Against the Gods - Chapter 1132 - Sword Sovereigns Successor

Chapter 1132 - Sword Sovereigns Successor

Chapter 1132 - Sword Sovereign’s Successor

As the Sword Sovereign moved away with the girl, the others naturally didn’t dare to bother them and landed on the ground too.

“Palace Master Bingyun, who is that person?” Yun Che asked as soon as Mu Bingyun returned to his side.

“He is Jun Wuming, a tremendously well-known peak expert in the G.o.d Realm. People call him the ‘Sword Sovereign,’” Mu Bingyun replied slowly. Some reverence could be sensed in her flat tone.

“Sword Sovereign… Does that mean that he is the sovereign among all sword pract.i.tioners?”

Xuanyuan Wentian had been t.i.tled “Sword Master,” which implied that he was at the level of a ruler among the sword pract.i.tioners. It was certainly true that he was the number one sword pract.i.tioner in the Profound Sky Continent… But that was something only limited to a small and backward place like the Profound Sky Continent.

However, this “Sword Sovereign,” was a name given by the people of the G.o.d Realm… Did it mean that he was the sovereign among all the sword pract.i.tioners in the G.o.d Realm?

The weight carried by the two t.i.tles was completely different. It was like the difference between the vast firmament and a tiny speck of dust!

“Correct,” Mu Bingyun nodded as she responded in the affirmative. “He is widely acknowledged as the number one sword pract.i.tioner in the Eastern Divine Region. It is said that his sword cultivation has reached such a mythical realm that it is unimaginable and unrecognizable by an ordinary person. Not only can he use everything in the world as his sword, he can also use his will and s.p.a.ce as a sword. Moreover, he can even produce a sword from ‘nothingness.’ It’s impossible for even me to understand the kind of realm he has reached.”

“…” Yun Che opened his lips slightly as he felt shocked in his heart. To be able to use all things in the world was a supreme realm by itself, and being able to use one’s will as a sword was completely unimaginable. But he had never heard of transforming s.p.a.ce into sword… and producing a sword from “nothingness”… was something he didn’t even understand when he heard those words from Mu Bingyun.

“Yun Che, you also use a sword as your weapon. Have you noticed anything odd about the sword that the girl beside the Sword Sovereign is carrying on her back?” Mu Bingyun asked all of a sudden.

Yun Che glanced at the girl in white standing far away behind the Sword Sovereign. After pondering a bit more he said, “This disciple has shallow knowledge, and hasn’t felt anything odd about that sword either. It doesn’t have a feeling of sharpness about it, and… only gives off an aged feeling.”

To his surprise, Mu Bingyun lightly nodded at his answer, “As those experts who practice the sword become stronger and stronger, they will emit more and more powerful sword intent and sword might. Even if they stand still and restrain their auras within their bodies, they will still make people feel as if myriad swords were pointed at them. But you wouldn’t feel any sort of sharp sword intent from the Sword Sovereign. This is a legendary level that one can only reach at the extremely late stage of sword mastery, regaining the natural state. He himself and his sword have both reached such a state.”

Yun Che, “…”

“The sword on the back of the girl, is the sword of the Sword Sovereign, and its name is ‘Nameless.’”

“Jun Wuming, carries a sword called Nameless (wuming) too. There is no sword pract.i.tioner in the G.o.d Realm who wouldn’t know of this phrase. It represents the supreme legend for the sword pract.i.tioners. However, it should already have been a very, very long time since the Nameless Sword was unsheathed. Because even in the entire G.o.d Realm, there are extremely few people who could actually make Jun Wuming use it once again.”

“Perhaps saying so will help you understand the power of Jun Wuming… His strength is far beyond that of your master.” Mu Bingyun glanced at Yun Che as she spoke in a light tone.

“…” Yun Che stayed silent for a good long while, but didn’t show too much surprise on his face. “It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to even call one who could be called ‘Sword Sovereign’ in the G.o.d Realm, a G.o.d in the boundless universe.”

“Not only has the sword mastery and profound strength of Jun Wuming reached the pinnacle, his seniority is also the highest in the Eastern Divine Region… He has already lived for fifty thousand years.”

“Fifty thousand years?” Yun Che was taken aback.

“Fifty thousand years is the ultimate limit of a person’s lifespan. Even the previous rulers of king realms have never surpa.s.sed this limit. Therefore, no one can come anywhere close to his level of seniority in the Eastern Divine Region. Even the senior ancestor of my and your master could only be considered a junior in front of him.”

When the lifespan of a person turned fifty thousand years, they would reach their ultimate limit… Yun Che thought of the lifespan of fifty thousand years that was given to him by He Lin. He was the first existence in history to have a Royal Wood Spirit Orb fused into his body by an abandoned existence from the royal family of wood spirits. So basically, as long as he didn’t die prematurely, and lived a safe life, he could live for fifty thousand years like those Divine Masters that were the true rulers in the G.o.d Realm…

Perhaps, this was the one of the reasons that the people of upper star realms and even king realms yearned so much for the Royal Wood Spirit Orbs.

“As he has lived for fifty thousand years, he must have an extremely large number of descendants and successors. The star realm under his control should be extremely powerful too.” Yun Che sighed with emotion.

“No,” Mu Bingyun shook her head. “Jun Wuming doesn’t belong to any star realm, and he doesn’t have any descendants either. It is said that back then, in order to reach the pinnacle of sword mastery, he didn’t want to have any ties or distracting thoughts. Therefore, he abandoned his star realm and family as he wandered to every great divine region, and never had a descendent along the way.”

“As for a successor… that girl carrying the Nameless Sword on her back is his one and only successor.”

“One and only? Looks like she has an extremely high apt.i.tude, huh?” Yun Che looked at the indifferent girl who was standing quietly amidst the snowstorm.

“Reportedly, Sword Sovereign traveled through more than half the star realms of the Eastern Divine Region for countless years in search of a satisfying successor, which finally came to an end seventeen years ago when he found his first and only successor. The appearance of ‘the successor of Sword Sovereign’ caused a big sensation at the time.”

Mu Bingyun gave the girl a deep glance, “Do you still remember the ‘Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region’ I mentioned to you just now?”

Yun Che immediately realized something, “Could it be that she is…”

“She is precisely one of the ‘Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region,’ Jun Xilei, the one who is called ‘Sword Princess Wu Lei!’”

“She will also likely be the next ‘Sword Sovereign’ of the G.o.d Realm.”

“…As expected of the successor that Sword Sovereign spent fifty thousand years to look for.” Yun Che sincerely sighed in amazement inwardly, before he said with a smile, “I’m extremely lucky to be able to meet such legendary people here, despite the vastness of the G.o.d Realm. I hope that when I arrive at the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, I’ll still have such good luck.”

As Mu Bingyun and Yun Che were chatting, they suddenly felt the gaze of Sword Sovereign sweeping across them, which then stopped on Yun Che and sized him up with quite some interest.

“Could this child be the newly accepted direct disciple of Realm King Xuanyin?” Jun Wuming asked looking pensive.

Other disciples were all standing at the back, and Yun Che was the only one in the front. He was even standing at the same position as Mu Bingyun and Mu Huanzhi. Therefore, he was able to tell his ident.i.ty at a glance.

“That’s right,” Mu Bingyun replied with a slight bow.

Jun Wuming’s gaze s.h.i.+fted away from Yun Che, as he said with slightly wrinkled brows, “For this child to be able to accepted as the direct disciple of Realm King Xuanyin, even though his cultivation level is still low, he must have something extraordinary about him. However… forgive this old man for speaking bluntly. After Realm King Xuanyin, I’m afraid that it would be difficult to find anyone in Snow Song who would be capable enough to succeed her position. Perhaps, you should try working on some other way out.”

His words were undoubtedly a ruthless jab at the sore spot of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. The faces of all the disciples and elders darkened when they heard them. Mu Bingyun sighed in her heart, and said in a light tone, “Bingyun feels ashamed. I express my thanks to senior for the kind advice.”


Intense spatial fluctuation could be sensed all of a sudden from high above in the sky. Soon, a very long s.p.a.cial crack appeared, after which a chilly aura, that was strong enough to freeze the heaven and earth, gushed out at once.

“It’s Sect Master!” Mu Huanzhi and others turned around in a hurry.

The s.p.a.cial crack split apart as Mu Xuanyin slowly walked out of it. Her unmatched, magnificent appearance caused all the ice and snow to instantly lose both l.u.s.ter and color.

Her cold eyes took in the group from the Divine Ice Phoenix Divine Sect, but she didn’t say anything and began to walk in the sky. With soundless footsteps she came over to Jun Wuming and greeted him while bowing slightly. “Mu Xuanyin of Snow Song pays respect to Senior Sword Sovereign and also wishes him a good day. It has been many years since we last met, and senior seems even more splendid than before. Senior arrived to Snow Song, but Xuanyin still didn’t come to welcome you until now. I hope that senior will forgive Xuanyin for the lack of courtesy.”

Mu Xuanyin greeted him as a junior. Although she displayed deep respect, she didn’t lose her bearing as a Realm King.

“Ah, You’re too considerate.” Jun Wuming nodded in approval.

“It’s such a pity that the Profound G.o.d Convention is going to begin in three days. Otherwise, Xuanyin would certainly have senior stay here for a few days to allow Xuanyin show her respect, and so as to let the air in the Snow Song come in contact with senior’s immortal aura as much as possible.”

Jun Wuming said in a soft voice, “It’s enough that you feel so about me. More importantly, many people may be disappointed, since you’ll not be going to the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm this time, haha.”

“Lei’er, this is the Realm King of Snow Song whom Master mentioned to you before.”

Mu Xuanyin not only had an absolutely glamorous appearance, the aura around her and her majestic presence was definitely not something that Huo Rulie and others could be compared to. Facing Mu Xuanyin, Jun Xilei also didn’t act as indifferently and casually as earlier, and greeted with a deep bow, “Jun Xilei pays respect to the Snow Song Realm King.”

“This king has long heard the resounding reputation of ‘Sword Princess Wu Lei.’”Mu Xuanyin nodded at Jun Xilei lightly, and then her cold eyes turned to Jun Wuming. “I have yet to congratulate Senior Sword Sovereign on finding such a heaven-blessed successor.”

Hearing the words of Mu Xuanyin, a faint smiled appeared on the face of Jun Wuming. “Lei’er is still young, but definitely hasn’t ever disappointed this old man. My wish has been fulfilled to be able to get such a successor in my lifetime.”

It was easy to make out that not only did Jun Wuming dote on this successor of his but he was also extremely satisfied with her. Coming from his mouth, the five words “my wish has been fulfilled” carried no less weight than a ten thousand meter high mountain.

“Talking about the matter of successors,” he tone of Jun Wuming changed a bit. “One person is enough for a true successor. It took fifty thousand years of looking hard for this old man to get Lei’er, who is a truly good talent and adorable to teach. She might be able to reach the same heights as you in the future. If you accept disciples with just decent enough apt.i.tude, even if you have a thousand or ten thousand of them, it would be only a waste of time and effort as they would be hardly capable to inherit your legacy.”

“I’d rather have few than an excess of them!”

With that, he glanced at Yun Che. When he s.h.i.+fted his gaze away, he didn’t hold back at all from displaying his disappointment, and even very lightly sighed within his mouth.

Mu Xuanyin raised her fine brows so subtly that it was practically undetectable, as she said indifferently, “Xuanyin has her own considerations. Thank you senior for the advice.”


In the midst of the pale-white surroundings, an even paler profound light shot into the sky all of sudden. The dimensional profound formation everyone had been waiting for so long had finally activated.

Once they stepped into it, they would arrive at the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm that Yun Che had always been longing for.

“The profound formation is active now. Bingyun, Huanzhi, bring all the disciples inside the formation.” The gaze of Mu Xuanyin fell on Yun Che. She said in a heavy tone, “Che’er, firmly remember what Master has told you before. Do not do anything that would go against my instructions!”

“Understood, Master,” Yun Che responded respectfully.

“Let’s enter the formation.” Mu Bingyun flicked her snow-white sleeve as she lightly carried Yun Che towards the dimension profound formation.

But, right after they took the first step forward, an incomparably sharp whistling sound came from the sky above, and struck at the place ahead of Yun Che. The impact generated by it wasn’t all that strong, but it was particularly domineering and came attacking directly at him. Yun Che was instantly forced half a step back due to the shock, and he had blade cuts on his body all the way from his chest to legs, causing him to be in severe pain.

Looking forward, he saw that it was actually an astral sword that made from profound energy. As the layer of snow it was stuck on melted and dissipated, the astral sword also disappeared in no time..

Those in the forefront, Yun Che, Mu Bingyun and Mu Huanzhi, all of them turned their heads around at the same time. Behind them, Jun Xilei slowly lowered her finger and said in an incomparably indifferent tone, “Get back, let Master go first.”

Yun Che raised his brows as he felt furious in his heart. But the words of someone of his standing carried little weight, so it was naturally not his place to say anything. Moreover, the other party was Sword Sovereign whom even his master would bow to and his only successor, which made it further impossible for him to have any say in the matter.

Mu Huanzhi was taken aback at first, but then he promptly took a step back. He moved to the side and raised his hand, gesturing ahead with a smile, “It should be so. Senior Sword Sovereign, please.”

“Lei’er, you should mind your etiquette.” Although Jun Wuming called her out on her improper action, he didn’t have any intention of seriously reprimanding her either. Afterwards, he said, “Well, this is good too. We’ll be going on ahead then.”

“Let’s go.” Jun Wuming didn’t say anything more and flew straight to the profound formation, bringing Jun Xilei along.

Doing so was equal to giving no face to the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, without a shadow of a doubt. But the person they were dealing with was Sword Sovereign, and the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, on the other hand, was only a sect of a middle star realm. There would be the difference of heaven and earth in their levels even if they were to compare the whole sect with him. If Sword Sovereign wanted to go ahead, n.o.body could, or would dare, raise an objection. People would even feel it to be only natural.

“Wait a moment!!”

When Jun Wuming and Jun Xilei were about to land into the dimension profound formation, an ice-cold, might and intimidating voice resound from behind. Furthermore, it was directed right at the master-disciple pair, which caused their bodies to halt in the air.

“Senior Sword Sovereign, this land here belongs to my Snow Song, and it was also the people from my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect who arrived here first. On the grounds of both sentiments and reason, my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect should be the ones to go ahead! I request Senior Sword Sovereign to step back with that disciple, and let my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect enter the formation first!”

Her words didn’t carry any of the gentleness from earlier when she was talking with Jun Wuming, nor did they contain the sense of deep respect. Each and every one of her words was ice-cold and heart-piercing, filled with anger and sternness.

All the people that were present at the place were shocked, after which they stared at her, dumbfounded. The expressions of everyone from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect changed greatly. Mu Huanzhi said in a panicked voice, “Sect Master, Senior Sword Sovereign is an esteemed person of an older generation. Letting Senior Sword Sovereign go ahead is not… not really that unreasonable…”


Before Mu Huanzhi could finish his words, he was so frightened by her angry rebuke that his heart abruptly stopped beating for a moment. The eyes of Mu Xuanyin were cold as a deep pool as she said angrily, “Sword Sovereign arrived here and my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect treated him with courtesy. This king went out of her way and traveled across half of Snow Song to meet him, in order to show her deep respect. But just now, Sword Sovereign and his disciple belittled my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, and acted with the intention of humiliating my sect! You, as the Great Elder of the sect, not only didn’t refuse them, but also responded with a smile like a complete doormat. You have brought utter disgrace to my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect!”