Against the Gods - Chapter 1119 - Immortal Among All Grasses

Chapter 1119 - Immortal Among All Grasses

Chapter 1119 - Immortal Among All

Because of the miraculous power bestowed to him by He Lin, wherever Yun Che went, the flowers and trees all seemed to come to life, as if awakening from a dreamlike state. They released thick and refres.h.i.+ng auras. Although it was his first time seeing them, Yun Che could call out their names with complete accuracy as well as their distinctive attributes, spirit effects, medicinal effects… everything that could be a.s.sociated with them.

Yun Che kept a constant watch around him, taking in and observing each and every spirit flower he saw, but did not slow down one bit. The reaction from his Sky Poison Pearl grew stronger and stronger, causing his heart to beat rapidly.

It's close by… closer and closer…

Once he obtained the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, he could create the Universe Penta Jade Pellet. After successfully absorbing it, he would immediately break through, to the Divine Tribulation Realm.

Though Mu Xuanyin had once said that even if he obtained the pellet, he was not at the level in which he was able to completely refine it. She would need to be present to help him with the absorption. However, Yun Che had time and again forcefully absorbed similar pellets and items that other profound experts at the same level wouldn't be able to. He had complete faith in himself that he'd be able to absorb it, based on his special profound veins and const.i.tution.

Although breaking through consecutively into a large boundary came with several disadvantages, and he had experienced them first hand....

If he broke into the Divine Tribulation Realm, he would gain the qualifications to partic.i.p.ate in the Profound G.o.d Convention. He would be able to enter the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm, which meant… he could once again see Jasmine!

He was now lacking the last step… and it was an extremely small step away, just an inch more!

Yun Che could not control his thoughts. Jasmine was the reason he had cast aside everything and come to the G.o.d Realm. He had arrived with hope, but was greeted with disappointment. After which, he had heard Mu Xuanyin speak of the “Universe Penta Jade Pellet” which then reignited his flames of hope.

It was right before his eyes, how could he not be excited?

The Sky Poison Pearl’s reaction intensified even more. Finally, after following a bright flash of green, Yun Che stopped, his gaze slowly moving downward.

There was a stocky ancient looking tree that was almost sixty meters tall and about thirty meters thick. There weren’t many leaves or branches growing on it.

At the top of the ancient tree was a very thick aura that came from a leaf. A strange flowing light seemed to move around it, as if irridicient moonlight seemingly cascaded all over the green leaf.

At this moment, Yun Che’s heart ceased to beat as he forgot to breathe.

Within He Lin’s Wood Spirit Soul memories, how could there possibly not be any information on the immortal among all, the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s?

It was growing on the ancient tree. It was jade green, thin and long, its blades not even a few inches long, as they danced in the wind. If not for the cascading light around it, it would look just like any other ordinary gra.s.s, completely una.s.suming.

And this… in the entire G.o.d Realm, even in the upper realms, this was a treasure that could only be obtained in one’s dreams—the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s!

After taking in a deep breath, Yun Che landed gently on the ancient tree.

An existence on the level of the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s had already developed a relatively high level of intelligence and knew how to protect itself. It would extend its aura to all the flowers and gra.s.s around it, so even if one knew where the aura was, it was hard to lock down on its position. Once it found a potential threat nearing itself, it would retract all its brightness and turn into what looked like just any other ordinary gra.s.s.

It could even uproot itself and run away.

However when Yun Che neared, it didn’t hide itself nor did it run. Its glory was still s.h.i.+ning brightly; its blades wide open, leaning in the direction of Yun Che.

Yun Che’s body had the power of the Royal Wood Spirits. To something like the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, that was an incredibly strong and familiar attractive force.

Yun Che stretched out his left hand and gently touched the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s. The jade green light of the Sky Poison Pearl started to surround it.

In order to pick the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, one must take the utmost care, but with the Sky Poison Pearl’s presence, every blade and root was perfectly picked within that flash of green light. No damage would be done.

The Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s… This is the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s… I finally have it!

Yun Che’s hands were trembling, his heart was racing and shouting.

Qilin’s horn, ancient dragon’s heart, Wood Spirit Orb, Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade, and finally… Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s!

In order to refine a miraculous object like the Universe Penta Jade Pellet, all five of those materials were necessary, and each was an incomparably hard to find treasure.

In the Snow Song Realm’s Ice Wind Empire, he had easily obtained the Qilin’s horn.

In the Flame G.o.d Realm’s G.o.d Burying Inferno Prison, he and his master had both risked their lives in order to obtain the heart of an ancient horned dragon.

The Wood Spirit Orb was bestowed by the wood spirits...

The Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade was like a pie dropped from the sky...

And finally today, the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s was finally in his hands.

In less than a year, he had actually managed to gather all the ingredients needed to refine the Universe Penta Jade Pellet!

“Jasmine, as expected… even the heavens want me to see you again.”

Yun Che whispered to himself and a strange warm and poignant emotion started to stir within him. After arriving in the G.o.d Realm and experiencing all the storms, dangers, pain, terrors, helplessness… they all seemed to suddenly fade away.

After being completely wrapped by the Sky Poison Pearl, the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s was still dazzling. It continued to give off a life force as strong as before, not decreasing in the slightest. Yun Che’s hands slightly tightened, then quickly relaxed right away as he slowly suppressed the unceasing waves in his heart… At this time, his expression suddenly changed. He suddenly turned around right when the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s was instantly absorbed by the Sky Poison Pearl.

A figure landed from the skies, clothed in gold, opulent, and eye catching. He laughed heartily and looked at Yun Che. “Oh, you could actually sense me, you are indeed not some simple kid.”

“So it is Emperor Nanlie.” Yun Che’s eyes grew solem, “You were following me!?”

“That’s right.” Emperor Nanlie directly admitted. “The oddities on you are too many. You entered our three star realm’s Illusory Sea Ancient Realm and ought to have just stayed hidden, but you actually stepped out to save someone who had no relations.h.i.+p with you, which seemed to specifically create an opportunity for Old Mu to owe you a favor.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Saying that you entered the underground palace through a spatial formation was another oddity. After that, you used that stone to dissipate a poisonous miasma that even the three of us couldn’t deal with together. That miasma was terrifying, perhaps only a Divine Sovereign would be able to get rid of it, but you managed to purify it with just a simple piece of rock. That stone’s value should be astronomical but you voluntarily took it out. Your series of actions told this king two things. Firstly, you came here specifically for the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s. Secondly, you were likely to have great confidence and a chance in finding it.”

“So based on this king’s train of thought, following behind you might result in some surprise harvest. Hehe, looks like it came to pa.s.s.” Emperor Nanlie stretched out his hand, “Obediently hand it over, or this king could just casually make a move and take it away from your body.”

Yun Che didn’t reveal a look of fear and instead smiled, “Emperor Nanlie, I did indeed come for the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s. It is, after all, a treasure one would yearn for even in their dreams. However you seem to have forgotten one thing, when we entered this place, we all made an agreement. The Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s will belong to the first person to find it. And whoever it belongs to, the others cannot forcefully s.n.a.t.c.h it from him. You are the ruler of a nation and a realm king, you’re not that untrustworthy and shameless, are you?”

“Heh!” Emperor Nanlie laughed, “This king initially thought being able to accompany the three of us here would mean that you’re a smart individual, but who would have thought that you’re such a brainless idiot. Tsk tsk, you’re too young after all.”

As his voice trailed off, his smile vanished and he immediately shot toward Yun Che.

“Old Fox Nanlie, stay your hand!!”

At the same moment, a dark blue profound stream of energy exploded through the air like lightning, turning into countless water arrows shooting straight at Emperor Nanlie.

Emperor Nanlie snorted and waved his golden sleeve, dispersing all the water arrows aimed at him, but he was pushed back a considerable distance by the rebound. He squinted at the sudden appearance of a figure, coldly laughing, “Old Man Mu, what a coincidence.”

Mu Baimei arrived on a huge tidal wave and landed on the ground, angrily glaring at Emperor Nanlie. “Old Fox, what’s the meaning of this? As a Divine King, you were actually prepared to make a move against a junior a hundred times younger than you in age. Are not afraid of losing all face!?”

“Hehe,” Emperor Nanlie laughed. “Old Man Mu, with your intelligence, do you not understand why this king would make a move?” He indicated at Yun Che with his lips. “This kid is quite devious. Our senses go far beyond hundreds of kilometers yet we didn’t have anything to show for it, but this boy, the moment he looked for the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, it just so happens to turn up in his hands. Old Man Mu, what do you intend to do?”

“Oh!?” Mu Baimei looked at Yun Che. “Ling Yun, is what he said true? Did you really manage to obtain the…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly turned around, coldly glaring at Emperor Nanlie. “Since Ling Yun managed to obtain the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, then based on the agreement, it should belong to him. No one is to try and s.n.a.t.c.h it! Old Fox Nanlie, you still have the gall to commit such an act just for a stalk of Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s!”

“Hmph!” Emperor Nanlie sneered, “The agreement was between the three of us. As for this kid, it was only you who promised him. This king didn’t make any promises.”

“If not for Ling Yun, the three of us would not have been even able to enter here,” Mu Baimei angrily shouted. “Whether you promised or not isn’t important, since this king has already given permission, then I will not allow you to forcefully s.n.a.t.c.h it away from him. If you dare make a move against Ling Yun one more time, don’t blame this king for being discourteous! After we leave this place, news will spread and the entire world will know that because of an Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, you resorted to such despicable means. I’m afraid your star realm will be shamed because of you!”

“Hahahaha!” Emperor Nanlie laughed madly, “Well said, well said. As expected of Old Man Mu. This speech of yours is filled with justice and righteousness, how touching. If you carry on speaking, perhaps this king might be so touched that I would start crying and die from shame.”

“What happened!? Why has the aura of the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s disappeared!?”

A loud booming voice traveled over and Han Kuan appeared beside Emperor Nanlie.

“The Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s has been found, it’s in that kid’s hands.” Emperor Nanlie chuckled, “Sect Master Han Kuan, what are you going to do about it?”

“...” Han Kuan’s expression changed. He looked at Yun Che and the Mu Baimei who was beside him, not saying a single word as his face flucuated.

“Old Fox Nanlie actually betrayed the agreement and tried to ambush Ling Yun. If not for this king rus.h.i.+ng over, I’m afraid that Ling Yun would have met his end at his hands.” Mu Baimei said seriously, “Ling Yun isn’t only the savior of this king’s son’s life, us being able to enter into this realm is also all thanks to him. He was the first to find the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, and that is fated by the heavens. According to the agreement, the three of us should not s.n.a.t.c.h it from him. Sect Master Han, I’m guessing you won’t be as shameless as Old Fox Nanlie.”

“...” Han Kuan chuckled, his face seemingly slightly conflicted, “I guess Island Master Mu is wise, Han Kuan will acquiesce.”

“Then that’s settled.” Mu Baimei nodded and walked toward Yun Che with a friendly face. “Ling Yun, being able to find the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s is your fate. Setting aside the fact that you’re the savior of my son’s life, this king will also never allow anyone else to s.n.a.t.c.h the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s in your hands. In order to avoid a case where some people are still despicable till the end, this king will bring you away from this place first. Once outside, no one will dare make a move against you. After all, face is important.”

Yun Che nodded in grat.i.tude. “Yes, Island Master Mu.”

“Let’s go.” Mu Baimei walked in front of Yun Che, stretching out his hand, as if he was prepared to activate his profound strength to help send him away from this place.

Just as Yun Che reached out with his hand, Mu Baimei suddenly changed his palm into a clawing attack. The initially friendly palm shot out as if it had transformed into a venomous snake awoken by surging profound strength, heading straight for Yun Che’s throat...

It was obviously a merciless blow meant to take his life!

At the same time an ugly and devious smile spread across Mu Baimei’s face.


The jade green earth was cruelly split apart as the surrounding flora was upended in all directions. The evil smile that had just appeared on Mu Baimei’s face suddenly froze.

That was because what he grabbed was not Yun Che’s broken neck, but a shattered ice image.