Against the Gods - Chapter 1049 - Special Treatment for the Unconvinced

Chapter 1049 - Special Treatment for the Unconvinced

Chapter 1049 - Special Treatment for the Unconvinced

When Yun Che reported his name, not only did the trio show an extremely big reaction, they also blatantly revealed extremely hostile expressions.

“Wait a moment. Is he really telling the truth? His aura seems too weak to me?” the boy on the left side said in a low voice.

“That shouldn’t be the case. I heard that the disciples of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect wear white robes with an ice phoenix pattern on them. In addition, Master told me that the Snow Song Realm King would be arriving today. If he came here with the Realm King, then he must be her direct disciple.”

“Senior Brother Poyun also said that Yun Che’s profound strength has only reached the Divine Origin Realm.”

Yun Che, “…”

The three of them continued their discussion for a short while. Once they had determined his ident.i.ty, the boy on the right side took a step forward. He said with his head raised and chest puffed out, “Are you that direct disciple of the Snow Song Realm King that she has accepted just recently?”

Yun Che nodded his head, “Yes, it’s me.”

“Then… are you the one who defeated Senior Brother Poyun three months ago!?”

Yun Che nodded once again, “Yes, that’s also me.”

“You… you actually have the cheek to admit it?!” The only girl in the trio took a step ahead. She said aggressively, “How is it possible for someone as powerful as Senior Brother Poyun to be defeated by the likes of you!? Back then, you… obviously relied on the advantage of being at your home territory to trick him into defeat!”

“That’s right! Even I can beat the sh*t out of a weak person such as you, so there’s no way Senior Brother Poyun would lose to you! Despite Senior Bother Poyun acknowledging it himself, we absolutely won’t believe that he could ever suffer a defeat at your hands!”

“…” Yun Che inwardly rolled his eyes at the words. He finally understood the reason behind the unexpectedly great reaction of the three youths after hearing his name. Immediately, he explained in a helpless tone, “I’m only slightly better than your Senior Brother Poyun at elemental laws. When it comes to profound strength, I’m naturally far, far inferior to him.”

“Stop spouting nonsense!” It was again the girl who had spoken. She said even more aggressively and full of anger. “Senior Brother Poyun is most proficient in flame laws and his grasp on them is even more amazing than his profound strength. Sect Master himself said that Senior Brother Poyun possesses the greatest talent with respect to flame laws, since time immemorial! It’s basically impossible for you win against Senior Brother Poyun, even if your profound strength were to reach the same level as him. Besides, with your insignificant cultivation of the Divine Origin Realm… it’s clear that he quite likely lost due to unfair means that you used secretly. You people of the Snow Song Realm are seriously despicable!”

“Exactly!” The boys on her two sides chirped after her loudly.

“You’re free to believe me or not.” Yun Che turned away, not in the mood to explain any further.

“Hmph! Enough with your excuses!” Looking at Yun Che’s undefiant att.i.tude, the girl became much more aggressive. “Don’t think that you can get away with that. You were able to cheat in the Snow Song Realm but you’re in the territory of the Flame G.o.d Realm now! It’s time for us to seek justice for Senior Brother Poyun.”

With that, her figure suddenly moved forward. The fierce flames of the Golden Crow ignited on the girl’s body and her aura immediately underwent quite an astonis.h.i.+ng change. “Yun Che! Don’t you claim to have defeated Senior Brother Poyun!? In that case, how about having a duel with me? As I can’t even be compared to Senior Brother Poyun’s pinky, if you were to lose to me, honestly admit that you cheated in the battle with Senior Brother Poyun!”

Yun Che, “…”

“Ah… Senior Sister Xiaorou, he’s only at the second level of the Divine Origin Realm, as well as… a guest. Wouldn’t that be bullying him a bit too much? Furthermore, if by any chance the Snow Song Realm King came to know about it…” The young boy on the left said in a low voice.

“Shut up! I’m doing this to seek justice for Senior Brother Poyun!” Seeing Yun Che’s complete lack of reaction, the girl raised her face. “Hmph! Are you afraid? Do you feel guilty now? Then, be honest and admit that you’re incapable of winning against Senior Brother Poyun and that compet.i.tion three months ago was nothing but a fraud! Otherwise… you’ll have to suffer for your actions!”

“Hah…” Yun Che sighed helplessly. He glanced at the trio and said in a powerless tone, “Fine, fine. If that’s what you want, then you three can just come at me together.”

Hearing his words, the three youths fell into a daze. The flames burning on the girl’s body amplified by two times, as she shouted angrily, “I didn’t think that you people of the Snow Song Realm would be so shameless! I can take care of a weakling like you with just a finger and you dare ask the three of us to attack you at the same time? Are there no limits to your absurdity!?”

Before the girl finished her words, Yun Che stretched out his arm and the Heaven Smiting Sword appeared in his hand. Then, he turned around, as his profound energy and sword force erupted simultaneously. Instantly, the ground trembled a bit and a terrifying blast swept away in an unrestrained manner. It seemed as if a tsunami had broken out all of a sudden and fully surrounded the three within it.

The expressions of the three youths greatly changed in an instant. Standing at the forefront, the girl cried out in fear and promptly took a good few steps backward. The arrogant look on her face immediately turned into one of panic.

Until just a moment ago, they had deemed Yun Che to be someone beneath their notice because of his profound aura that had only reached the Divine Origin Realm. But the instant his profound aura erupted, they felt as if their bodies had been suppressed by its frightening momentum and couldn’t even breathe at all.

“Little girl,” Yun Che very slowly raised the Heaven Smiting Sword horizontally, up to the halfway mark, “How about reconsidering your strategy? Do you still want to fight individually or would you rather launch a joint attack?”

“I-i-is he really… at the Divine Origin Realm?” The boy on the right gulped down a mouthful of saliva heavily, with a look of disbelief on his face.

“A-anyways, it’s absolutely impossible for him to defeat Senior Brother Poyun!” The girl was evidently surprised and the tone of her voice had lowered by a great margin. At once, she gnashed her teeth and said with impatience, “What’re you two s.p.a.cing out for!? Let’s go at him together… We need to make sure that he admits himself that he cheated to win against Senior Brother Poyun!!”

“Ah… understood.”


Apparently unprepared to use her weapon before now, the girl quickly took a broadsword out of her spatial ring, that seemed quite unmatched to her pet.i.te stature. She shouted in a tender voice, as a flame dragon shot from her dancing sword and headed straight towards Yun Che.

The other two youths also took out extremely similar broadswords. As multiple Golden Crow flames had been ignited, the initially scorching hot temperature crazily increased once again. The figures of the trio charged through the air, clearly with an extremely high degree of mutual understanding between them. The three broadswords were smashed right in Yun Che’s direction at the same time and the Golden Crow flames of the three also combined with each other at that very moment. Before the swords drew closer to Yun Che, the flames had fiercely burst open.

The strong firelight was incomparably dazzling and the might of the Golden Crow flame was terrifying beyond words but Yun Che didn’t even spare a glance at it. He let the Golden Crow flames of the three swallow him whole. He gathered together his profound energy and casually waved his sword in a sweeping motion.

Boom boom!!

The divine Golden Crow flame condensed by the three great disciples at the Divine Soul Realm got instantly torn apart by a casual wave of Yun Che’s sword. Afterwards, the might of his sword didn’t lessen in the slightest and heavily swept over their bodies.

When the Golden Crow flame was torn apart by a single wave of the sword, the trio was startled to see such an unexpected occurrence. As the profound energy storm coming from Yun Che’s direction got nearer, they could clearly sense the acc.u.mulated energy of their attack being blown away in no time. Soon after, an enormous power ruthlessly struck their bodies and they got blown away into the air, as if they had been hit by a very heavy hammer.

By the time they managed to stabilize themselves, while feeling shocked in their hearts, they were already several hundred meters away from their previous location.

The Golden Crow flame formed by their combined power was presently broken into many fragments and dispersed in all directions. Yun Che stood in place, without budging an inch, in the midst of the fragmented flames. His unconcerned and casual bearing gave off the impression as if he was looking down on all of them.

“Senior Sister Xiaorou, how… how come he’s so powerful?” The boy on the right asked in a stammering voice.

“Perhaps… he… really…”

“Ah…ah…ah!” The fl.u.s.tered girl cried loudly in exasperation. Evidently, she was simply unable to accept such an outcome… Or it’d be better to say that she was completely unable to accept that Poyun was defeated by Yun Che, no matter what. She put away her broadsword and brought her hands together before raising them up high, after which she channeled her Golden Crow flame power without holding back in the slightest.

“Yun Che! Senior Brother Poyun said that you could catch his Golden Flame Sword with your hands but I don’t believe it at all! If you have guts, try to do the same against my sword!!”

“Hey! Why’re you two blanking out again? Hurry up and show him our real power!! It’s absolutely


absolutely impossible that Senior Brother Poyun would lose to him!!”

It was obvious that the three of them usually practiced together, allowing them to have an extremely high level of mutual understanding. When they channeled the power of their Golden Crow flames, their auras began to synchronize subtly at a very fast rate. The might of “Golden Annihilation” was very great. Therefore, it consumed an extremely large amount of profound energy and also required a very long time for the condensation of the flame power. The profound strength of the three might be greater than Yun Che by a great realm but it was certainly impossible for them to be anywhere close to Yun Che when it came to control over fire. Their Golden Crow flames burned with full force, which were next compressed and then finally, after a whole three breaths, the Golden Annihilations took shape… at the same time.

During the whole process, the trio definitely showed a very big opening but Yun Che didn’t feel like making his move. He let the three Golden Crow Flame Swords take shape… after which they concurrently shot down towards Yun Che’s head.

Golden Annihilation possessed the most fearsome destruction ability among the first seven realms of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. It was simply irresistible and unstoppable. Even in a fight between pract.i.tioners of the same level, it was absolutely impossible to withstand it, to say nothing of three such attacks launched together.

Yun Che slightly raised his head and watched the three Golden Crow Flame Swords shooting down from the sky. He let them get closer and closer to him, without moving even a step away.

In the blink of an eye, the Golden Flame Swords arrived right over Yun Che’s head. Although his expression still remained unchanged, the three disciples of the Golden Crow Sect felt very panicked in their hearts.

Is he… truly not going to dodge?

He’s a direct disciple of the Snow Song Realm’s Realm King. If we end up killing him due to our carelessness… we’ll be big trouble.

Although they were feeling alarmed and confused in their hearts, it was already impossible for them to stop the swords, even if they wanted to. The auras of the three Golden Crow Flame Swords were linked together and their trajectories led them to the same point, where they were supposed to be overlapped on each other, before coming into contact with Yun Che… In this very instant, Yun Che stretched out his right hand with the speed of lightning and brought his hand precisely to the meeting point of the three flame swords.

It meant that he actually attempted to catch three Golden Crow Flame Swords with a single hand and at the same time!


Consequently, the air around was jolted by a blast. The three Golden Crow Flame Swords didn’t chop down his arm, as anyone would expect in such a situation and instead came to a standstill on his hand simultaneously. Afterwards, he lightly clenched them in his palm…

Bang bang!!!

The three Golden Crow Flame Swords, that were condensed by all the might of the Golden Crow Sect disciples, got shattered into pieces at once and the flames scattered into the air.


The screeches of the three resounded throughout the place. Due to the backlash of the Golden Annihilation being forcibly destroyed, the Golden Crow Sect disciples suffered a severe hit to their profound veins and their profound energies were thrown into disorder. It was at this time that Yun Che rushed ahead all of a sudden. In an instant, the trio was completely enveloped by a strong blue light, which possessed a soul piercing cold energy that almost scared them out of their wits.


The air temperature fell rapidly and before the trio could calm down their aura, they were instantly sealed inside a thick layer of chilliness. Yun Che’s figure flashed and appeared behind them in the next moment. Without even bothering to look at the targets, he swung the Heaven Smiting Sword backwards, in the direction of the three..


As the ice-crystal split open, cold wind covered the sky. The trio got blown way amid the chilliness that was drifting in various directions and got smashed onto the dried ground in the distance. A long period of time pa.s.sed since then but none of them got up to their feet.

The three Golden Crow Sect disciples were Divine Soul Realm experts, after all. When launching a joint attack, how could it be possible for them to be so easily and utterly defeated by Yun Che? The scene of Yun Che forcibly breaking the three Golden Crow Flame Swords with his palm was too much of a shock to them. They lay paralyzed on the ground, unable to regain control over themselves, as they still found it impossible for such a thing to have happened…

They were feeling a similar sense of disbelief as before when they heard that Huo Poyun, the G.o.dly genius in their eyes, was defeated by a mere Divine Origin Realm pract.i.tioner from the Snow Song Realm.

The young girl, who had been acting the fiercest amongst the three, was blankly looking at Yun Che with widened eyes. Her body felt so cold that it was trembling but the idea of using her profound energy to drive it out of her body didn’t even come to mind. Perhaps, the thing she wanted to believe the most right now, was that everything that had happened was just a dream.


A resounding, loud laughing sound could be heard getting closer. Very soon, a youth dressed in a pure gold long robe descended from the sky. It was none other than Huo Poyun. Looking at the sorry plight of his junior brothers and sister, he said with a smile, “Do you understand now the meaning of ‘there’s always someone better than you out there?’”

“Senior Brother… Poyun.” The girl called out in a weak voice but it seemed that her mind had yet to fully recover.

Huo Poyun turned around, revealing a sincere joyous-look on his face, “Brother Yun, I can’t express my happiness to see you again after these three months. However, I never expected that Brother Yun not only possessed a world-astounding talent in the elemental laws, but you also possess a speed of cultivation that would be so amazing too. Poyun can only gasp in admiration.”

Yun Che said with a smile, “My insignificant profound strength is so low in comparison to Brother Poyun’s that they can’t be talked about in the same breath. Moreover, Brother Poyun’s profound strength has again increased significantly in just three months. So, in fact it should be me gasping in admiration.”

Compared to three months ago, Huo Poyun’s aura had obviously undergone a considerably great change. It was really astonis.h.i.+ng that someone at his current realm could experience so much change in the extremely brief period of three months.

Huo Poyun shook his head, as he said smilingly, “It’s a pity that this whole area is barren and also particularly far from the sect. Once we’re done with the horned dragon hunting, I hope Brother Yun doesn’t hurry to return. You must allow Poyun to show his best hospitality to you.”

“Haha, alright, Then, I’ll comply with you and take you up on your offer.” Yun Che didn’t refuse and gave his consent with a laugh.

Huo Poyun stretched out his hand and beckoned to the three who had just crawled up from the ground, “You three, how long are you going to take before you apologize to Brother Yun?”

Yun Che waved his hand, “That’s unnecessary. Since they didn’t do it out of ill-will, there’s no need to criticize them. On the contrary, I’m truly envious to see that you have such a group of junior brothers and sisters that so wholeheartedly love and care about you.”

Unlike me… who was shut inside the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake from morning to night after becoming a direct disciple of Master. Let alone getting the chance to show authority, I haven’t even seen the shadow of my junior brothers and sisters.

Back then, I could at least still tease Mu Xiaolan to have some fun, haah…