Against the Gods - Chapter 1107 - Wu Guike

Chapter 1107 - Wu Guike

Chapter 1107 - Wu Guike

Although he called Lei Qianfeng uncle, his tone and demeanor were completely opposite of how one would treat a senior, completely devoid of respect. His gaze was as if he were looking at a lowly and pathetic creature.

As for Lei Qianfeng, he didn’t have a single ounce of anger within him, he hurriedly replied “Yes, yes, if not for you coming, I’m afraid this life of mine would be gone, it’s just a pity about Mo’er and the rest…”

Thinking about his seven sons who had died horribly, Lei Qianfeng’s entire body stiffened. He clenched both fists so tight they wouldn’t stop shaking.

“Aunt has already told me about the entire matter last night.” Wu Guike narrowed his eyes, “I heard from Aunt that all of this was done by someone called ‘Ling Yun’? He not only poisoned all your sons, he also managed to kill over a hundred thousand of your best disciples, including four elders as well. He even caused you to nearly lose your life, yet none of you have even managed to catch a little bit of his tail?”

As he spoke his gaze turned towards Xiao Qingtong who was at the side. His gaze upon Xiao Qingtong was much gentler than when he was looking at Lei Qianfeng.

With regards to Yun Che, Lei Qianfeng felt all sorts of extreme emotions. Pain, anger, hatred, humiliation. All of these had acc.u.mulated into a deep fear which caused him to tremble. His voice grew a little hoa.r.s.e, “Ling Yun… He… He’s simply the devil!”

“Devil?” Wu Guike scoffed, “Heh, oh Uncle… Uncle… If not for Aunt telling me herself, I would never have believed a word of it. Although my opinion of you is that you’re not worthy of Aunt, I never would have thought that you’d be such piece of trash. As your nephew, I feel that I’ve lost all face.”

Lei Qianfeng’s looked shocked. He didn’t dare argue and after a while he lowered his head, “You’re right, I’m indeed useless… but, as long as I’m still alive, I will make sure that Ling Yun’s body will be minced into a thousand pieces and I will grind his bones to dust!!”

“Is that so?” Wu Guike slowly stepped closer, his gaze suddenly becoming more solemn, “Before you mince that Ling Yun, you had better look after yourself first! What happened to the matter regarding the Royal Wood Spirit? Because of this matter, royal father is extremely angry! You had better give a proper account or else the consequences are not something that you can easily bear!”

What would come eventually came. Lei Qianfeng’s entire body shook as he hurriedly replied, “The matter regarding the Royal Wood Spirit is not false. When we managed to catch that Royal Wood Spirit, we were about to immediately gift him to your royal father, however due to a moment of carelessness, Ling Yun s.n.a.t.c.hed the Royal Wood Spirit away!”

“How did that Ling Yun know it was a Royal Wood Spirit?” Wu Guike immediately asked.

“No no, Ling Yun s.n.a.t.c.hed it away not because it was a Royal Wood Spirit but because… because that Royal Wood Spirit was hidden in a community outside Darkya City. He knew those wood spirits from earlier, that’s why he s.n.a.t.c.hed it away from us when we captured it. We never thought that there would be someone with enough gall to oppose us and so we lost the Royal Wood Spirit in a moment of carelessness. After that we finally found that community of wood spirits and ma.s.sacred all of them but we never found that Royal Wood Spirit. The reason for Ling Yun seeking vengeance upon us was due to this reason.”

“Is that so?” Wu Guike laughed coldly, as if he didn’t believe what Lei Qianfeng said.

“Guike,” Xiao Qingtong softly said. “Uncle isn’t lying to you. Everything I said is true. If we hadn’t captured that Royal Wood Spirit, I wouldn’t have urgently told your mother… It’s just that we never would have thought… sigh...”

Wu Guike’s expression softened a little. He nodded his head, “Since it’s Aunt’s words then Guike will believe what you say.” As he turned his eyes to Lei Qianfeng his gaze hardened once more. “However, whether royal father will believe it or not, is not up to me to decide. Leaving the issue of the Royal Wood Spirit aside, these few years, your tributes of Wood Spirit Orbs and cultivation incubators have become fewer and fewer. If we add on this current issue to those, it’d be hard for my royal father not to be incensed!”

Lei Qianfeng’s expression changed as he started trembling all over. In the Darkya Realm, he was a great Realm King that could cover the sky with one hand but in front of the Divine Martial Realm and its denizens, he was no different from an insignificant bug. The reason why the Soul Sect was so strong today was all thanks to them riding on the coattails of the Divine Martial Realm. Anyone else in the Divine Martial Realm could get angry but this time, it was the Great Realm King… In his anger, if he wanted to kill Lei Qianfeng who was only a Divine King… even if it were the entire Soul Sect… it would be as easy as blowing on dust. He wouldn’t even care that Lei Qianfeng was his son’s uncle.

“Guike, it isn’t that your uncle is slow, it’s that the wood spirits are getting fewer in number these years. High quality cultivation incubators are even more difficult to find. I’m… really... Sigh, Guike, when you go back, please put in a few words for me especially with regards to the Royal Wood Spirit. Even if I had a thousand guts, I would never dare to lie to your royal father.”

“Hmph!” Wu Guike snorted, “Fewer and fewer… Really? Or is it because you want to solely lord over Darkya, sowing seeds and creating handles over different powers by selling a portion of your Wood Spirit Orb tribute to others?”

“...” Lei Qianfeng lifted his head his pupils shrinking in horror.

“Guike,” Xiao Qingtong spoke. “This matter isn’t entirely your Uncle’s fault. If I wasn’t too impulsive, this entire Royal Wood Spirit issue wouldn’t have triggered your royal father’s anger. Your royal father usually dotes on you, and only you can save your uncle now.”

Once Xiao Qingtong started speaking, Wu Guike’s grim and heavy face turned brighter and he immediately smiled and said, “No no, Aunt is not in the wrong. As you’ve said, Uncle has only made a big mistake, though it’s not a heinous matter. I’ll explain the entire matter and coax my royal father for a few days. Once he gets over it, everything will be fine. I was heavy handed in speaking just now as I wanted to remind Uncle that everything in future must be done with absolute care and detail. Once I go back, I’ll smooth everything out. Please rest easy, Aunt.”

The way Wu Guike treated Lei Qianfeng and Xiao Qingtong was worlds apart and it had always been this way. Lei Qianfeng was already used to it and after he heard Guike’s words, his face was filled with joy.

Xiao Qingtong lightly laughed, “Guike is really such a good boy, I was right to dote on you. It’s just a pity that both your cousins…”

As her voice grew softer, Xiao Qingtong started to weep again.

Wu Guike immediate rushed to comfort her. “Aunt, please stop grieving… You can rest at ease… With regards to my both cousins, I will get a reckoning for them. Just one puny little Ling Yun, dares to break my beloved Aunt’s heart and make her weep… I will definitely bring him back and let you deal with him.”

After he finished, he glared harshly at Lei Qianfeng. “That kid called Ling Yun, where is he now?”

Lei Qianfeng hurriedly replied, “Although that kid’s profound strength is low, it’s as if he has a supernatural ability. He can appear and disappear at will. However, based on his constant movements and the direction he comes from, the place where he hides the most should be in the Black Soul Mountain Range. There are many profound beasts active in the day there and therefore the auras there are extremely chaotic. Furthermore there’s the fog that descends at night, it’s the place best suited for hiding. Add on the fact that he…”

“Then let’s take a look at Black Soul Mountain.” Wu Guike cut him off as he was speaking. “Aunt said that he appears a few times everyday and he even appeared last night, that means that he should be hiding close by and shouldn’t be far from here. Heh, Chengyan!”

“Young Master.” The black garbed middle aged man responded to the order.

“Although this might be an insult to your status, this place has nothing left but a bunch of useless trash with dirt smeared on their faces. We can only have you personally make a move to catch that little bug.”

“Yes.” Wu Chengyan accepted the order without any expression.

While sweeping a glance at Lei Qianfeng, Wu Guike released the hands he held behind his back. “Then let’s go.”

“Ah? Now?” Lei Qianfeng was startled.

“If not now then when? Shall we wait until he has run far away?” Wu Guike responded coldly, “If he’s as scheming as you say, once he knows that people from the Divine Martial Realm are here, he’ll definitely escape far away from here! Not everyone is a real fool like you!”

Although he was berated by his nephew, Lei Qianfeng didn’t dare to have an ounce of anger. He waved his hand. “Tiangang, bring a few hall masters and follow this king to the Black Soul Mountain!”

“Aunt, take a good rest, don’t let any harm come to your body. Guike will definitely bring Ling Yun back for you to deal with.” Wu Guike rea.s.sured Xiao Qingtong with a bow before he left.


Outside the Soul Sect, Wu Guike’s face turned ugly. Without a care for any formalities he said, “Uncle, you should know the what the consequences are when my royal father flies into a rage. If not for Aunt pleading so much, I wouldn’t even bother about this matter. Hmph!”

“Yes, yes.” Lei Qianfeng hurriedly answered with an apologetic smile, “Guike, you’ved saved Uncle this time. I will definitely not forget this.”

“No need. If you’re really sincere, treat my aunt better.” Wu Guike narrowed his eyes. “Yesterday, we had Chengyan detoxify your poison for an entire night and I also accompanied Aunt, consoling her the entire night. You’re the Realm King of a lower star realm yet you got pushed around pathetically. You’ve really lost face for me and mother. Hmph!”

“...” Lei Qianfeng kept silent, not daring to speak a word.

“The reason why I came here so fast is to catch that Ling Yun. On one hand, it’s to comfort Aunt, on the other... it’s because you lot didn’t manage to catch Ling Yun, nor were you able to find that Royal Wood Spirit. This probably means that it’s most likely with Ling Yun. Even if it’s not, Ling Yun should know where it is.”

“Yes, you’re right!” Lei Qianfeng agreed. “I’ve been trying to search for and catch Ling Yun at all costs just because of this reason.”

“Hmph!” Wu Guike scoffed once more, speeding up.

Wu Guike was in front while Wu Chengyan was by his side. Lei Qianfeng and the rest were behind them. Wu Guike didn’t speak another word and everyone else didn’t dare make a sound. These existences that could normally sweep the Darkya Realm unchallenged were now like fearful turtles, not daring to even make a sound when they breathed.

Wu Guike’s ident.i.ty was a given, while Wu Chengyan… a terrifying Divine Sovereign Realm expert, was enough to look down on the entire lower star realm. In the Divine Martial Realm, he held a very high position as well. He was accompanying Wu Guike currently to make sure that he was completely safe from harm.

They soon arrived in front of the Black Soul Mountain Range. Lei Qianfeng said, “Guike, this is the place. We have setup many ambushes here to catch Ling Yun several times. Once we nearly succeeded, yet… yet it all came to naught.”

“Chengyan.” Wu Guike ignored Lei Qianfeng, raising an eyebrow.

Wu Chengyan took the lead and flew upwards, using the spirit sense of a Divine Sovereign to scan the entire place before immediately landing back on the ground.

Just at this moment, a sudden faint but weak aura pulsed. Everyone turned around as they sensed it and then they saw a some little girl wearing a seven colored dress. The delicate looking girl pa.s.sed through a thicket that wasn’t too tall, hopping and skipping towards them while singing a lively tune.

“Eh? Why would there be a little girl here?” Lei Qianfeng growled.

“Who are you!?” Lei Tiangang roared.

As if she was frightened by the roar, the little girl stopped in her tracks. She used a very curious yet serious look to earnestly scan them and then revealed a slightly strange expression right after. “Ohhoho, what a coincidence.”

“Sh-she!” Behind Lei Tiangang, a hall master suddenly cried out, “Sect Master, Chief Hall Master, she was the girl who appeared together with Ling Yun half a month ago. She was the girl that Ling Yun saved! It’s her, it’s her, no doubt about it!”

That colorful dress, those beautiful and flawless features on her face. For anyone who had seen them before, they were an unforgettable sight.

“What!?” Lei Qianfeng’s and Lei Tiangang’s faces morphed into fury. Lei Qianfeng shouted, “Capture her immediately!”

What they didn’t notice was that when the little girl first appeared within their line of sight, Wu Guike was firmly rooted to the ground, as if his body had become stone. His jaw agape, not a sound coming from it. Both of his eyes were wide open seemingly panicked, after confirming what he saw, the panic in them grew and his eyes grew even wider...

He was the son of the Divine Martial Realm’s Great Realm King, a supreme existence that no one would dare offend in the upper star realms. At this moment, his eyes held so much shock, it seemed as if he had seen a ghost.