Against the Gods - Chapter 1153 - Reaching the Sky in a Single Bound

Chapter 1153 - Reaching the Sky in a Single Bound

Chapter 1153 - Reaching the Sky in a Single Bound

Inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl, on the battlefield for the second round of the preliminaries of the Profound G.o.d Convention.

Incomparably intense battles were being fought everywhere in this place, so as to be able to seize the qualifications to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. Even if it wasn’t their projections in here and they couldn’t revive, they would still not spare anything to achieve their goal, even if it meant risking their lives.

Yun Che was the sole unusual one in this place, and maintained the same status from start to end.

In the first round of preliminaries, he had slacked off for thirty days in the main city.

Now when others were fighting each other with their lives on the line in the second round of preliminaries, as it would decide whether or not they would be able to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, he had still not exchanged blows with anyone, and kept himself invisible from beginning to end. Thanks to the incredibly powerful invisibility ability of the Moon Splitting Cascade, no one was able to sense his presence the whole time, and so, it was only natural that no one attacked him.

The second round of preliminaries was only to last for the brief period of three days. Yun Che kept silently calculating the time that had pa.s.sed, and some time later, the second round was already nearing its end.

Yun Che willed the ranking list to appear before his eyes. Immediately, he was almost shocked out of his mind by the d.a.m.n long nine number soul orb count held by the one in first place.

Although the duration and the number of partic.i.p.ants in the second round of preliminaries were both less than the first, all the people who made it here were those who were ranked in the top ten of their respective battle zones. Moreover, as they still possessed the soul orbs from the first round, the efficiency of soul orbs being robbed had increased by up to a hundred times.

The strong wantonly robbed from others. Every time they successfully hunted another person, their soul orbs would see a sharp increase. The mid and low level weaklings could only become their prey one by one. Not only was there no increase in their soul orbs, they instead continued to lose a lot of them again and again.

With such special plundering rules set in place, the entire battlefield displayed two extremely cruel situations.

The one in first place with over a hundred million soul orbs, was still none other than Luo Changsheng.

However, Yun Che was not at all concerned about the ranks of others. He willed to first search for the rank of Huo Poyun.

He was at the seventy third place in the ranking list, which was hardly different from his rank in the first round. There were less than four hours left before the end of this preliminary round. At this point in time, so long as he doesn’t suffer from bad luck all of a sudden, let alone the top thousand, he could even be one of the top hundred.

Feeling instantly calm in his heart, he next looked for the ranking of Wu Guike. Finally, his gaze fixed right at the… nineteenth place in the list!

Yun Che was shocked.

What do you call true strength? This f*king thing right here is what it is!

In the first compet.i.tion, he was forcibly killed by him, which resulted in a great fall in his ranking. Therefore, it was quite surprising to see him make a such comeback into the top twenty with his own strength once again, and in the second round of preliminaries which was even crueler than the first!

Possessing more than fifty million soul orbs, his soul orb count was just under half of the one holding first place, Luo Changsheng.

If he killed Wu Guike, he could immediately obtain over fifteen million soul orbs. Adding them to the nearly two million soul orbs he already had… let alone the top thousand, he would be able to firmly make his way into the top three hundred!

“This Wu Guike is simply the reincarnation of a man who has constantly done good for others in his previous ten lives!” Yun Che cried in his heart. He increased his speed as he flew over to the place that he had chosen to meet with Wu Guike three days ago.

If he could smoothly meet with Jasmine this time, Wu Guike’s contribution couldn’t be ignored. Yun Che began to think about whether he should just hand over the two profound stones to him… as repayment for his hard work.

Having pondered hard for three breaths… he rejected the idea. He naturally needed to have a firm hold on such a good person! Perhaps, he might turn out to be a big help in the future.

While counting time on his fingers, Yun Che arrived at the place where he had found Wu Guike three days ago. Looking far, far into the distance, Wu Guike was actually waiting for him there already.

It was obvious that he was afraid of the image stored in the Profound Imagery Stone. He was the son of the Great Realm King of Divine Martial Realm, a true genius who could climb back to the top twenty ranking after being blackmailed by another person over and over again. He had a peerless ident.i.ty, talent and splendor, but it could all be completely destroyed as soon as Yun Che wished to do so.

How could he not be afraid? How could he not submit to him obediently?

He might not even dare to arrive later than the arranged time.

After undoing his invisibility behind a huge rock, Yun Che walked over to Wu Guike at an unhurried pace.

Wu Guike’s face was pitch black, and his lips trembled intensely on catching sight of Yun Che. However, he didn’t choose to curse him in anger, and took the initiative to speak instead, “Hurry up and attack. Don’t waste my time.”

As he had already vented his hatred for the other party over these three days, Wu Guike was a lot calmer at this moment. He knew very well that given the fact he couldn’t bear to face the consequences of those images being exposed to others, he had no way to flee from the clutches of Yun Che. In order to eradicate the root of trouble forever, he could only wait for the time when he came out of the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. In this place, he had no other choice but to give in to other party’s demands.

Besides, after experiencing it once, it was easier to accept such a thing the second time. He felt a bit less humiliated than before, too.

Yun Che was even more uninterested in talking nonsense. His body flashed across the place as he arrived behind Wu Guike. At the same time, Wu Guike also retracted all the profound energy covering his body. He didn’t turn around, and said in an incomparably venomous voice with eyes like that of a venomous snake, “This will be the last time. If you dare to again make use of the Profound Imagery Stone to threaten me, I… will have a life and death struggle with you, if worst comes to worst! I’ll only lose my standing and reputation, but in your case… it would be much worse than that. All the people related to you will die without a place for burial!”

Wu Guike’s threats were worth nothing as far as Yun Che was concerned. He let out a snort, and launched a palm attack towards Wu Guike, without saying a single word to him.


Wu Guike once again split at the waist like a rotten tree. The upper half of his body fell to the ground… but he hadn’t died yet. His face contorted in pain as he suddenly smiled with a sinister look, “Don’t blame me… for not warning you… trash… like you… advancing to the top thousand… can only be reduced to… a laughingstock! It can be no more than a dream… for you to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm… You’re going to be… punished by… the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm… He… hehe…”

“No need for you to worry about it.” Yun Che didn’t show any reaction to Wu Guike’s words. He again launched a palm attack, and shattered the upper half of Wu Guike’s body into pieces.

A white light flashed and Wu Guike’s corpse disappeared into it. The quant.i.ty of soul orbs in his possession suddenly saw a great increase as they directly reached the fifteen million mark.

His rank also skyrocketed, and from the bottom of the ranking list rushed straight into the front rows of the list, as it finally stopped increasing further at the two hundred fifty-third place.

Yun Che took a long breath in relief. A tranquil feeling in his heart instantly replaced all his uneasiness and indecisiveness.

Two times, he had used the same method twice in a row, with the same person, to obtain the qualification, with his lowly strength which was at the bottommost level in the entire battlefield. It was absolutely not what he had earned with his true strength but what he had obtained by cheating. Given his nature, he really disdained and despised such base conduct… But in order to meet Jasmine, he didn’t hesitate in the least.

He might be at ease now, but he didn’t relax his vigilance and quickly went into invisible state.

There were still nearly two hours before the end of the preliminaries. As someone who was carrying so many soul orbs, he absolutely couldn’t have anyone set their eyes on him.

He first chose a direction to fly away, and then, found a place that should be relatively safer. Yun Che sat down and holed up in there, quietly waiting for the second round of preliminaries to come to an end.

The powerfulness of the Moon Splitting Cascade would thoroughly manifest when Yun Che used it. During these past two years, not only was he cultivating under the guidance of Mu Xuanyin, but he was also using his own style to understand and realize the Realm of “invisibility” of the Moon Splitting Cascade that Mu Xuanyin had pa.s.sed on to him.

The breakthroughs of profound arts and skills, and the profound way, are different from each other. The latter requires understanding and acc.u.mulation, while in order to achieve a breakthrough in the former, a moment of comprehension and realization would often turn out to be the key.

Yun Che had already vaguely sensed that Master Mu Xuanyin… should also be able to execute the realm of “invisibility” now, even though she had never shown it.

Time pa.s.sed by, and the second round of preliminaries was about to end in a short while. It was at this time that two female figures suddenly appeared in Yun Che’s line of sight.

“Big Sis, the end must be right around the corner. Do you still want to continue?”

The voice was tender and crisp, soft and mild. It would make the listeners feel numbness in their whole bodies, and yearn incomparably to take a look at the owner of the voice.

“Of course, I want to. There is only a very slight difference in soul orbs between Jun Xilei and me. If I were to relax for even a bit, I’d be outdone by her.”

It was quite a gentle voice, but contained a customary chilliness within it. Her words made Yun Che recall something all of a sudden…

A very slight difference of soul orbs… between Jun Xilei and her!?

Capable enough to manage to have a very slight lead on the successor of the Sword Sovereign, and was a woman… There could be only person with an ident.i.ty matching that information.

One of the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region—Shui Yingyue of the Glazed Light Realm!

Yun Che raised his eyes to look above, and indeed saw Shui Yingyue flying over in the sky. Her blue clothes were fluttering, making her seem just like the inviolable G.o.ddess of Lunar Palace, exquisite and outstanding.

At her side was actually the same fifteen year old girl in the black skirt, who possessed bewitching black pupils and had shocked Huo Poyun earlier with her talent…

“It’s those two sisters,” Yun Che mumbled inwardly. It was only natural for Shui Yingyue to be on this battlefield. But Yun Che was taken aback too see that even the girl dressed in the black skirt had pa.s.sed the first round of preliminaries, and entered this battlefield!

Although the girl had a talent that could be described as extremely fearsome, she was, after all, too young. To be able to cultivate up to the first level of Divine Spirit Realm at her age could very well be described as unprecedented since the dawn of time, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration in the least. But in a compet.i.tion where fifty million topnotch experts were partic.i.p.ating, normally speaking, it should be impossible for her to make it into the top ten thousand.

…Of course, it was even more impossible for him.

Listening to the words of her elder sister, the girl nodded her head obediently, “All right. I’m really dragging down Big Sis here, otherwise, Big Sis would be far, far ahead of that Sword Sovereign’s successor.”

Hearing her words, Yun Che immediately understood a bit of what was going on.

Could it be that this little girl, with frighteningly high talent, had relied on her elder sister to be able to enter the second round of the preliminaries?

That did make sense. Who was Shui Yingyue? One of the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region. She was one of the biggest connections one could hope for on the entire battlefield. If she intended to take charge of having her younger sister pa.s.s the preliminaries, that could not be any simpler.

That meant that the two sisters were a.s.signed to the same battlefield in the first round?

Even though it was somewhat difficult to believe… as there were no less than a thousand battlefields, and the probability of such a thing happening was too low to consider, judging from the fact that the girl in the black skirt had indeed entered the second battlefield, that should be the case.

Thinking up to this point, Yun Che immediately found some balance within himself… So he was not the only one cheating here!

Rather than a person like Xiao Mo who was just hanging around idly, without any desire to pursue something, this was what you could truly call a fellow comrade.

However, the other party was the daughter of the Glazed Light Realm King, as well as the younger sister of Fairy Yingyue… The two of them belonged to completely different worlds.

Yun Che’s gaze stayed on the girl for a very long time. Making use of the special ascertainment rule of the battlefield, he saw the name of the girl.

Shui Meiyin.

This girl who appeared like a black spirit, surprisingly had a name that was stirring and had lasting appeal.

Then, when Yun Che was about to s.h.i.+ft his gaze away, he suddenly saw Shui Meiyin slowly turning around, and her pupils sweeping over everything. Her eyes seemed like a dark night with starry lights flickering within them, and they finally stopped looking any further when they reached the place where Yun Che was.

Yun Che’s heart skipped a beat.

She… Don’t tell me that she discovered me? No, that’s impossible! It was only a coincidence.

But, that gaze of her was fixed on Yun Che, and didn’t s.h.i.+ft away for a long while.

“Meiyin, what is it?” Sensing the abnormality in her state, Shui Yingyue also turned around as her spirit sense unleashed in an instant.

Immediately, Yun Che felt a powerful mental force sweeping over to him. When it came into contact with the place he was located, it didn’t stop moving further in the slightest, after which it was completely retrieved.

It was very clear that Shui Yingyue hadn’t discovered his existence, either, even when she released her divine consciousness.

However, the gaze of Shui Meiyin was still on him… Furthermore, it seemed as if she was looking straight into his eyes.

What is going on here? Using both Moon Splitting Cascade and Hidden Flowing Lighting together, provided a perfect, omnidirectional invisibility.

Still not daring to believe in his heart that he had been discovered, Yun Che gave it his all to maintain his invisible state as he tried out moving to the right.

While he was moving, Shui Meiyin’s gaze also followed him like his shadow. No matter whether he moved to the left or right, she kept on looking straight into his eyes… and even revealed a very faint smile.

Judging from this action of hers, regardless of how inconceivable it seemed to him, Yun Che had no choice but to believe that… Shui Meiyin was truly able to see him!

How is this possible…? Just how exactly did she discover me?

Moreover, she had her back at him before she suddenly turned around. It meant that she could not only can see him with her eyes, but she could even discover his presence with her spirit sense.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

Yun Che was first surprised, and then his heart sank down all of a sudden… He had seventeen million soul orbs on him. Before the strength of these two sisters, he was simply a super-fat lamb that they could slaughter whenever they wished to. If they wanted to kill him, he would absolutely not be able to run away from them!

Her watery and tender lips lifted slightly, and on her immature face appeared a particularly charming and heart-enticing smile. “It’s nothing. I just thought of a very interesting person.”

She took her eyes off him, and pulled her elder sister’s hand, “Big Sis, let’s go.”

A look of doubt flashed across the eyes of Shui Yingyue, but she didn’t ask any further. Bringing Shui Meiyin along with her, she very soon flew far away.

Far into the distance, Yun Che saw Shui Meiyin turn her head around all of a sudden. She sweetly smiled towards him, and lightly opened and closed her tender lips. Beside his ear, the voice of a girl resounded that seemed to be coming from a dream-world:

“Big Brother Yun Che, try your best.”