Against the Gods - Chapter 1149 - Star God Moon God

Chapter 1149 - Star God Moon God

Chapter 1149 - Star G.o.d Moon G.o.d

After the arrival of the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor with his guardians and adjudicators, the atmosphere of the Conferred G.o.d Stage thoroughly solidified. No one dared to make even a peep and all eyes were locked onto the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor.

As one of the four great emperors of the Eastern Divine Region, someone at the highest echelons of the Primal Chaos, he ought to oppress the entire world with his might and his imposingness should’ve been G.o.dlike. However, no matter which way they looked at him, everyone present simply saw a good-natured old man who couldn’t be any more ordinary in terms of temperament and appearance. If they saw him on the streets, they definitely wouldn’t take a second glance and would’ve easily forgotten about him.

What was was.h.i.+ng away one's magnificence and returning to a natural and perfect state? Perhaps, that could be best exemplified by the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor.

Although the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor was not the strongest among the Eastern Divine Region’s four great emperors, he was nevertheless the most respected. The Eternal Heaven Ancestor had been recognized by the Eternal Heaven Pearl as its master and even after his death it still protected the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm for many generations. Of course, one of the foremost reasons behind this is the fact that the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm had always trod the righteous path.

In the countless years of the Eternal Heaven Realm’s existence, its adjudicators had punished numerous criminals within the G.o.d Realm, saving a vast number of star realms. It was unknown how many generations of people had revered them in grat.i.tude. If there was only one holy land in the Eastern Divine Region, it would undoubtedly be the Eternal Heaven Realm.

If the other king realms—Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm, Star G.o.d Realm, and the Moon G.o.d Realm—became someone’s enemy, the Eastern Divine Region would only come to see the festivity while avoiding them to the best of their abilities. However, if anyone were to dare go against the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm, they would certainly infuriate the public. It was no different than defying a natural law.

As such, the Conferred G.o.d Stage was quiet. The reason behind it all was not because they feared the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor, but because they respected him greatly.

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor raised his head and smiled. “Since our esteemed guests have already arrived, please show yourselves.”


At the descent of his voice, hearty laughter reverberated through s.p.a.ce. Amidst the laughter, wind surged as an extremely bright beam of starlight dazzled everyone as it shot over, as though a star had descended.


At another side, a cold snort had also sounded at the same time. The firmament seemed to have been split open as a pure beam of light which wasn’t as glaring sprinkled down, resembling a white moon in the sky.

The moon and star instantly swallowed up all the surrounding light, causing everything below the intersecting beams of light to dim.


“The Star G.o.d Realm and the Moon G.o.d Realm have arrived!!”

A human figure slowly walked out of each individual beam of light. The one who came out of the star beam was tall, looked middle aged. Although he wore a smile on his face, his eyes were like cold stars that none would dare directly gaze at.

Ruler of the Star G.o.d Realm, one of the Eastern Divine Region’s four great emperors—the Star G.o.d Emperor!

The one who walked out of the moon beam looked much younger. He was extraordinarily handsome and his immortal looks incited endless reverence and a bit of warmth.

Ruler of the Moon G.o.d Realm, one of the the Eastern Divine Region’s four great emperors—the Moon G.o.d Emperor!

The two G.o.d emperors appeared at the same time, clearly with the intent to compete against each other.

Both realms always having been at odds with one another was also something everyone in the Eastern Divine Region knew about.

This was especially true due to the huge scandal that happened in the Moon G.o.d Realm thirty or so years ago. With the death of the Star G.o.d Realm’s Heavenly Wolf, their relations.h.i.+p had become even more volatile. If this event didn’t concern the future of the whole Eastern Divine Region and wasn’t so important that the Eternal Heaven Realm mediated between them, the two realms definitely would not be willing to be present at the same gathering, let alone in the same seating area.

When the audience saw the Moon G.o.d Emperor, in addition to the feeling of reverence, they naturally would think back to that “scandal.” Back then, the fame of his marriage to Yue Wugou who possessed the Divine Stainless Body was so great that it also caught the attention of those outside the Eastern Divine Realm. But the greater the occasion, the greater the tragedy.

Yue Wugou disappeared and then she returned without her vital yin. As the stately Moon G.o.d Emperor, he had actually suffered a humiliation even the common man would find intolerable, becoming the laughingstock of the entire Eastern Divine Region...

Only a short thirty odd years had pa.s.sed so this was still fresh in everyone’s memory. Yet even though only thirty or so years had pa.s.sed, various great star realms had surprisingly received an invitation card to his grand wedding yet again. This time around, he had even broadened the scope of invited star realms, causing it to far surpa.s.s that of the past, while triggering endless speculation.

Clearly written on the invitation card was the date of the Moon G.o.d Emperor’s new wedding, which was right after the Profound G.o.d Convention.

There were only two months between now and then, yet no one knew who his new wife was.

With the descent of two more G.o.d emperors, the atmosphere on the Conferred G.o.d Stage froze even further. No one dared to take a deep breath.

Although the Profound G.o.d Conventions of the past were always the Eastern Divine Region’s greatest occasions related to the profound way, since the four great king realms weren’t allowed to partic.i.p.ate, aside from the Eternal Heaven Realm that had to host them, the other three king realms would typically send a few elders or palace masters who would bring a group of young disciples. Existences like Star G.o.ds and Moon G.o.ds were rarely seen, let alone the three G.o.d emperors.

Now that three of the four G.o.d emperors had come, it was possible that the head of the four G.o.d emperors, the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor, would also come. Today’s event was certainly of great importance, far beyond what everyone thought it was originally.

The audience members’ hearts grew heavier as they became more excited. What kind of honor was it to be able to partic.i.p.ate in this kind of event and personally witness the a.s.sembly of the four G.o.d emperors!?

Both the Star G.o.d Emperor and the Moon G.o.d Emperor greeted the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor at the same time and then swiftly flew to their seats. They did not speak or even make the smallest of eye contact with each other, as though the other party didn’t even exist.

The beams of star and moon overhead still had yet to dissipate as a large number of silhouettes appeared, then separated, and quietly fell to sit in their seats. These people were similar to the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm’s guardians and adjudicators, every one of them possessed a terrifying aura. If they were to glance over for a slight moment, one’s entire body would most probably turn ice cold.

Today, profound pract.i.tioners who have never seen members of the king realms were now aware of how frightening of an existence they truly were. It was not merely the four great emperors, it seemed as though anyone related to the words “king realm” were all incomprehensible monsters.

“The ones sitting next to and behind the Star G.o.d Emperor… could they be… the legendary Star G.o.ds?” a senior Ice Phoenix disciple asked with a tremor in his voice. This was because when he had taken a casual glance over just a moment ago, he felt as though he had suddenly fallen into an abyss. It almost caused all the blood his body to flow backwards as he continuously shuddered.

“Yes.” Mu Huanzhi nodded and lowered his voice as much as he could. “Out of the twelve Star G.o.ds and twelve Moon G.o.ds, four have respectively come from each realm. This is completely unprecedented.”

“No, with the Star G.o.d Emperor, five great Star G.o.ds have come,” Mu Bingyun corrected.

The Star G.o.d Emperor was also one of the Star G.o.d Realms’ twelve Star G.o.ds. He possessed the power of the Heavenly Chief Star G.o.d and since he was the Star G.o.d Emperor, he was naturally the strongest out of the twelve Star G.o.ds.

In the Eastern Divine Region, the Star G.o.d Realm’s twelve Star G.o.ds were absolutely equal to supreme existences like the “True G.o.ds” of the past. Rumors about them were spread across every corner of the Eastern Divine Region and every one of them were true legends.

They were now right before them, causing all the top experts of their individual star realms to tremble inwardly in fright. None dared to look directly at them for long periods of time. However, Mu Bingyun’s beautiful eyes were actually locked there for quite a while before she withdrew her gaze. She softly exclaimed, “The Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d has yet to arrive.”

However, this wasn’t important anymore. After all, Yun Che had already...

“Oh? Does Bingyun wish to see the legendary Princess Jasmine?” Mu Huanzhi laughed without any suspicions, “The Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d has yet to arrive but the Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d has arrived. As expected of the two scariest Star G.o.ds, they could make one feel fear with just a glance from afar.”

Mu Bingyun glanced at the Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d Mu Huanzhi was referring to and immediately s.h.i.+fted her gaze right after.

Arrogantly sitting behind the seat of the Star G.o.d Emperor was tall woman in a dark green gauze skirt. However, it was half-transparent and her charming body was faintly discernible. From her arms to her shoulders, the silk sleeves were completely transparent, showing off her jade arms and delicate skin.

Two large b.r.e.a.s.t.s stood tall and only one layer of cloth bound them together, with more than half swaying and exposed. The deep valley created between the two mounds could cause one to drool in desire.

On the lower part of her body was a shockingly short dark green skirt suffused with a serene light. The skirt barely covered the tops of her thighs and her slender legs were almost bare to the world. They were slender and satiny, the light of her skin making it look like snow. It made one want to simply rush forth to hug and lick it.

It was unknown how many gazes had fallen onto the body of that woman as though they had been attracted by a magnet. Not able to s.h.i.+ft their eyes away, all the blood in their bodies had been instantly set aflame. The l.u.s.t went straight to their heads and some were left dumbstruck with a drooling face, nearly forgetting that this was the Conferring G.o.d Stage. The crazy urge to recklessly charge forward, press her onto their bodies, and ruthlessly ravage her was invoked.

That woman however, didn’t seem fazed at all. She allowed the foolish gazes of the public look at her uninhibited exposed body with a faint smile on her red lips. Just like a water hibiscus, her beautiful complexion was filled with a flirty charm.

Once the gazes of the accompanying disciples from both the Snow Song Realm and the Flame G.o.d Realm landed on her, they all became stupefied and blushed, as if they had lost their hearts. However, a shout suddenly rang through their minds, “Don’t look at her!”

Atop the Conferred G.o.d Stage, numerous young profound pract.i.tioners looked as though they had been struck by lightning as they turned their gazes away. They were overwhelmed with shock and didn’t dare to take a second look at the woman in green.

“M...Master, sh-she’s?” the head of a Phoenix Sect disciple was filled with dripping sweat as he asked somewhat fearfully.

“She is the Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d,” a Phoenix elder said in a low voice.

“W-what? Sh-she’s… actually….” Various disciples from the Flame G.o.d Realm shook in fear as they inhaled a long breath.

This beauty who wore clothes even more revealing than a prost.i.tute, who was more seductive than a devil, was actually one of the two scariest of Star G.o.ds.

The one rumored to have poisoned an entire star realm to death in the time of a smile, the heavenly poison demon nicknamed the “Infernal Datura”—Moonflower!

“Then… that fairy… beside the Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d is also a star G.o.d?” the same Phoenix disciple asked in a small voice.

Moonflower lowered her head and casually played with her fingers, seemingly unconcerned about everything around her. However, she had not stolen all the radiance from the person beside her.

On her right was a peerless woman that resembled a G.o.ddess from heaven. She was not as seductive as Moonflower but her face was utter perfection and far surpa.s.sed Moonflower’s. It was just that this beautiful face was always ice cold and her beautiful eyes looked on without emotion.

She was as tall and slender as Moonflower with black hair that reached to her waist and was as quiet as a maiden. She was clad in a long pink skirt that added a bit of… cuteness? Moonflower and this girl could be said to be a demon and an immortal. Many young profound pract.i.tioners that gazed upon her felt as though a fairy had descended. She was so breathtaking that it would inevitably make them feel a sense of inferiority for having wild thoughts.

“Someone able to sit beside the Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d is naturally another star G.o.d,” another Phoenix elder suddenly laughed. “However, he is not a fairy. He is… the Heavenly Demon Star G.o.d!”

“Ah…” The gazes of several Phoenix disciples slackened as their throats became agitated. They were silent for a long while.

Heavenly Demon Star G.o.d...

Anyone who had heard of the stories of the twelve Star G.o.ds knew that the Heavenly Demon Star G.o.d “Rose”, was a man!

“The Heavenly Demon Star G.o.d has the strongest mental powers within the twelve Star G.o.ds. As long as he wills it, he could easily turn you all into idiots. Do not randomly look lest you invite trouble.”

“Yes,” the Phoenix disciples all lowered their heads and no longer dared to look at the other Star G.o.ds. They were increasingly well aware that those were beings they could never comprehend.

“The skinny one to the left of the Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d is actually the one with the greatest physical strength out of the twelve Star G.o.ds, the Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d, Shenhu.”

“The elderly man sitting next to the Star G.o.d Emperor is the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d, Tumi. He is the oldest amongst the twelve Star G.o.ds at the age of forty thousand. He is the Star G.o.d Realm’s wiseman. Before the current Star G.o.d Emperor inherited the Star G.o.d power, Tumi was his teacher in the profound way. As a result, the Star G.o.d Emperor has always respected him greatly and he was the only Star G.o.d with the qualifications to sit on the same level as the Star G.o.d Emperor.”

On the Conferred G.o.d Stage, many seniors introduced the Star G.o.ds to their juniors via sound transmission or whisper.