Against the Gods - Chapter 1158 - Reverse Fury

Chapter 1158 - Reverse Fury

Chapter 1158 - Reverse Fury

Far off in the east, the figures of two girls could be seen flying over at an extremely fast speed. The two of them were delicate and exquisite. One of the duo was in red skirt and had red hair, and the other was dressed in a bright colored skirt that was fluttering in the wind. Their appearance in this place was like the sudden descent of absolutely beautiful fairies from fairy tales in the ordinary world, making everything around seem illusory.

“We’re finally here. I think that we just pa.s.sed through the Eternal Heaven Realm’s restriction… so why didn’t anyone come to stop us?” The face of Princess Caizhi was glowing rosy with excitement, and her heart had been beating hard all this while.

Because, she could finally do something for her elder sister.

Furthermore, it was going to be a very big and pleasant surprise for her.

“You’re the distinguished Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d. Who would dare block your way?” Jasmine said with displeasure.

“Hehe.” Princess Caizhi stuck out the pink tip of her tongue, as her starry eyes looked quietly at the expression of her elder sister. The closer they got to the Conferred G.o.d Stage, the more excited she felt in her heart.

There was no way Jasmine wouldn’t notice Caizhi’s strange behavior. She looked sideways, “Caizhi, we have already reached here. How about letting me know of your true objective now? Don’t tell me that you only made me accompany you to watch the fight of a group of children.”

“You’re also a child, right? I don’t want to hear Big Sis calling others in that manner.” Caizhi pursed her lips, as she said in protest.

“…” Although she had been acting mysterious this whole time, Jasmine felt that Caizhi was in a very good mood to say the least. Moreover, she was very intensely looking forward to something, which meant that it was definitely not something bad. Therefore, she was not at all worried, either.

“We’ll soon reach… the G.o.d Conferred Stage, the G.o.d Conferred Stage!” Caizhi was, after all, too young, so she naturally didn’t have much control over her emotions. Thinking of the event that was likely going to happen next, she started to become uncontrollably excited. “I feel the auras of royal father and Uncle Eternal Heaven. There are so many people here… Ah!!”

As if she had suddenly b.u.mped into an invisible dimensional wall, and then was struck by the profound lightning from the Ninth Heaven, Jasmine stopped in her tracks all of a sudden. Her entire body had gone stiff, and she stayed still… for a long while.

"Big Sis!" Caizhi also promptly stopped moving ahead any further, but when she turned around to look at Jasmine, she was at once dumbfounded with surprise.

In her line of sight, the very elder sister, who was feared by all in the Star G.o.d Realm, was ice cold to everyone except for her, as well as dared to say the word "get lost" in the face of her royal father, the Star G.o.d Emperor, had her entire body shaking in an incomparably intense manner. Her blood red eyes had completely lost their red light, and her pupils rapidly enlarged and contracted over and over again. Moreover, her slightly parted lips were trembling continuously.

The aura of her whole body was in such disorder that Caizhi found it unbelievable.

"Big… Big Sis?"

Caizhi thought that her elder sister would certainly be very excited to see Yun Che all of sudden. She was really looking forward to that scene, hoping to give her elder sister a pleasant surprise… But, she was really scared upon seeing this reaction of Jasmine.

"…" Jasmine didn't respond in the least to Caizhi's voice, as she appeared to have become soulless. The world before her eyes would sometimes turn blurry; at other times, it seemed to her as if the heaven and earth were rotating.

Yun… Che…

"Hmph, Yun Che?" The brows of Honorable Qu Hui lowered a bit, as his voice grew ice cold. "Do you know why this honored one has called you out!?"

"I know." Facing directly Honorable Qu Hui, Yun Che replied in a flat tone. "It's because you all feel that I shouldn't have appeared at this place."

"Since you're aware of it, honestly confess what you did." Honorable Qu Hui's voice was as mighty and cold as before. "The consequences you'll be facing will be a bit less severe if you confess it yourself. It doesn't matter if you don't do so, either. The projections within the Eternal Heaven Pearl are completely imprinted inside it. When the time comes, we would be able to tell what you did just at a glance!"

"No need for that. I certainly employed dishonorable means to pa.s.s the first and second rounds of preliminaries." Yun Che's tone was calm, as if he was talking about someone else. Moreover, he directly told it as it was, "I coerced a person, with very strong profound strength and very high ranking, and killed them once in each round before it ended. Consequently, I got thirty percent of their soul orbs in both the rounds… Simple as that."

He had accomplished his objective by being able to come here.

As for the consequences, he was already prepared for them. He did not care at all about his qualification being cancelled and him driven out. He was not in the slightest concerned about him being despised, ridiculed, or becoming a laughingstock. He would even gladly accept to be thrown away after having all his limbs broken.

After all, this place was the Eternal Heaven Realm, the most righteous, benevolent and fair star realm. Although he committed the mistake of "cheating," he would at least not be killed as his punishment.

The thing he was most afraid of, and the result he would find most unacceptable… was for Jasmine to have not come to this place.


Far in the distance, high in the sky, given Caizhi's current realm, she could still clearly hear all the voices, despite being extremely far away.

"So he used such a method," Princess Caizhi said in a low voice.

Caizhi's muttering finally got a reaction from Jasmine. She slowly turned her eyes to her, "Caizhi… Is this the reason… for you bringing me here?"

"Mn!" Caizhi turned to her, and nodded her head energetically. "Hehehe, Big Sis, you definitely didn't expect this, right? Actually, when… I… Ah…"

Caizhi's voice gradually lowered, and the happy smile on her face disappeared quickly… Because, the expression her elder sister was looking at her with was so cold and fearsome…

It was the first time in her life seeing such an expression from her elder sister…

"Big… Sis… I…" She called out timidly, not knowing what to do.

Jasmine's eyes s.h.i.+fted away from Caizhi. She silently looked at the Conferred G.o.d Stage, without budging an inch or uttering a word.

"…" Caizhi was like a scared kitten at this moment. She remained obediently and timidly standing beside Jasmine, not daring to talk to her, as her heart filled with uneasiness and grievance.

I… I did something wrong again… Have I gotten myself into trouble…?

But… Big Sis clearly misses him so much…

Wuu… Just where exactly did I make a mistake…?

Yun Che's direct confession immediately caused an uproar. Among the "heavenchosen children," Wu Guike's body was shaking, and his face instantly became a bit pale.

Such a calm and straightforward confession, was somewhat beyond the expectations of others. But, for the coerced party to be able to let a person make it into the ranks of the "heaven chosen children" with thirty percent of their soul orbs, they must be an outstanding person even among the "heaven chosen children," with the capability to place closer to the top rankers. There was no doubt that they should have an extremely high level of cultivation and origin.

How could such a person be "coerced" by someone from the lower realm, who was merely at the Divine Tribulation Realm? A profound pract.i.tioner of such an origin and strength, would certainly have an extremely strong sense of dignity for the profound way. How was it possible for them to accept such a thing?

In any case, now that Yun Che had admitted to cheating, it was quite a bit easier to handle the matter. Honorable Qu Hui suddenly lowered his brows, as he said in a stern voice, "You truly have got some nerve to actually dare do such a despicable deed at the Profound G.o.d Convention! You not even once cared for the significance of Profound G.o.d Convention, or my Eternal Heaven Realm! You don't possess the least bit of the dignity or sense of shame of a profound pract.i.tioner!"

Qu Hui's severe rebuke caused the whole place to become quiet.

Mu Huanzhi was so frightened that he looked deathly pale. Mu Bingyun, however, suddenly got up at this time, "Esteemed G.o.d emperors, Honorable Qu Hui, this junior is Mu Bingyun, from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect of the Snow Song Realm. Yun Che is a disciple of my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, and it's due to improper guidance of our sect that he has committed such a great mistake. I hope that he is given a light punishment, considering his ignorance due to his young age. When I return to the sect with him, he will certainly be strictly disciplined and punished… The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm will also definitely be given a sufficient explanation."


All gazes instantly s.h.i.+fted to the seating area of the Snow Song Realm, causing everyone present over there to feel as if ten thousand swords were pointed at them, as their souls s.h.i.+vered.

"Snow Song Realm? Hmph!" Honorable Qu Hui didn't even turn around his head to look at the people from the Snow Song Realm. He grunted in a heavy voice, "The Snow Song Realm is overseen by Realm King Xuanyin, and hence, is a star realm that has prestige in the Eastern Divine Region. For such a despicable person to be from there, makes even this honored one feel ashamed on your behalf!"

Mu Bingyun, "…"

Qu Hui said with sunken brows, "Explanation? My Eternal Heaven Realm doesn't need any explanation. This convention is a grand event of our Eastern Divine Region. These thousand "heaven chosen children" are of such great significance that has never been felt before! However, a person of such inferior ability and character became a part of them through despicable means. How are you going to explain this to the Eastern Divine Region, and to all the youngsters who gave their all to advance further at the Profound G.o.d Convention!?"

"Not only him, but you people of the Snow Song Realm will also be held responsible for this matter!"

"???" Yun Che frowned. The great significance of the thousand "heaven chosen children?" What significance?

"Bingyun…" Mu Huanzhi wanted to stop Mu Bingyun, but he heard her continue. "Yun Che isn't an ordinary disciple of my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, and instead the sole direct disciple of my current sect master. He is from the lower realm, and it has been only a short time since he arrived at the G.o.d Realm. Moreover, he is stubborn, stupid, and unruly by nature. That is the only reason for him to commit such a great mistake. I really hope that Honorable Qu Hui shows some leniency. My Divine Ice Phoenix Sect will be endlessly grateful to you."

"…What? Direct disciple? Such a lowly person is actually the direct disciple of Realm King Xuanyin of the Snow Song Realm? That's impossible, right?"

"Realm King Xuanyin is one of the Divine Masters of the Eastern Divine Region. Such trash is actually her direct disciple?"

"With his deed, not only has he implicated the Snow Song Realm, but also completely disgraced Realm King Xuanyin… Sigh."

"…He made a fool of himself." Jun Xilei s.h.i.+fted her gaze sideways, feeling it beneath her to spare him another glance. It was as if it would dirty her eyes if she were to look at Yun Che. Her heart was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hatred. Thinking that she had apologized to such trash on her knee not that long ago, she felt twice as disgraced as before.

The Snow Song Realm was only an ordinary and remote middle star realm, and it wasn't very well-known, either. But, since the time Mu Xuanyin took the reigns, more and more people started to know about the Snow Song Realm, and the name of "Realm King Xuanyin" became far, far more known to others than the Snow Song Realm, and even the majority of the realm kings of upper star realms.

However, that absolutely didn't mean that Honorable Qu Hui would give face to Realm King Xuanyin… Because he was none other than Honorable Qu Hui!

"He… is the direct disciple of Realm King Xuanyin?" Honorable Qu Hui's expression was as stiff and cold as ever, and his gaze was still chilly as well. "Has Realm King Xuanyin also become blind to accept such a despicable person as her direct disciple!?"

The moment he said these words, Honorable Qu Hui suddenly saw seriousness emerge in the abnormally calm pupils of Yun Che. A malevolent aura emitted from him, "Do not insult my master!!"

Him letting out a low roar directly in Honorable Qu Hui's face made all the people stare at him with eyes wide open. Everyone from the Snow Song Realm was so aghast that their faces lost color. Mu Bingyun said in a hurried voice, "Yun Che, silence!!"

The audience of the Conferred G.o.d Stage were dumbfounded. They never thought that Yun Che would dare to berate Honorable Qu Hui! Even Honorable Qu Hui himself was stupefied.

Yun Che, however, turned a deaf ear to the words of Mu Bingyun, and his eyes were staring directly at Honorable Qu Hui. After arriving at the G.o.d Realm, Mu Xuanyin had taught him a lesson several times, which certainly helped in restraining his temper a lot. Before arriving at the Eternal Heaven Realm, Mu Xuanyin had repeatedly warned him not to get into trouble… But, when the words of insult for Mu Xuanyin came from the mouth of Honorable Qu Hui, his fury and malevolent aura instantly began to reach their peak, like an ignited volcano, unable to be constrained any longer.

Perhaps, he hadn't realized it himself, but at some point in time, Mu Xuanyin had become another reverse scale for him.

"It's something I did on my own. Why does it have anything to do with Master!? What reason and qualification do you have to insult my master!?”