Against the Gods - Chapter 1115 - Illusory Sea Ancient Realm

Chapter 1115 - Illusory Sea Ancient Realm

Chapter 1115 - Illusory Sea Ancient Realm

Yun Che stood up in quickly, “Where is it? Which star realm?”

“North of the Darkya Realm are three star realms that look to be linked together. All three star realms face an area where there is a vast ocean. And in the middle of that ocean is an island named ‘Illusory Sea Island’. Undulations of the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s apparently originated from one of the ancient secret realms located on the island.”

“The Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s can only be birthed from the Primal Chaos and usually appears in ancient secret realms. It almost always appears in the secret realms of the upper or middle star realms, its appearance this time in a lower star realm is an extremely rare sight.”

“Lower star realm?” Yun Che was surprised.

“That’s right, this was supposed to be good news, but Illusory Sea Island doesn’t have a fixed ruler and doesn’t belong to any star realm. It’s governed by all three ruling sects that control the three star realms. The island’s secret realm ‘Illusory Sea Ancient Realm’ needs all three of the ruling sects present to open it.”

Knowing that Yun Che was clueless about the various large star realms, she started to elaborate, “The ‘Illusory Sea Ancient Realm’ is a relatively well known secret realm. Most of the secret realms in the lower realms have had their powers weakened, some are already on the brink of collapsing. Although the ‘Illusory Sea Ancient Realm’ is considered small, the energy and laws within it are extremely strong, with no sign of deterioration. Every time they open the realm, several fortuitous encounters and chances always appear. As such, the three star realms view the Illusory Sea Ancient Realm as a great treasure, but they have not excessively explored it and only open the realm every fifty years. It is mainly used to give their disciples a chance to temper themselves and seek fortuitous encounters. Who would expect that when they opened it this time, that they would discover such a high ranked aura.”

“The Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s is an item that one can wish for but only find by chance in the upper star realms, let alone it appearing in a lower star realm. Once the realm kings of the three large star realms receive confirmation after ascertaining its aura, they will definitely personally head to Illusory Sea Island. They might even already be gathered inside the ‘Illusory Sea Ancient Realm’.”

Ji Ruyan warned with caution, “The biggest question right now is, should the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s land in any of the realm kings’ hands, no matter how many profound stones father is willing to pay, he will be unable to buy it. Afterall, the ruler of a realm doesn’t care about profound stones, what we’ll have to do is trade a divine treasure of equal rank for the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, but we’re unable to do that. So although we have news, there isn’t much hope for it. I hope that…”

“Where is Illusory Sea Island?” Yun Che hurriedly pressed, “Is there a teleportation formation near that location?”

Ji Ruyan instantly understood his intentions, and anxiously replied, “Sir, you must not harbor such an intention. Illusory Sea Island is shared by those three star realms. Normally, ordinary outsiders won’t be allowed to set foot on it, and with such an event occuring, they will definitely not let anyone near the place. Any further information is sure to be under s complete lock down.”

“Is there or is there not?” Yun Che pressed once more.

“There is indeed… The Darkya Realm isn’t really far from Illusory Sea Island, otherwise we wouldn’t have received the news so soon.”

“I’m heading to Darkya City right now!”

Six hours later, Yun Che arrived in center of Darkya City and Ji Ruyan was already waiting for him.

“We’ve just received information, all three great realm kings of the three star realms have personally arrived at the ‘Illusory Sea Ancient Realm’. They’ve traced the aura of the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s to its source. They’ve found that deep underground there was a previously undiscovered sealing profound formation, it looks like it’s protecting a huge underground palace.”

“Does this mean that the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s ought to be within that underground palace?” Yun Che asked solemnly.

“That should be the case. However, that sealing profound formation has been around for an extremely long time, but its remnant power still remains frighteningly strong. Even the combined efforts of the three realm kings are unable to break it within a short period of time. But as time drags on, should this news spread and the middle or upper star realms learn of the existence of the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, even if that is their territory, they can forget about obtaining the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s. So right now, the three ruling sects have expended all their efforts in spreading the news and inviting all the large sects and experts from their three star realms to gather together in breaking the formation. Their conditions for helping with the formation breaking is that their sects will be able to send a number of their own disciples along with the three ruling sects to explore the ‘Illusory Sea Ancient Realm’.”

After reporting the important news in one long breath, Ji Ruyan finally took in another breath of air. She wore a complex expression. “Due to your stubborn personality, I know that I won’t be able to talk you out of whatever you’ve decided. This time they’ve invited several strong experts to the underground palace to break the seal so it is the best chance for you to enter into the secret realm. It’s just that… Those three ruling sects’ powers and ability are vastly superior to the Soul Sect’s. After breaking through the seal, the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s might not even be personally retrieved by the three great realm kings. What I’m saying is… if things don’t look good, I highly advise you to not to rashly take risks. Perhaps even before you head back here, father might have already have sent good news from over there.”

Ji Ruyan was genuinely concerned and worried for Yun Che, and she silently berated herself for her inability. Yun Che grinned. “Although hope is thin and the stakes are high, if I don’t personally head there, I’ll always feel unreconciled. But don’t worry, even though I really want to obtain the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, I’m not desperately foolish to the point of being suicidal. If I can’t even find the slightest chance, I’ll just obediently come back here.”

Ji Ruyan relaxed a little after hearing this, “The dimensional formation has been prepared, we can send you to the Sea Gazing Realm, one of the three star realms. From the Sea Gazing Realm, you can continue heading north. After crossing an ocean of about ten thousand kilometers, you’ll reach Illusory Sea Island. With your speed, you’ll reach there in about a day.”

“I’ll send the Illusory Sea Island’s location and information pertaining to the three star realms via a mind imprint. When you get to the island, you’ll have to rely on yourself.”

One day later, at Illusory Sea Island.

Illusory Sea Island was smaller than expected. It was not more than a fifty kilometers wide. It was located within a vast ocean and the air around it was very humid and filled with the thick scent of salt water. Ear piercing thunderous sounds of waves cras.h.i.+ng about could occasionally be heard.

Once he entered the island, Yun Che quickly concealed himself.

The island didn’t have many people, and their profound strength wasn’t high. They were mostly in the Divine Origin Realm. Yun Che looked around and slowly headed forward. As he neared the heart of the island, he stopped in his tracks. Ahead he saw a large spatial vortex that roiled endlessly. It looked like the mouth of a giant demon. It looked as though it would suck him into a never ending abyss the moment he approached.

That was the entrance to the “Illusory Sea Ancient Realm”!

Without any further thought, Yun Che hurriedly got close. Around the entrance, there were about a dozen odd individuals loosely guarding it. From their slow movements and expressions, their guarding seemed superfluous… Today, those who had entered the secret realm were the three realms’ peak experts, so why would they need to stand guard? The only reason they were put there was probably to chase away any random individuals that might get close to the entrance.

Before leaving the Darkya Realm, Ji Ruyan had repeatedly told Yun Che that all three great realm kings had already entered the secret realm and were already attempting to break the seal. In order to break the seal as early as possible, they used a combination of invitations and coercion to bring a large number of experts from their respective star realms with them.

At this moment, the most apt description of what was happening within the secret realm could be referred to as “a mad dance of killer sharks”.

Three Divine Kings and a large number of Divine Spirit Realm experts were within the secret realm. He was like a little fish heading in to steal the food of a group of sharks.

“I’m already here, there’s no reason to retreat.” Maintaining his invisible state, Yun Che rapidly closed in on the vortex. He looked intently at his left hand… s.n.a.t.c.hing something from the clutches from the combined forces of three large star realms was definitely impossible. His current trip was not made in a moment of impulse and hot bloodedness. It was because he had the help of the Sky Poison Pearl.

The Sky Poison Pearl!

With the Sky Poison Pearl’s guidance, he was able to lock onto the location of the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s. However, in the face of the experts of the three large star realms, this “help” could be considered to be the weakest of the weak.

After entering the vortex, his invisiblity would definitely disappear. As insurance, when Yun Che got closer, he soundlessly released his Red b.u.t.terfly Domain, sending all the disciples that were guarding into a trance. In the split second that they regained their consciousness, Yun Che had already disappeared within the vortex.

As he stepped through s.p.a.ce and entered into the secret realm, the air and aura of laws had an obvious change. Before Yun Che had time to study his surroundings, he heard a continuous barrage of explosions.

About fifty kilometers ahead, there were countless strong and bright, flas.h.i.+ng profound lights accompanying the never ending booms. A violent aura could be felt rus.h.i.+ng from that direction.

Yun Che raised his eyebrows. Without thinking, he quickly rushed closer to that area. Soon enough, the source of the profound lights turned into many figures of experts up ahead.

The ground was fissured all over, and in the center of the fissures and gullies was a roughly thirty meter sealing profound formation. Although it looked weak, it had a very thick ancient aura about it, as if it was made entirely of glowing profound stones. Above the formation were a hundred odd figures floating in the air. They had released their profound energies and consolidated them into a stream of terrifying profound energy which rushed and unceasingly struck against the seal.

If any profound expert from the lower star realms were here, regardless of their ident.i.ty, they would all be shocked dumb by this sight… This was the combined powers of over a hundred profound pract.i.tioners striking at a profound formation, with none of them being under the Divine Spirit Realm!

In the lower star realms, a Divine King would be considered a G.o.dlike existence. Only about half of the lower star realms even had a Divine King. The strongest in a large number of them were only in the Divine Spirit Realm. Only a miniscule number of lower star realms had two or more Divine Kings.

Therefore Divine Spirit Realm experts were considered invincible existences in the lower star realms.

Yet over a hundred of them had appeared here!!

Yun Che stared at the constant flashes of profound energy. He looked toward the center… At the heart of the over a hundred Divine Spirit Realm experts, were three figures, and the profound energy that came from the three of them was even more frightening than the energies from the hundred other Divine Spirit experts combined. The aura surrounding them was frighteningly capable of suppressing all Divine Spirit experts. They were like three impa.s.sable mountains that suppressed everything in sight, inducing fear in anyone present.

The trio was undoubtedly the three star realms’ realm kings that shared this secret realm.

Based on Ruyan’s information, Yun Che very quickly identified them.

On the left was a middle aged man built like a mountain, his manner was imposing like lightning. He should be the Sea Gazing Realm’s Great Realm King and also the sect master of the ruling “Ocean Turning Divine Sect” of the Sea Gazing Realm; Han Kuan.

On the right was a man dressed in an opulent golden robe. He had a look of n.o.bility about him yet had an evil and dangerous air. Named “Emperor Nanlie,” he was both the monarch and the Great Realm King of the Southern Everlasting Realm.

In the center was an extremely handsome man. Even though he was releasing profound energy with all his strength, he seemed as calm as still water. There was not the slightest feeling oppression. He was the Azure Haze Realm’s Great Realm King, the ruling sect’s island master—Mu Baimei!

He was the strongest amongst the three.

The combined powers of the three Divine Kings and over a hundred Divine Spirit experts covered the sky, shaking the sky and quaking the ground.

In the area were thousands of different sect members that came from the three large star realms. They stood about ten kilometers away, their faces concentrating on the sight. Despite their distance, some of the weaker and younger disciples still found it hard to stand firm against the profound energy storm barrage.

Rocks and dust filled the sky and the air was as turbulent as a roiling ocean. Without a direct order from the three great realm kings, these Divine Spirit Realm experts would not have dared to come, let alone bring their sect disciples into the secret realm. This raw display of power of the three large star realms continued for quite a while. Several of the Divine Spirit experts had heads full of perspiration, but the profound formation that was bearing the weight of their attacks didn’t seem to budge.

Yun Che didn’t dare to get too close and hid behind a boulder, quietly observing the actions of each and every one of those attacking the formation. His brows tightened, and it was unknown what he was thinking about.