Against the Gods - Chapter 1166 - Time Wheel Pearl

Chapter 1166 - Time Wheel Pearl

Chapter 1166 - Time Wheel Pearl

As everyone stared blankly at him, Yun Che walked into the profound formation in a carefree manner.

Yun Che—Origin: Snow Song Realm, Lifespan: 27, Cultivation: First level of the Divine Tribulation Realm.

There wasn’t the slightest unusualness in the final determination of his qualifications.

A “shameless villain” and the “shame of profound way” from the lower realms, with the meager cultivation of the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, was actually able to surpa.s.s the ranking of Luo Changsheng and the rest of the partic.i.p.ants… How could they believe such a thing? How could they be convinced of such a result?

In fact, Yun Che didn’t even take two hours to ascend up to Floor 300… He spent more than forty odd hours before that pondering about his life, absentmindedly, and he basically hadn’t budged an inch the whole time.

If this was any other place, all the “heaven chosen children,” who possessed both strength as well as haughtiness, would have exploded with fury to be made to accept such an utterly nonsensical result. But right now, they were on the Conferred G.o.d Stage, and this result had been announced by Honorable Qu Hui himself. Although each of them had a big frown on their faces and felt greatly dissatisfied in their hearts, they were rational enough not to question the judgment of the Eternal Heaven Realm… However, that wasn’t true for all of them.

Luo Changan suddenly stepped forward. He bowed in respect, before stretching out his hand and pointing straight at Yun Che, “Honorable Qu Hui, this junior Luo Changan doesn’t understand something. How is it possible for Yun Che, a base villain with such low cultivation and character, the shame of profound way, to…”

“Retreat!” Honorable Qu Hui shouted sternly all of a sudden. “He is the first place winner. His means may be unusual, but it was not against the rules, so he certainly pa.s.sed this round. Not only this honored one, but everyone here has seen him finis.h.i.+ng the compet.i.tion with their own eyes. How can you raise a doubt over the results!? If you want to know the reason, you’re free to go and ask your seniors. Retreat for now!”

“…Yes, it was rash of this junior.” Luo Changan didn’t dare to say another word as he retreated resentfully.

However, every person’s expressions changed slightly upon hearing Honorable Qu Hui say “unusual means.” Especially, those profound pract.i.tioners who were ranked very close to Yun Che. There was not one whose face hadn’t turned red from rage, and some of them were even shaking as they stared directly at Yun Che, but didn’t dare to break out in anger.

For someone with a profound strength of the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm to get the first place… what other reason was possible besides the use of special means!?

“I would like to first congratulate you all for being able to stand out among the thousand ‘heaven chosen children’ that were chosen by the Eternal Heaven Pearl itself, and becoming the ‘Thirty-two Conferred G.o.d Candidates,’ who will be entering the final Conferred G.o.d Battle of the Profound G.o.d Convention!”

“Becoming one of the thirty-two candidates is not only proof of your strength, but also the glory of your lives.”

“However, only four of you ‘Thirty-two Conferred G.o.d Candidates’ will be able to be conferred the t.i.tle of G.o.d in the end!”

“The upcoming Conferred G.o.d Battle might turn out to be the fiercest compet.i.tion you have faced in your life so far, because your opponents will be the most topnotch and the most powerful profound pract.i.tioners in the Eastern Divine Region! At the same time, it will be the battlefield where you will have the greatest chance to prove your strength, and bring glory to yourselves!”

“The Conferred G.o.d Battle, will be held tomorrow!”

“However, you don’t need to worry about the lack of preparation time.” Each of Honorable Qu Hui’s words sounded like a bell. He made a grasping gesture with his hand. Immediately, thirty-two starlights appeared and flew to every Conferred G.o.d Candidate carrying a profound formation pearl that looked similar.

“That is 【Time Wheel Pearl】, which has been specifically made by the Eternal Heaven Realm,” Honorable Qu Hu said. “It contains the energy of the Eternal Heaven Pearl. If you channel your profound strength into it, it can open up a special time wheel barrier. The time wheel barrier can at most exist for a month, but this one month will be equal to only two hours in the outside world!”

Other profound pract.i.tioners weren’t too surprised by the Time Wheel Pearl. It was already general knowledge that the Eternal Heaven Realm could make special spatial profound formations with the energy of the Eternal Heaven Pearl. It was just that such a Time Wheel Pearl was incomparably precious. Although it was only effective for “one month,” no amount of money was enough to obtain it.

Yun Che held the Time Wheel Pearl between his finger and thumb, as he felt amazed in his heart. Once the time barrier within it was opened up, only two hours would pa.s.s outside, while one whole month would pa.s.s inside the barrier. It should be solely the Eternal Heaven Pearl that could produce such a miraculous profound formation under the heavens.

Each of their opponents in the Conferred G.o.d Battle was extremely powerful. It was very likely that they would have to give their all in every fight. It would be difficult to avoid getting hurt, and they might even be severely injured, making it difficult for them to recover their profound strength or treat their injuries in a short period of time. Hence, they would have to fight while gravely affected by their physical conditions. But now that they had a “Time Wheel Pearl,” no matter how tight their compet.i.tion schedule was, there was not the slightest thing to worry about.

“After every two rounds, the Time Wheel Pearl will be distributed again, though the eliminated ones will not be getting anymore of them!”

“Other than that, as a special reward, you will have the greatest authority to move around in the Eternal Heaven Realm before the end of the Profound G.o.d Convention. Aside from the restricted areas, you can enter anywhere in the Eternal Heaven Realm. Moreover, you can talk directly with the adjudicators, and can also enter and leave the Eternal Heaven Realm unrestrictedly.”

Yun Che, “…”


As Honorable Qu Hui explained, the adjudication profound formation flickered slightly, after which a blue light entered the bodies of the thirty-two people. At the same time, a small, faint blue nameplate appeared on their shoulders.

It was the nameplate to symbolize their ident.i.ty as one of the “Thirty-two Conferred G.o.d Candidates.”

“Now you’ll be lead to the residences specially arranged for you, or you can go back to the residences allotted to your sects if you want. In other words, the thing you need to do next is to keep yourself at the peak condition at all times. All other things can be accommodated. Do you understand!?”

No one replied to his question, but blazing fighting wills could be seen within the pupils of the “Thirty-two Profound G.o.d Candidates” who possessed both strength and haughtiness.

The Conferred G.o.d Battle was the compet.i.tion that displayed the peak strength of the Eastern Divine Region’s young generation. It was the stage that was most worthy of them, and most sufficient to prove themselves!

Honorable Qu Hui turned around, and nodded slightly toward the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor.

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor slowly stood up. As if they were drawn to him by some formless energy, the gazes of everyone present focused on the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor simultaneously.

“I once again express my thanks to everyone who has come here from afar and discussed the major event together,” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor said with a faint smile. His voice reached far, far away and lingered in the air. “The Conferred G.o.d Battle is going to be held very soon, so I ask everyone to put the matter of the ‘major event’ aside, and fully enjoy the Conferred G.o.d Battle, which is certainly going to be absolutely wonderful.”

“Because not only are they all amazing youngsters, in three years, they might reach the same heights as you all, or even far, far beyond that…”


Following the speech of the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor that was said in a heavy voice, the third round of the preliminaries of the Profound G.o.d Convention came to an end. All the experts of the thousands of star realms present at the Conferred G.o.d Stage flew away to their own destinations, either preparing or looking forward to the Conferred G.o.d Battle that was going to start tomorrow.

The one that stood out the most in the third round was, unexpectedly, not Luo Changsheng but Yun Che!

Even the great realm kings of the thousands of star realms glanced at Yun Che when leaving the Conferred G.o.d Stage, consciously or subconsciously. It was unknown whether it was because they were surprised by his world-shocking and unrivaled “invisibility,” or if it was due to them unable to accept the fact that a person like him could actually enter the Conferred G.o.d Battle.

It was obvious how other profound pract.i.tioners, who had entered the Conferred G.o.d Stage, felt about him. There was no doubt that trash like Yun Che, who was only at the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, being present among them, the Thirty-two Conferred G.o.d Candidates, simply felt extraordinary shameful and humiliating.

The only thing they could do was to look at him with contempt, and then thoroughly ignore and forget about his existence. They would pretend that there were only Thirty-one Conferred G.o.d Candidates.

Yun Che came over to everyone from the Snow Song Realm. Before he could open his mouth, Mu Huanzhi said in incomparable excitement, “Yun Che, you… you… How should I put it…? Anyway, you were really too reckless. Moreover, now you’ll be partic.i.p.ating in the Conferred G.o.d Battle. Th-th-this…”

Cheating… Becoming a heaven chosen child… Contradicting the Eternal Heaven Realm… Displaying the Moon Splitting Cascade… Entering the Conferred G.o.d Battle… Mu Huanzhi’s mind was a mess, as he spoke incoherently in a daze for a long time.

“Great Elder, don’t ask any questions. Let’s go back first,” Mu Bingyun said. She gave a deep glance at Yun Che, before asking, “Are you going to come with us, or…?”

“Of course, I’ll be following behind the palace masters and elders,” Yun Che replied.

After saying his greetings to Huo Rulie, who had gone crazy with joy, and the other people from the Flame G.o.d Realm, Yun Che left the place with Mu Bingyun and the rest.

The palace allotted to them wasn’t that big, but it was a particularly calm place. Furthermore, there was a sound obstruction barrier between the residences provided to the star realms. Yun Che was waiting for Mu Bingyun to reprimand him, but it was only her sigh that he heard after a long while, “Yun Che, you know… your master will definitely become furious once she comes to know of the things you have done, from forcibly pa.s.sing the first round to everything that followed after.”

“…I know.” Yun Che lowered his head.

“You did everything back there all to meet her, right?” Mu Bingyn’s gaze turned away.

Yun Che nodded as he said in a light voice, “I believed that if I enter the Eternal Heaven Realm, by hook or crook, then I’ll be able to meet her. But, she didn’t come here. Therefore, I had no choice but to think of a method that could let her hear of my name.”

“Have you thought of a possibility?” Mu Bingyun asked. “What if she knows that you have come to the G.o.d Realm, but doesn’t wish to meet you?”

Yun Che was taken aback. Soon after, he shook his head without the slightest hesitation, “No, that certainly can’t be true. She must be missing me as much as I am missing her!”

“…It seems that I underestimated your obsession over her all along,” Mu Bingyun said with a light sigh. “Now that things have developed to this point, there would be no use rebuking you. You have advanced to this extent with much difficulty, and I think my words or someone else’s admonishment won’t make you act obediently. Now, we can only hope that you can fulfill your wish. But be sure to keep in mind that… you need to be very careful. Before you do something, think about the consequences of your actions first. Do make sure not to act recklessly again.”

“I am sorry, Palace Master Bingyun. I always make you worry about me,” Yun Che said apologetically. “Once my wish is fulfilled, and I return to the sect, I’ll apologize to Master, and accept any punishment she gives me.”

“The Conferred G.o.d Battle is going to start tomorrow. Will you be partic.i.p.ating?” Mu Bingyun asked all of a sudden.

Yun Che immediately shook his head, even without giving it a thought, “Of course not. Given my strength, I’m bound to lose without a doubt, no matter the opponent I face. There is no need for me to shame myself. However, I’ll go to watch the compet.i.tion.”

“Waiting for her to come?”


Yun Che was only aiming to be famous. He truly didn’t have the least bit interest in the Conferred G.o.d Battle itself. Even if he had some interest… he didn’t belong on that stage.

He had surely attained his aim, and seemingly in a much better way than he had expected.

As the final battle of the Profound G.o.d Convention, there was no doubt that the Conferred G.o.d Battle would attract the attention of the entire Eastern Divine Region. Furthermore, the news that a profound pract.i.tioner with a profound strength at only the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, had made his way into the Conferred G.o.d Battle and becoming one of the “Thirty-two Conferred G.o.d Candidates,” was not only bombastic, it was news that directly stupefied over eighty percent of all profound pract.i.tioners who heard it.

The name of “Yun Che” also crazily spread like a plague.

After all, things of a “different kind,” were always the greatest factor in stimulating others’ curiosity and desire to gossip.

It was a quiet night.

The next day. When the Conferred G.o.d Battle was scheduled to begin, the Eternal Heaven Realm was calm, but every place in the Eastern Divine Region was noisy. The realm kings of the thousands of star realms gathered around star tablets too, waiting for the Conferred G.o.d Battle to start.

Every fight of the Conferred G.o.d Battle was going to be projected in real time via star tablets. Even if you weren’t present at the site of the compet.i.tion, it was still possible to clearly watch the entire battle progress.

Yun Che quietly pa.s.sed the night, and the sky was already bright when he opened his eyes. Considering the time, the Conferred G.o.d Battle was going to begin very soon. At this time, be it the partic.i.p.ants or the people planning to watch the compet.i.tion, all of them had certainly entered the Profound G.o.d Stage by now.

It was the same for the people from the Snow Song Realm, with only Mu Bingyun silently waiting for him all this time.

“Let’s go.”

Chilly fog lightly drifted in the air, and a profound aura carried Yun Che up. Afterwards, the two of them flew to the center of the Conferred G.o.d Stage,

Yun Che had already decided in his heart… to not partic.i.p.ate in the Conferred G.o.d Battle. When they reach the site of compet.i.tion, he would immediately abandon his partic.i.p.ation qualifications. In any case, he was going to be ridiculed by others, no matter whether he abandoned the compet.i.tion or suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat. The sole reason he was going to the Conferred G.o.d Stage was to wait for the appearance of Jasmine… After all, if Jasmine were to arrive at the Eternal Heaven Realm, she would certainly go to the Conferred G.o.d Stage.