t even feel its existence. It seems that you have found a method that can completely suppress it?”

“Yes!” Yun Che nodded his head, as he quickly said. “Not long after you left, the devil origin orb acted up violently. I was rescued from the crisis by the Golden Crow Soul. Later… I coincidentally found the darkness seed that was left behind by the Evil G.o.d. It was only then that I was able to keep the orb in full control.”

“Evil G.o.d’s… Darkness Seed? There are only five seeds of the Evil G.o.d, namely, water, fire, wind, lightning, and earth. How can there be a…”

As if she had thought of something, Jasmine’s voice paused abruptly.

“Where did you find the darkness seed?” She asked all of a sudden.

“Below… Cloud’s End Cliff.” Yun Che replied. In the past, Jasmine had made him take an oath that no matter what happened, he would absolutely not come near Cloud’s End Cliff, and examining the bottom of the cliff was simply out of the question. It was for Su Ling’er that he had violated this oath.

“So… it’s… just… as… I… thought…” Jasmine said in a low voice.

“Back then, I went to Cloud’s End Cliff because…”

“That’s enough!” Yun Che wanted to explain his reason for going there, but Jasmine interrupted him with a heavy voice. “You don’t need to explain anything, and I don’t want to hear it, either. Moonflower’s power didn’t kill you, and the devil origin orb is also in your full control. In other words, there are no hidden issues within your body right now?”

“Right!” Yun Che nodded his head heavily. “Therefore…”

“Then what are you doing looking for me!?” Jasmine suddenly said in a stern voice. She let out a sneer, “Here I thought that it was perhaps to save your life that you put in so much effort to look for me in the G.o.d Realm. Don’t tell me that you truly came just to meet me?”

“…” As if his chest was suddenly pressed down by something, Yun Che felt such stifling feeling that he wasn’t able to say a word.

Jasmine would mostly talk in a berating tone with him, and he never had any issues with it. He had long grown accustomed to her way of speaking, and would respond smilingly instead… But, listening to Jasmine’s voice in this moment, he felt her distancing him far, far away from her; separating the two of them into different worlds.

“If that’s truly the case, hah… Hurry up and get lost!” Go the h.e.l.l back to your own planet!”

Yun Che’s chest was moving up and down, as he said lightly, “Jasmine…Why?”

“Because you are not worthy!” There was even deeper disdain in Jasmine’s voice. “It looks like although your cultivation progressed over these years, you’re still as ridiculously naïve as before! Since you have been in the G.o.d Realm for a few years, you should have a general idea about the level of existence a star G.o.d is! Do you think that you and I are still living in the same time when we were forced to coexist!?”

“I came to look for you this time, because you did save my life back then, after all. Moreover, we were in a master-disciple relations.h.i.+p for a few years. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have even spared you a glance, even if you kneeled outside the G.o.d Realm for ten thousand years. If someone were to know that a distinguished star G.o.d such as myself stayed together with a lowly, ordinary person of the lower realms like you for eight years, wouldn’t that be the shame of a lifetime!? Those things in your possession that you were not supposed to have, might also bring me huge trouble!”

“Did my answer satisfy you? If you’re satisfied, then hurry up and get lost from here! Scram as far as you can!”

Not only was Jasmine’s voice devoid of any emotions, it contained a deep sense of disgust. It was as if it wasn’t excitement that she felt at his arrival to the G.o.d Realm, but a deep disdain and revulsion.

“…” Yun Che’s breathing became disordered. Afterwards, he calmed himself down a bit. “You’re trying to deceive me.”

“Deceive you? Hah, well all right then. If you want to take my words that way, suit yourself.” Jasmine let out a cold laugh, as if she didn’t want to bother explaining anything to the likes of Yun Che.

“Jasmine… Don’t you deceive me. You… truly don’t want to see me?” Yun Che said in a light tone. “Is it because you’re afraid that it will be dangerous for me in the G.o.d Realm that you’re in such a hurry to make me leave this place? Or… are there difficulties that you’re reluctant to mention?”

“Hah!” Jasmine coldly said. “Just why are you confident about understanding me very well? Because of coexisting for eight years? The lifespan of us star G.o.ds is as long as tens of thousands of years. A period of mere eight years is no different from a dispensable instant to us. Contrary to what one might wish for, to understand another person is the most difficult thing in this world. Even if two people stay together from morning to night for ten thousand years, they still can’t fully understand everything about each other. You actually consider yourself to know my thought process by relying on those short eight years? You’re truly a hopeless idiot!”

“…Jasmine, answer my question.” Yun Che stopped blindly looking around him. He raised his head, as he looked at the empty sky above. “In the past, the Golden Crow Soul told me something. If I can’t meet you in five years, it would be impossible to see you again in this life.”

Jasmine, “…”

“The Golden Crow Soul is the remnant soul of the Golden Crow, and can communicate through soul voice with the Golden Crow Soul in the G.o.d Realm. It certainly won’t say pointless nonsense… I want to know what it meant by that! Why would it not be possible to see you again, if I don’t meet you within five years?”

“Hah, haha…” Jasmine began to laugh. Her laughter was full of contempt, “That soul sure is talkative! However, it did tell you the right thing. I’m certainly planning to go to a place to train, in order to make the star G.o.d inheritance become even more complete… But, what does that have to do with you?”

“No!” Yun Che shook his head. “The Golden Crow Soul may not have told me anything specific, but considering its tone… it definitely can’t be something as simple as training!”

“Oh? So what? Your att.i.tude is truly strange. Why do I need to explain anything to you? What qualification do you have to make me give you an explanation!!?”

Yun Che, “…”

“Why would I, the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d, need to explain anything about the things I plan on doing to an ordinary person from the lower realms such as yourself? A distinguished star G.o.d like me took the initiative to find you here, which is already far, far beyond what you actually deserve! You not only feel deeply grateful for it, but even want to take advantage of my kindness!?”

“Back then in the Blue Pole Star, I had no choice but to stick with you.”

“But, what are you worth in front of me now? What qualifications do you have to ask to see me? What qualifications do you possess to have me explain anything to you!?”

Yun Che stood in a daze in place, as he felt suffocated in his chest. He slowly said, “No… You don’t really mean those words…”

“Hah! Then you continue to live in that pitiful fantasy of yours, and obediently get lost from the G.o.d Realm! Or else, if by any chance Moonflower senses that it really was you that she tried to kill, wouldn’t that cause me great trouble!?”

“Hurry… up… and… get lost!!”

“…Jasmine, do you dare to say these words to my face, while looking in my eyes!?” Yun Che raised his head, as he spoke with difficulty.

“How ridiculous,” Jasmine snorted in disdain. “I will say it for the last time… You are not worthy!”