Against the Gods - Chapter 1126 - The Convention Draws Near

Chapter 1126 - The Convention Draws Near

Chapter 1126 - The Convention Draws Near

Ice Phoenix Sacred Hall, Frost Tempering Immortal Lake. For a whole ten thousand years only two people were permitted entry. One was Mu Xuanyin, with the other being Mu Bingyun.

The Immortal Lake was like an icy prison but since ancient times it had never frozen over. The surface of the lake was filled with several beautiful rotating ice lotuses. A wondrous, beautiful chilly mist was all around. A gentle breeze blew in from outside the ice windows. Water ripples and their reflections could be seen across the crystal clear surface. The reflections of the ice and water were like an icy pure jade, making even the snow lotuses pale in comparison to the l.u.s.ter of the lake.

The ice door was pushed open and Mu Bingyun slowly stepped in. She saw Mu Xuanyin lifting up her face, allowing a few drops of water to slowly trickle across her beautiful immortal-like face. They looked like s.h.i.+ny pearls rolling across her perfect skin.

Profound pract.i.tioners could use their profound powers to clean themselves, even more so those already in the divine way. However Mu Xuanyin always loved to take baths, and Mu Bingyun knew it. Perhaps this would allow her heart to maintain its calm and clarity.

“Big sister, why have you summoned me?” Mu Bingyun gently asked.

Her jadelike shoulders slowly moving, Mu Xuanyin slowly stood up. The mist and the water around her made it look like they were ornaments around a piece of beautiful jade, “Bingyun, how is the recovery of your profound strength going?”

“About ninety percent,” Mu Bingyun replied. “In a few more months, I’ll be completely recovered.”

“That’s good.” Mu Xuanyin’s voice was soft and gentle, “For the coming period of time, I’ve decided to focus my all on teaching Yun Che. With his current state, wanting to depend on himself to enter the Profound G.o.d Convention is an impossibility. Matters relating to the sect within and without will be handed over to you. You’ve been travelling for the last thousand years, and now that you’ve gained a rebirth, it’s time for you to get familiar with sect matters once more. As for disciples who will take part in the Profound G.o.d Convention, you can give Huanzhi full control over that matter, he doesn’t need to consult you on anything.”

Mu Bingyun gently nodded her head and softly said, “Big sister, you’ve really… just forgiven Yun Che like that?”

“If not, what else can I do?” Mu Xuanyin squinted. “He did brave death to charge into the Ancient G.o.d Burying Inferno Prison to save my life. Should I just slap him dead?”



kept silent for a long while and then slowly replied, “This is definitely for the best. I just didn’t think that with your personality…”

She stopped herself midway, hurriedly continuing, “Big sister, have you decided to raise Yun Che up as the next sect master?”

“...” Mu Xuanyin gently shook her head. “His heart is not here at all. When I took him in as my disciple I already knew this fact.”

“Then you…”

“I don’t know.” Mu Xuanyin let out a sigh, her gaze turned a little blurry but she immediately steeled herself, lifted her hand and gently brushed her snowy shoulder with an ice crystal. Her lips parted into a slightly cheeky smile which made the light in the entire crystalline surroundings seem to grow dim, “Bingyun, do you think I should dual cultivate with that brat? If not for him, big sister’s precious ice phoenix vital yin would have been atrociously wasted.”

“...Big sister, you’re being mischievous again.” Mu Bingyun remained unfazed. “Since you’ve already decided to forgive Yun Che, you should forgive him completely and not bring up that incident any longer. And you shouldn’t suddenly regret it at any future point. As for what you’ve instructed, I’ll inform Huanzhi.”

“On your way, get him to also send out three hundred Divine Hall disciples to the extreme ice ocean. I want them to bring back at least a thousand pieces of Snow Song Ice Crystals,” Mu Xuanyin instructed.

Mu Bingyun was slightly stunned, then she realized something and said, “Looks like big sister is personally going to refine the Universe Penta Jade Pellet.”

After leaving the Ice Phoenix Sacred Hall, Mu Bingyun’s footsteps suddenly stopped. She lifted her head, her eyes had a little bit of complexity in them. As she looked at the falling snow she muttered to herself, “She’s changed…”

“Her divine soul had such a sudden violent awakening… is this because of Yun Che…?

Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was silent all throughout, the entire Snow Song Realm was the same but one thing was clear and resounded in the hearts of all profound experts: The Profound G.o.d Convention was drawing nearer.

This was the Eastern Divine Region’s greatest event of all time with countless famous young profound pract.i.tioners taking part. These were the future rulers and overlords of the Eastern Divine Region, and this was the first time in all of history that they could enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

This wasn’t only a grand event for young profound pract.i.tioners, the entire Eastern Divine Region could be said to be looking forward to this. The four great king realms had jointly organized this and made this event available realm wide. Those who were of extraordinary birth, those with world shocking talent, all hoped to be among the thousand names of the young profound pract.i.tioners. Their hearts fervently burned with crazed excitement and pa.s.sion.

The vast Eastern Divine Region had become a lot quieter. All were sparing no expense and spending all their efforts to raise up their disciples with the qualifications to enter the Profound G.o.d Convention. It seemed like each and every sect was focused on that right now.

The Snow Song Realm was the same.

All the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s disciples who qualified to enter the Profound G.o.d Convention were all in closed door training with the guidance of their respective elders and teachers. The sect had expanded a great amount of resources, not being stingy at all. However, during this period of time, no one in the sect had seen Yun Che or heard any news of their sect master.


Profound Sky Continent, Blue Wind Nation.

It had been three years since Yun Che and Mu Bingyun had travelled to the Snow Song Realm.

Three years was a very short time. Especially with respect to a nation’s development. As Yun Che had killed Xuanyuan Wentian, the four sacred grounds had bowed their heads to him. And Yun Che’s wife was the head of Blue Wind Nation. Once the weakest nation in the continent, Blue Wind Nation had become so strong that it was almost unbelievable in just a short three years.

At the heart of Blue Wind Nation, north of New Moon City.

Although it was an official road, dangerous profound beasts would suddenly appear now and then. One would usually need the protection of a profound pract.i.tioner so few people travelled this road. But right now a young man and young woman were walking along side by side on the road with their backs facing the sunset, their eyes filled with the brilliant light of excitement.

“New Moon Profound Palace. Big Brother Benefactor has been there, and we’ve finally come into contact with something that has to do with big brother. How exciting!”

The girl didn’t look to be any older than twenty years of age. Although she was in plain garments, she was beautiful beyond measure. She had a perky behind and ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Her eyes were especially beautiful, far more gorgeous than the moon that shone in dark night. She held both her hands in front of her chest, her face a picture of excitement. Although she was now quite a distance away from New Moon City, she was still as excited as ever.

“Rumor has it that a few years ago, the Divine Phoenix Empire invaded Blue Wind Nation. New Moon City was burned down by Phoenix flames and New Moon Profound Palace was completely destroyed. What we’ve seen should have been rebuilt after that.”

The young man was similar in age to the young girl. He looked around sixty percent similar to her. He was neither tall nor bulky but he had a solemn and silent steadiness about him.

After hearing the words of the young man, the girl pouted, clearly disatisfied, “You’re being a killjoy again. I won’t hear any of this. Anyways, this is a place where Big Brother benefactor once lived in! There are so many statues of him, it’s just that those statues are so ugly. Big Brother Benefactor is a hundred times better looking.”

The youth sighed, “I could not image that Big Brother Benefactor was actually such a powerful person. There are legends told about him everywhere. I thought that I myself had become powerful enough, that I could repay him…”

“Do you think Big Brother Benefactor still remembers us?” the girl suddenly asked, her beautiful face held some expectation also a little nervousness.

“He probably doesn’t.” The youth laughed, “He’s become that kind of big individual. He must have come across countless people and experienced even more numerous events. We were so little at that time, and also so weak. We’re probably the least eye catching of all of those whom he has helped and it’s been more than ten years, how could he still remember?”

“...” the glow in the girl’s beautiful eyes suddenly dimmed. She said softly, “I don’t care if he doesn’t remember us, I just want to see him one more time. I’ve worked so hard all these years just so that I could see Big Brother Benefactor sooner… I wonder where he is right now.”

“I’ve also been thinking about it. Everyone has been saying that Big Brother Benefactor has not appeared for several years. Some say that he’s in the distant Illusory Demon Realm, while some say that he’s out and about travelling while training. There are even some rumors that he has ascended to an even higher level of world…” the youth shook his head, “I also don’t know where to look for him and even if I did… I’m not sure if it’d be considering disturbing him.”

If an expert had crossed their paths and felt both their profound auras, he’d definitely be shocked greatly.

These two individuals, who looked barely twenty years of age, were actually in the Emperor Profound Realm!

In Blue Wind Nation, Thrones were the highest form of existence, and these two were such young Thrones, they would be enough to arouse a turbulent shock across Blue Wind’s profound scene.

However they seemed to not want to attract attention to themselves, they weren’t even flying. Even their speed of walking wasn’t very fast.

At this moment both of them suddenly felt something. They lifted their heads.

In the skies up above, a red figure was slowly flying by. In Blue Wind Nation, those able to fly across the skies were few and far between and so this was particularly eye catching. With their eyesight they could see the red figure clearly.

Both of them stopped in their tracks as if their souls were delivered a heavy blow. They stood there in shock.

It was as if they had seen an immortal G.o.ddess of the nine heavens, one with beauty that surpa.s.sed any dream or fantasy, one that would render others into disbelief at her beauty.


The young man was in a complete daze, and those two words were inadvertently shouted out from the lips of that girl.

Perhaps it was because she’d heard that young girl’s voice, that figure in the sky stopped for a while. Upon seeing the duo, starlight which contained the entire world’s magnificence shone within her eyes. “You are… Feng Zu’er and Feng Xian’er?”


The youths stood stunned. The girl replied, “Big Sister G.o.ddess… How do you know our names… Is it because you’re a real G.o.ddess?”

The lady in the red dress giggled. Her immortal-like figure flashed, landing in front of the both of them, “So it really is you two. You can finally leave that place freely, that’s great.”

Feng Zu’er came back to his senses and was suddenly on high alert. “Who… Who are you? How do you know our names, and why do you know about our situation?”

The lady lifted up her snowy jadelike palm and the scarlet phoenix flame imprint on her palm lit up, “My name is Feng Xue’er, I was born in the Divine Phoenix Empire of the Divine Phoenix Sect. You definitely know where that is.”

“Div… Divine Phoenix Sect!?”

This name gave the duo a great fright. Feng Zu’er stepped forward, putting himself between Feng Xian’er and the figure in front of them. “You’re someone from the Divine Phoenix Sect! W-what do you want!?”

Their reactions amused Feng Xue’er, “Don’t worry. We’re all of the Phoenix bloodline, Divine Phoenix Sect will definitely not harm you, in fact…”

“Ah!!” Feng Xian’er suddenly yelped, she stepped out from behind Feng Zu’er and stuttered “You… You… You’re… Feng Xue’er!? Are you… You’re that… Divine Phoenix G.o.ddess!”

Feng Zu’er still had yet to recover. He stood there stuck in shock, both his eyes growing larger and larger.

The Divine Phoenix G.o.ddess, once called Princess Snow of the Divine Phoenix Empire, the most beautiful woman in all of the Profound Sky Continent.

Two years ago, she had become the first in all of history to step into the Divine Profound Realm, replacing the now long missing Yun Che as the Profound Sky Continent’s number one, becoming the strongest of the strong.

She also had another ident.i.ty, Yun Che’s fiancee.