Against the Gods - Chapter 1066 - Stepping Right into the Divine Soul Realm

Chapter 1066 - Stepping Right into the Divine Soul Realm

Chapter 1066 - Stepping Right into the Divine Soul Realm

Snow Song Realm, Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

Several days pa.s.sed since Mu Xuanyin left for the Flame G.o.d Realm. Mu Bingyun had always been feeling uneasy in her mind and found it difficult to calm herself down. Usually, her mind would be devoid of worldly things and she harbored very few desires, so it was extremely rare for her to be feeling such emotions.

On this day, she spent nearly an hour but still failed to enter into meditation. Her heart suddenly felt a severe p.r.i.c.kling for a second.

She opened her cold eyes and informed Mu Xiaolan of her going out for a while. Then, she flew away from Ice Phoenix Palace and headed straight to the Ice Phoenix Divine Hall.

“Great Elder, does the dimension formation for going to the Flame G.o.d Realm still contain energy?” Mu Bingyun found Mu Huanzhi and immediately inquired with knitted brows.

“You want to go to the Flame G.o.d Realm? What happened?” Mu Huanzhi promptly asked.

Mu Bingyun said with a frown, “Since the sect master left for the Flame G.o.d Realm, I have been feeling uneasy this whole time. Last night, I even awoke from an ominous dream. I’m worried whether something has happened to the sect master in the Flame G.o.d Realm.”

Mu Huanzhi was startled, before he said with a smile, “Hoho, no need to be anxious. The Flame G.o.d Realm doesn’t possess anything that could threaten the safety of the sect master. As for that ancient horned dragon, Sect Master has fought it many times before. So, even if she fails to slaughter it, there’s absolutely no possibility of her getting hurt by it. Besides, the dragon fault of that horned dragon was already been injured by Sect Master a thousand years ago, which makes it even more impossible for it to be a threat to her.”

Mu Bingyun lightly shook her head. “I have never felt this way and it’s even more odd to constantly feel so during these past few days. Vainly mulling over it would be useless… I must make a trip to the Flame G.o.d Realm.”

Mu Huanzhi pondered for a short while and then nodded his head, “If that’s the case, you might as well go and confirm the situation yourself. However, the dimension formation for going to the Flame G.o.d Realm has not been activated for almost a thousand years and hence, the power within it should have been dissipated by now. I’ll immediately order some people to once again activate the dimension formation with profound crystals.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “Tomorrow, I’ll accompany you to the Flame G.o.d Realm.”

Although he firmly believed that nothing would happen to Mu Xuanyin, given the formidable strength she possessed, Mu Bingyun and her were sisters from the same father and mother. Therefore, it wasn’t right to completely ignore what Mu Bingyun was feeling, which might have arisen due to the interaction between their souls.

The world inside the Primordial Profound Ark.

After venting it out countless number of times on Mu Xuanyin… precisely speaking, after Mu Xuanyin, who was wrapped around his body, vented it out countless times, the flame of l.u.s.t gradually subsided in her charming and glazed beautiful eyes that clearly showed that she was not conscious at the moment.

The ruler of the vast Snow Song Realm and the most revered Divine Master, who was standing at the zenith of the entire G.o.d Realm, was lying in Yun Che’s arms while trembling and breathing heavily, like a delicate girl that had been ravaged for a long period of time. She stayed that way until closing her charming eyes and sluggishly falling into slumber.

At the corners of her eyes, there were still a few tear stains that had yet to dry completely.

Yun Che lightly got off Mu Xuanyin’s body, after which his reason fully awakened and he sat blankly in place. He had no idea what to make of the current situation.

The air was filled with the particularly strong smell of bodily releases and the dried-up area around him looked thoroughly ruined, as if it had been wrecked by storm and heavy rain. Mu Xuanyin’s long hair was a mess and her jade-like body, that was even more shockingly beautiful and alluring than a fairy, was covered in glittering beads of sweat. Furthermore, faint red marks could be clearly seen on her snow-white skin.

Blankly looking at her, sometimes Yun Che’s heart would beat crazily and at other times it would stop abruptly. His mind was in complete disorder.

He had already gone so far with her… It was to save Mu Xuanyin’s life but at this time, he couldn’t even dare to believe that he had truly done such a thing.

What level of existence was Mu Xuanyin…? She was a person at the Divine Master Realm, the closest one could reach to the realm of G.o.d. Once someone became a Divine Master, they would be standing at the peak of the Primal Chaos and become a G.o.d among among all people in the boundless universe. Just one word from her could decide the fate of any living being in the Snow Song Realm and a flick of her finger could exterminate an entire dynasty. Even the strongest person of the Flame G.o.d Realm would absolutely not dare to act rashly before her.

Given her strength, she had reached such heights that, let alone blaspheming her, there was almost no one that would show the least bit of disrespect to her.

On the other hand, he was from a lower realm planet that the people of the G.o.d Realm disdained to even think about. It had only been a very short while since he entered the divine way and was no more than a minuscule existence in the vast G.o.d Realm.

His greatest achievement after arriving at the G.o.d Realm was to become her direct disciple.

But now, he’d actually…

This was absolutely the craziest… and the most frightening thing he had done in his two lives.

“It’s really over for me this time,” Yun Che mumbled to himself. “Master is going to definitely kill me… If this matter were to spread around, all the inhabitants of the Snow Song Realm would want to swallow me alive.”

When Yun Che was about to get up after s.p.a.cing out for a good while, his lower abdomen severely throbbed all of a sudden. Soon after, an incomparable cold energy burst out and instantly spread throughout his body, from the inside to the outside. Afterwards, it rapidly gathered together once again, as it rushed into his profound meridians.

Before Yun Che could react to it, dense frosty mist began to rise from all over his body.

What’s… this?


He felt as though countless hurricanes were swirling within his body, that frenziedly gushed into his profound veins after travelling through his normal meridians. The profound energy in his Evil G.o.d’s Profound Veins began to move like a whirlpool due to the influence of the hurricanes, swirling at an extremely fast speed, as well as expanding at a rapid rate.

Initially, Yun Che was only surprised to see the considerable expansion of the whirlpool but soon he felt panicked in his heart.

This is…

This is Master’s ice phoenix vital yin!!

The moment he came to that realization, he immediately crouched down on the ground, unable to think any further. He did his utmost to exercise restraint on his mind and gave his all to attempt guiding the frost aura that was running amok throughout his body… But, the aura was of such a high level that it was basically impossible for Yun Che to deal with it. Even though it was coursing through his body, he had no control over the aura and it continued to flow on its own towards his profound veins.

Normally, when a person was invaded by the aura of an energy that even they were unable to understand, the only outcome waiting for them would be death from bodily explosion. However, this cold energy actually blended with Yun Che’s body, as if it had perfect affinity with him. Although it was incomparably dense and fearsome, it didn’t make him uncomfortable in the slightest.

In the depths of his profound veins, however, it appeared as if a monstrous storm was rising.

When the turbulence of the storm grew to a critical point, a m.u.f.fled booming sound issued from the center of his profound veins, which reached as far as the depths of his consciousness.

After a short period of tens of breaths, his profound strength directly broke through!

Third level of the Divine Origin Realm!

It was extremely difficult to achieve a breakthrough in the divine way. Earlier, Yun Che relied on the power of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and spent three months to break through to the second level of the Divine Origin Realm. Such a cultivation speed could already be considered extremely amazing in the G.o.d Realm.

Yet under the influence of the ice phoenix vital yin from Mu Xuanyin, he surprisingly achieved a breakthrough in the short period of tens of breaths… Moreover, it was just the beginning of the breakthrough process.

The moment he broke through to the new small realm, the storm rising within his profound meridians not only didn’t subside but also gained even more intensity. A profound aura nebula speedily rotated in the midst of the storm and grew increasingly dense and abnormal…

Fourth level of the Divine Origin Realm…

Fifth level of the Divine Origin Realm…

Sixth level of the Divine Origin Realm…



Ninth level of the Divine Origin Realm…

Tenth level of the Divine Origin Realm!!

Yun Che was totally dumbfounded, it felt as if he was having a dream. His profound strength amplified at a completely absurd rate, leaving him unable to think straight for a long period of time.

Less than an hour ago, he was only at the second level of the Divine Origin Realm and it had been a very short time since his last breakthrough but now, in a flash… he was already at the pinnacle of the Divine Origin Realm!

His cultivation increased by eight small realms, without him doing a thing!

However, it was still not the end. The growth rate of his profound energy didn’t show any signs of lessening.

Yun Che’s soul quaked intensely. He thought back to what Mu Xuanyin had told him in a flirtatious and playful manner after he somehow resisted the desire to s.n.a.t.c.h away Mu Feixue’s ice phoenix vital yin. She had said that if he could get her ice phoenix vital yin, he would be able to raise his cultivation realm by leaps and bounds in an evening’s time.

Could it be that Master was… speaking the truth?

As he was feeling incomparably complicated in his heart, eventually, at some point in time, his sight, hearing, sense of smell, and spirit sense… he lost all of them an instant. He couldn’t hear a thing, nor could he sense his own existence.

He could only feel the profound energy nebula in his profound veins intensely contracting, over and over again…

Then, it burst apart with an explosion.

A booming sound came from the depths of his soul too, as if even his soul had shattered at the same time.

His consciousness got completely routed.

An unknown period of time pa.s.sed and his consciousness began to recover quickly… Not only that, he also felt incomparably sober.

Because he had completely exhausted his soul power by using the Dragon G.o.d Domain, he had been still feeling extremely worn out when he woke up, even though he had gotten some rest during the time he remained pa.s.sed out. Later, he also spent several hours dealing with the poison in Mu Xuanyin’s body, which lead to his body feeling incomparably heavy to him.

At this moment, he no longer felt the slightest bit of heaviness and tiredness from before and was instead feeling light, sober and calm. It was as if he was bathing in a breeze in the midst of a bamboo forest, feeling so contented that he almost wanted to float in the air.

The various sounds from his surroundings sounded even clearer than earlier and when he opened his eyes, he could see as far as dozens of kilometers away in a single glance. He didn’t release his spirit sense to specifically perceive the things around but as if it had been extended to some s.p.a.ce crack, the way he perceived the world was poles apart from before.

The soul had undergone a transformation!

It was the Divine Soul Realm!!

In his profound veins, the profound energy nebula had finished restructuring after its previous explosion. It still had the shape of a nebula but now countless obscure and silky lines could be seen all over it, like one would find on cotton batting.

It was a brand-new realm in his path of profound cultivation. A powerful energy that he had never sensed within him before.

“So this is… the Divine Soul Realm?” Yun Che mumbled in disbelief.

In the Divine Origin Realm, the body underwent transformation but in the Divine Soul Realm, it was the soul that went through transformation. Once a person succeeded in reaching the Divine Soul Realm, their soul would transform from ordinary level to divine. Such a transformation would be extremely obvious to other profound pract.i.tioners, as their spirit sense, mental strength and perception power would increase dramatically. Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to execute a soul searching technique on a soul that had entered the divine way.

Just as the case when he was in the Divine Origin Realm, due to the fact that Yun Che’s soul had already transcended the ordinary level, he didn’t experience that big of a change. He only felt his mental strength becoming even stronger and didn’t feel anywhere close to the “transformation” upon ascending to a completely new realm.

After remaining in an astounded state for a long while, he discovered, to his surprise, that Mu Xuanyin’s vital yin was still on the move inside his body, spurring on the rapid increase of his profound energy.

The breakthrough… hasn’t ended yet!?

While he was shocked and startled, the profound energy nebula, that had just formed after he stepped into the Divine Soul Realm, was increasing further and further. However, it was natural that it would be even more difficult to break through than when he was in the Divine Origin Realm. The profound energy grew several times slower than earlier but still didn’t show any signs of stagnation. It constantly increased bit by bit… and finally reached the limit of the realm.


Second level of the Divine Soul Realm!

The frost aura was still present on his body but his profound energy had at last calmed down.

Yun Che opened his eyes and slowly got up on his feet. Looking blankly at his hands and sensing the powerful energy that seemed to have been newly born, he stayed absentminded for a long time.

The entire breakthrough process likely didn’t even take two hours but his profound strength had enormously increased, as much as ten times.

Divine Soul Realm… I’ve actually reached the Divine Soul Realm!!?

Such a dream-like leap in his cultivation level was all thanks to the ice phoenix vital yin from Mu Xuanyin.

The consequence of losing her ice phoenix vital yin was extremely harsh for an Ice Phoenix woman. Her talent would be greatly reduced and her future progress on the path of cultivation would be far slower than before.

Although he did it to save Mu Xuanyin, as he didn’t have any other choice… he was the only one to truly reap profit from it, and it a gargantuan one at that. On the other hand, Mu Xuanyin…

“Divine Soul Realm… The distance until the Divine Tribulation Realm has shortened by a long way,” Yun Che muttered to himself. The thing that he had considered an extravagant hope once, didn’t seem that far away from his grasp at this moment.

It was just that it was all meaningless in the end. When Mu Xuanyin woke up, it would certainly be impossible for him to keep his life safe… even if she knew that he did that for her own sake.

What should he do… what should he do get out of this predicament?

He was supposed to be wild with joy right now but given his current situation, he could only be terrified and discomposed.


A light moan drifted into his ears, causing Yun Che to jump in fright. Immediately, he turned in Mu Xuanyin’s direction to discover her beautiful eyes slightly open, with an unclear and glazed expression in them. She looked the epitome of beauty and there was an unusual reddish glow on her face.

Yun Che promptly went over and placed his hand on her chest… He instantly felt a soft and scorching sensation in his hand. Even though her body temperature had lessened a lot in comparison, it had yet to go down to the normal standard.

“Looks like she is in need of some more treatment.” Yun Che forcibly swallowed down a mouthful of saliva. He spoke to himself in a low voice, “Then, let’s continue to put effort into it…”