Against the Gods - Chapter 1038 - Fatal Catastrophe

Chapter 1038 - Fatal Catastrophe

Chapter 1038 - Fatal Catastrophe

Up until today, he had sparred with Mu Xuanyin a total of eighty times and had his meridians broken in a similar fas.h.i.+on on each occasion. Previously, he would feel his meridians become all the more powerful every day but today, they had already been thoroughly transformed.

Although it was only a difference of one Buddha Heart Lotus petal, there was a world of difference between the resulting effect of an incomplete and the perfection of nine resurrections.


Yun Che let out a loud roar as he directly unleashed "Rumbling Heaven." His skeleton, skin, and flesh still experienced the heavy pressure from the abrupt and great eruption of his profound energy but his meridians, which used to be the first to give in and gradually break apart, were firm and stable like an impregnable fortress.

As he was unable to fully control Rumbling Heaven, an intense feeling of irascibility and losing control would occupy him, every time he forcibly activated it. But this time, his whole body was filled up with power and he felt an unprecedentedly clear control over himself. Even though he wasn't able to stay in the Rumbling Heaven state any longer than before, he was capable of displaying its strongest might in his peak condition.

Enjoying the feeling and adapting to his current meridians, Yun Che reached the time limit very soon. When the Rumbling Heaven state got deactivated, his profound energy and mind calmed down in a very short while. He sat upright on the ground and closed his eyes, as he slowly recalled his sparring with Mu Xuanyin over these last few months.

Although Mu Xuanyin would only launch a few attacks every time they sparred, she never did so without any thought behind them. Her attacks had a special purpose to them.

Unknowingly, several hours pa.s.sed by as he was immersed in thought. Yun Che slowly opened his eyes, clenched his fists and mumbled, "Alright... Tomorrow, I'll certainly get a victory over Master!"

In front of the Sacred Hall, the sky was covered with chilly snow falling in all directions.

Mu Xuanyin and Yun Che were standing facing each other. The former was the same as usual but the aura of latter's profound strength aura had subtly changed due to the transformation of his meridians.

"Master... please excuse this disciple!"

Previously, it was only after Mu Xuanyin told him to do so, that he would carefully initiate an attack.

But today, it was him who took the initiative to speak first and launched a sudden attack.

If the channeling speed of his meridians from several months back could be compared to a brook, then at the moment, the meridians containing his profound energy were capable of accommodating even several waves of a flood. The overall quant.i.ty and strength of his profound energy had yet to experience any change but the speed at which it could course through his body had reached a completely different level when compared to before.

Before one could react to him gathering and releasing profound energy, Yun Che had already rushed forth straight away in Mu Xuanyin's direction, moving so fast that only the illusory images of his body could be seen. Different from his cautious and careful att.i.tude from before, an unstoppable ferocity and cold gleam surfaced in his eyes the instant he initiated the attack.

And it was because, his objective has completely changed today.

Mu Xuanyin had said back then, that besides resisting ten of her attacks, he would be also considered the victor if he could so much as force her back a bit. He didn't even dare consider the latter before now but at present, he was actually holding such a "great ambition"—not just for the sake of victory but to also prove at the same time that he was worthy of being bestowed with Buddha Heart Divine Veins by her!

When he arrived before the Sacred Hall this morning, he was well-prepared to successfully carry out this "surprise attack."

His profound strength might not have changed but Yun Che's speed had clearly become faster. On the other hand, Mu Xuanyin was as calm as before. With a light flick of her finger, the snowstorm that was shrouding the whole sky immediately changed its direction and intensely swept towards Yun Che all of a sudden.

"Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!"

Opening up the Evil G.o.d barrier required extremely great consumption of profound strength. Therefore, it would become difficult to use it any further for a short while due to the expenditure from activating the barrier. But this time, he was able to instantaneously move right after opening the barrier. His cold figure had just flashed but he was already behind Mu Xuanyin in the next moment. The snowstorm that was targeting him was completely blocked by the Evil G.o.d barrier and he pushed his palm forward, towards Mu Xuanyin, with the speed of lightning.


Suddenly, Yun Che's vision turned pale white.

Extremely dense snow covered his field of vision or perhaps it would be better to say that his entire being was surrounded by it. Everything disappeared from Yun Che's sight. With his eyesight and vision which far surpa.s.sed an ordinary person, he was actually unable to see through even the slightest fragment of the snow; so much so that he couldn't even see his own hands and chest.

Not only this fearsomely inconceivable blockade of icy mist obstructed his sight but his spirit sense was also shut off... It was so clear that no more than an instant had pa.s.sed since he got behind her and he was less than five steps away from the other party. But due to the chilly snow, he completely lost track of Mu Xuanyin's aura and position, as well as the direction he was facing at the moment. He couldn't even tell which way was the sky and which was the ground.

His eyesight and spirit sense had been instantly isolated from everything, as if he was suddenly placed into another world. Such fearsome ability completely exceeded Yun Che's cognition.

Although he was momentarily frightened, Yun Che's mind was incomparably calm. He gnashed his teeth a bit, after which the image of a dragon appeared over him all of a sudden and released an exceedingly scary and startling roar.

Dragon Soul Domain!

The biggest reliance of his surprise attack wasn't the just attained Buddha Heart Divine Veins but the Dragon Soul Domain!

There was more than a dimension of difference between his and Mu Xuanyin's mental strength. But, the Dragon G.o.d Soul had possessed the suppression power of a higher plane. He wasn't holding any extravagant hope that it would have some substantial effect against Mu Xuanyin... but so long as he could cause an interference for a split second, he would be able to get closer and might really be able to win!

This "surprise attack" was naturally a one-off thing... which would only work the first time, when Mu Xuanyin was not specifically guarding her soul.

The heavens and earth were shaken by the roar of the Dragon G.o.d. Mu Xuanyin, who had stranded Yun Che inside the icy mist, experienced an immediate stagnation in her movements. Her cold, star-like eyes seemed to have lost focus for a second.

Although it was only for the extremely short interval of a second... the roar helped him in suppressing a supreme existence of Divine Master Realm with his Divine Origin Realm cultivation. Perhaps, it was solely the Dragon Soul Domain in the many worlds or even in the whole Primal Chaos, that had the slightest possibility of accomplis.h.i.+ng something of the sort.

Yun Che deemed that he had likely succeeded in catching Mu Xuanyin off guard, considering the abrupt weakening of the aura of the icy mist and the delay in her expected attack. But he couldn't locate her direction or aura because of being inside the pale white world. Nevertheless, this was his only chance at succeeding, which would be lost very soon if he hesitated to take action any longer.

He dashed forward relying on his perception, directly grabbing the thing ahead with his palm.

From Yun Che opening the Evil G.o.d barrier, to him being stranded in the icy mist, releasing the Dragon Soul Domain and launching a sudden attack... all of this happened in no more than an instant.

Mu Xuanyin might have suppressed her profound strength to Divine Soul Realm but she would carry out the entire sparring process as fast as lightning... so as to polish Yun Che's sensation.

Yun Che immediately felt an ice-cold sensation from his palm. He at once went wild with joy... but this feeling of joy suddenly turned into panic in the next instant.

Because after feeling the ice-cold sensation, his entire palm sunk into a ma.s.s of something very plump and soft.

Given it was his full-blown attack, which was based on nothing but his perception, it naturally possessed an extremely great force. Immediately, he felt something soft in his hand, like congealed fat or curd cheese, that was particularly plump and huge as well. His whole palm sank into it—reaching down to the extreme depths. It felt as though a snow-cold ma.s.s of flesh was squeezing out of the gaps between his spread fingers, and at the center of his palm, he clearly sensed a distinct protrusion.

Yun Che instantly understood the ident.i.ty of the thing in his grasp. Immediately, his hair stood on end and his heart directly came to a halt in fright. He channeled his profound strength in a flurry and flipped back as far as possible, like a kicked rubber ball... Despite performing such a simple action, he looked too pathetic and miserable doing so.

Having been set free from the confinement of Yun Che's palm, Mu Xuanyin's chest sprang out like turbulent waves and bounced for a good while. Such a scene would make any man excited but Yun Che wasn't able to witness it. He was currently kneeling on the ground far away, with his head lowered deeply. Every pore of his body was intensely trembling with fear.

"Master... disciple... didn't have... such an intention..."

He finished his words with much difficulty, before becoming unable to say any more.

H-h-how did it turn out this way...!? Sss... I had clearly instantaneously moved behind her... How did...

A long time pa.s.sed but he kept quiet without expecting Mu Xuanyin to say anything either. Silence reigned the entire place... and the snowstorm covering the sky, had come to a complete standstill at the moment.

The bright surroundings began to darken, as though the Heaven was slowly sinking down.

Yun Che didn't dare move a muscle... he was basically unable to budge at this point. He couldn't breathe and even his heart had stopped beating. The only thing he felt was the world becoming more and more cold, causing the cold air around to become increasingly bone-piercing...

Given his Ice Spirit Evil Body, there should be no cold energy in the world that could really make him feel a "bone-piercing" chilliness. But, he was very clear that this feeling of having fallen into an icy h.e.l.l was... none other than killing intent!

He had experienced Mu Xuanyin’s anger before but never felt her killing intent—even towards Huo Rulie back in the past, she didn't show any more intense emotion than anger. After all, there were very few things in the world that could truly evoke killing intent within her.

To say nothing of a killing intent as strong as the one she was emitting at present!

It was the most fearsome killing intent Yun Che had ever seen in his life!

He could feel a bit relaxed if Mu Xuanyin had cursed him in rage or outright severely injured him. However, the terrifying silence and the fearsome killing intent made him realize that... he was definitely bound to die this time...

In the Snow Song Realm, she was the ultimate and paramount existence known as the Great Realm King, as well as the Sect Master of Ice Phoenix Sect. No one dared to provoke or disobey her. There was not a single person who could be somehow compared to her. She was not only the current strongest person of the Snow Song Realm but also the strongest in Snow Song Realm's entire history, including ancient times.

In her eyes, perhaps everyone except her younger sister, was no different from a lowly commoner. So, who would dare blaspheme her...? Who could blaspheme her?

Basically, there was no one who would even dare to look at her. Much less her body, no man had ever touched even the corner of her robe. Now, her icy purity that was more flawless than a snow lotus, the most sacred existence in the world, was tainted by Yun Che!

It was such a great sin that he would find difficult to atone for, even if he died countless times or his nine generations were exterminated!


Amidst the incomparably fearsome silence, an azure blue ice-crystal condensed at Mu Xuanyin's fingertip. An utmost serene chilliness, that could even freeze a starry sky, surfaced in her calm looking eyes.

The aura of the ice-crystal caused Yun Che's body to stiffen.

Usually, she would suppress her profound strength to the Divine Soul Realm whenever she attacked Yun Che. Hence, he definitely wouldn't receive a fatal blow even after being cleanly hit in the body.

But the fearsome aura of the small and exquisite ice-crystal was enough to kill Yun Che millions of times.

"..." Yun Che's lips faintly moved, wanting to beg forgiveness but his stiff body had lost the ability to utter a word. Flee? It was absolutely impossible. This killing intent directed at him was emanating from Mu Xuanyin, a peerless Divine Master. Not only could Yun Che not move in the slightest, his vision and consciousness had already grown fuzzy.

If things went on like this, given Mu Xuanyin's terrifying and matchless killing intent, he would still meet a brutal death even without her making a move.

I haven't found Jasmine yet... I promised Caiyi and the others that I'd return after achieving my objective... But... even if it was unintentional... I've gotten into too big of a catastrophe... Moreover, it's such a great catastrophe that I'm utterly incapable of doing anything about it... This time... I'll be dying for sure...

In the midst of the fearsomely tranquil and still atmosphere, Mu Xuanyin slowly lifted her hand. The ice-crystal floating over her fingertip was glimmering with the cold light of h.e.l.l.

"You—deserve—to die!"

Mu Xuanyin finally broke the silence. Each and every word of her was even more chilly and heart-piercing than the terrifying ice-crystal at her fingertip.

"..." Using his all power to take a very deep breath, Yun Che closed his eyes in resignation.