Against the Gods - Chapter 1097 - Walking Right into the Trap

Chapter 1097 - Walking Right into the Trap

Chapter 1097 - Walking Right into the Trap

Having left the Black Soul Divine Sect, Yun Che headed straight to the west. In order to return to Darkya City, he had to cross the Black Soul Mountain Range first. Although a large number of disciples of the Black Soul Divine Sect were lying in ambush in the mountain range, given the fact that he had Moon Splitting Cascade, he was confident that no one would be able to notice his existence as long as he was a bit careful.

It was, after all, too impractical to make a detour around the Black Soul Mountain Range, compared to overlooking such a ignorable risk.

It was also unlikely that the disciples of the Black Soul Divine Sect, who were forced to come here following orders and were waiting idly for an opportunity, would truly believe that they would actually get one.

Entering the Black Soul Mountain Range, Yun Che swept his spirit sense over the surroundings and discovered the auras of a large number of Soul Sect disciples and profound formations. He let out a disdainful laugh and quickly moved forward without making a sound, in his invisible state. Evading many disciples and profound formations, he soon entered the depths of the mountain range.

As it was night time, the fog in the Black Soul Mountain Range was extremely dense, greatly restricting the sight and perception of everyone present. Therefore, the mountain range at night was several times safer than during the daytime to Yun Che. He didn’t face any kind of sudden danger at all on his way so far..

It was at this time that a profound light soared into the sky all of sudden, from a place not that far ahead of him, which appeared especially dazzling in the dark of the night.

This is… Someone triggered a profound formation! No! How is it possible for anyone to burst into such a place at this period of time? Could it be some profound beast?

Considering how there were such a large number of people lying in ambush, triggering a profound formation was, without a shadow of a doubt, simply equivalent to poking a hornet’s nest. All the disciples of the Black Soul Divine Sect that were hiding in the surroundings were immediately alarmed by the profound formation and their shouts could be heard from here and there as they flocked towards it. It wasn’t the sound of a profound beast that came from the direction of the glowing profound formation but the scream of a young girl.

“Eeh? Ah!! Who… are you people? Are you a group of bad guys? Wuaah… I’m so afraid!!”

Yun Che was snorting disdainfully when he heard a voice. In an instant, his face went stiff, as he eyes widened.

This… voice…

Don’t tell me it’s…

Little Jasmine!?!?

Yun Che furrowed his brows. He slowly climbed up a tall tree beside him and looked far into the distance.

A pet.i.te and dainty figure was trapped within a profound formation that was flas.h.i.+ng with profound light. She was dressed in rainbow-like multi-colored clothing and her milky-white face was amazingly perfect. Even though it was night time, starry light could be still seen flickering in her eyes.

It was none other than Little Jasmine!

Being stranded inside the profound formation and then, getting surrounded by more and more people all of a sudden, she seemed to be to very scared. She had her body curled up as her extremely beautiful starry eyes timidly looked at the people around her.

Why was she here!?

Not only that, she even made the blunder of coming into contact with the profound formation of the Soul Sect at such a time!

Seeing the girl before their eyes, all the disciples of the Soul Sect gazed at each other helplessly.

“Why is it a little girl?”

“Her profound power is only at the Emperor Profound Realm… No! How is it possible for her to have come to this place? There’s definitely someone who has come here along with her.”

“Sss… look at the face of this little girl… Sss… Young Master will certainly like her. Oh, no, no. We should first seize her and hand her over to the Sect Master. What do you think?”

Hearing their words, Little Jasmine became even more scared. She said whatever came to her mind, while panicking a bit, “You… you can’t bully me… and you’re even more not allowed to seize me! I, I… Let me tell you, my brother-in-law is Ling Yun, the most famous person in the Darkya Realm right now. If you dare to bully me, brother-in-law will… certainly not forgive you guys.”

““~!@#¥%…” Yun Che almost vomited a mouthful of blood on the spot.

There was no doubt that suddenly hearing the name of “Ling Yun” from Little Jasmine’s mouth, was no different from firmly poking the hornet’s nest for a second time. The disciples of the Soul Sect, who had different looks in their eyes until this moment, were all startled at the same time. Soon after, an abrupt change appeared on their expressions.

“Ling Yun… she just said Ling Yun!”

“Capture her! We have to capture her at once!!” a leader shouted in a high voice.

Looking helplessly at everything that happened, Yun Che’s face twitched continuously. He had no time to ponder the reason behind the appearance of the little girl at this place or the means she used to get here. The only thing he was incomparably sure about was that if she were to fall in the hands of the Soul Sect, she would have an extremely miserable end. Especially now that she had called out his name, of all things.

But the whole place was crowded with countless elite disciples of the Soul Sect. There were also powerful vice hall masters present, as well as hall masters who had far greater strength than him. If he made his presence known in order to save her, it would be equivalent to walking right into the trap.

“…” Yun Che exerted himself to take a breath secretly. No, he couldn’t let himself be bothered by her. She was neither his relative nor friend. Not only had he already saved her twice, he had even almost lost his life due to her the last time. He was feeling so annoyed that he wanted to rain curses on her.

If he were to save her again this time, it would absolutely be as good as really having a death wish, acting m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tically and being a complete moron.

Having come to a conclusion, Yun Che s.h.i.+fted his gaze away.

Following the order, the disciples that were closest to her rushed over right away. Seeing the fierce and intimidating group of people coming towards her, the helpless girl let out a terrified shriek, “Wuaah… someone save me!!”

In the midst of her shriek, the image of a crimson flame blew up in the sky. Like a shooting star falling from the sky, it instantly triggered a terrifying blast upon reaching the ground.


As the flame light blew apart and sword aura thundered, the several hundred disciples in the surroundings were drawn into the abyss of death in no time. Their bodies were blasted into fragments as they miserably screamed in extreme terror. The profound formation in which the girl was sealed was also blown apart in a split second. That image of flame picked up Little Jasmine and fled away without any delay, soaring into the sky like a storm.

The girl let out a very long cry of fear but when she got a clear look at the person beside her, she immediately shouted in joy, “Wow! It’s brother-in-law!”

“Shut up!!” Yun Che increased his speed to the limit and roared while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth.

What the h.e.l.l is wrong with me…? Why do I lose control over myself every time I meet this little girl, as if I’m under some spell?!!


All the disciples of the Soul Sect were thrown into great disorder due to the sudden and unexpected change in the situation.

“Who is it!!?”

“Ling Yun! He’s definitely Ling Yun!!”

“It’s Ling Yun!”

“Ling Yun has made his appearance!! Immediately encircle and finish him!!

“Quickly send a sound transmission to the Sect Master and Chief Hall Master!!”

They had thought that they wouldn’t be able to get any results by idly waiting for the opportunity but to their surprise, they truly got the chance to catch their target. In the silent night, each and every disciple of the Soul Sect was on the move. The crowd of those who were lying in ambush in the Black Soul Mountain region and got alarmed by the huge movement of the disciples of the sixty-four halls, who had obtained the information through sound transmission, immediately surged like a tide as they rushed forward from all directions, straight at Yun Che.

Numerous auras were firmly locked onto him and countless other auras were rapidly approaching him from all directions… Among them were more than ten auras that were powerful enough to thoroughly crush him single-handedly.

“Sect Master is really wise. He speculated that you would definitely come here!”

“Ling Yun, let’s see if you can escape this time!”

“Sect Master has ordered, there’s no need to capture him alive. Kill him on the spot!!”

Little Jasmine tightly huddled up in his arms, as she said in a frightened voice, “Brother-in-law, why’re there so many bad guys at this place…?”

“You’re not allowed to say a word!” Yun Che roared. Members of the Soul Sect had surrounded the place, so it was going to be extremely hard for him to keep his life after exposing himself… Especially in a situation where he had to divert his attention and power to protect the little girl!

“Brother-in-law, why do you always appear at once whenever I’m in danger? Do you constantly follow me around in secret to protect me?”

“If you don’t shut your mouth… I’ll throw you away!”

“Didn’t brother-in-law say that you wouldn’t care about me last time too? Heehee, I simply don’t believe your words.”

“![email protected]#¥%…” (This little girl can still laugh in such a situation!?)

“Ling Yun, get ready to die!!”

In the dark night sky that was covered with grayish fog, countless black figures could be seen soaring into the sky. The entire scene seemed like Yun Che and Little Jasmine were caught within a vast net of disciples as they drew nearer to the two at a fast speed.

Flames ignited in Yun Che’s pupils. He was holding the Heaven Smiting Sword in his right hand, while his was body on fire. He didn’t even glance at the approaching disciples and just swung it heavily downward.

He had put all his power behind the sword.

The greater the number of enemies he was facing, the more clearly his heavy sword could display its utmost might.


The disciples of the Soul Sect within an area of several kilometers around Yun Che were all blown away uncontrollably as the firmament shook and the sky thundered, along with the sounds of miserable shrieks. Like dumplings smas.h.i.+ng onto the ground, the ones with lighter injuries were severely injured and those with heavier injuries died on the spot. Pressing forward with the force of his sword, Yun Che activated Extreme Mirage Lightning under his feet. Even though he was carrying Little Jasmine, his figure still moved as fast as a stream of light, making its way through the swarming crowd of disciples like a sharp knife. His Heaven Smiting Sword slashed down unrestrainedly with a whistling sound, as if a hurricane had been generated by the swing.


An enormous sound once again resounded throughout the place. The blazing flames containing boundless power of destruction burst apart and covered the night sky, illuminating it with scarlet color. Flesh and blood were flying everywhere under the red light as the land below littered with corpses.

Only two attacks from the sword caused all the disciples of the Soul Sect to be thoroughly frightened. All those who were charging over to him slowed their pace, as their scalps went numb and they s.h.i.+vered crazily in their hearts. The disciples were so taken aback that they didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

There was no one in the Soul Sect who was unaware of Ling Yun’s name but the impression they had of him was that he was someone with an extremely strong hiding ability. They thought that he could only dare plot against them in secret and wouldn’t dare to show himself before them.

Who would have thought that after exposing himself, Ling Yun would turn out to be such a fearsome person!

He was heavily surrounded and suppressed by a large number of auras. Furthermore, they were all the most elite disciples of the Black Soul Divine Sect, and yet, it was the corpses of people from their side that were piling up on the ground.

Profound energy was frantically surging from all over Yun Che’s body as he maintained his speed to its limit, getting rid of more and more enemies in his way. He was sure that once he slowed down a bit, he would be perfectly encircled and end up dying without a doubt.

Every time the Heaven Smiting Sword in his hand launched an attack, the Soul Sect disciples ahead of him would die in one explosion after another. Even the weakest of the disciples was at the Divine Origin Realm and there were also many experts of the Divine Soul Realm. But in front of Yun Che, who was only at the early stage of the Divine Soul Realm, let alone resisting his attacks, as long as they came into contact with the aftershocks of his attack, they would be instantly injured even if they managed to survive.

The entire Black Soul Mountain Range trembled for a brief time as the whistling sound of a hurricane and the thunderous sound of sword aura echoed throughout the area. The sky filled with blood and the battered alongside broken limbs and bones.

Watching the situation play out in such an unforeseen way, all the disciples of the Soul Sect felt an indescribable shock. However, Yun Che was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth this whole time. Using the sword with one hand not only greatly lessened its might, it also caused a big increase in the exhaustion of his profound strength. But it was enough to deal with the ordinary disciples of the sect for the time being.

But only if he was facing the ordinary disciples of the Soul Sect.

In the case where an expert of the Divine Tribulation Realm were to arrive and increase the pressure on him a bit, it would change the situation. Given the fact that he was completely surrounded by the disciples of the Soul Sect, facing such an expert would only lead to a dreadful outcome for him.

It was imperative for him to quickly think of a way or else he would have to prepare himself to die here tonight!

It would be nothing more than wishful thinking to force his way out in the current circ.u.mstances. He needed to conceal himself by first severing all the auras locked onto him and then, make use of the dense fog in the night… It was sole method to left to him in order to escape from the siege.

Seriously, what the f*ck! Couldn’t this little girl have called herself something else…? Why does she so insist on calling herself Little Jasmine!?

Bang bang bang bang bang bang…

Dozens of black streaks of lightning pierced through the storm of sword energy and struck right at Yun Che’s back. The sound produced upon their contact with his body, however, was quite m.u.f.fled as if they had hit a steel plate. Yun Che staggered slightly and the upper part of his robe got broken to pieces. But there were only a few shallow scars on his bare skin and not a single drop of blood oozed out of his body. Before the disciples of the Soul Sect who had managed to hit him could reveal joy at their success, their eyeb.a.l.l.s almost popped out of their sockets in fear when they saw the scene before them.

After obtaining the Buddha Heart Divine Veins, Yun Che’s ability to channel profound energy throughout his body had become extremely fast. Hence, his ability to effectively use the Heaven Smiting Sword had also become much better than in the past. But now that he was using the sword with one hand, the flaw of handling it in such a manner had resulted in a far greater negative effect on him compared to earlier. Although it was difficult for the disciples of the Soul Sect to get closer to him, their profound energy and lightning profound powers were continuously hitting him like torrential rain. He might not get severely injured by them, but his body did get riddled with blood-red marks in the blink of an eye.