Against the Gods - Chapter 1015 - The Beauty of Xuanyin

Chapter 1015 - The Beauty of Xuanyin

Chapter 1015 - The Beauty of Xuanyin

"Is there a problem?" Mu Xuanyin slightly frowned upon seeing Mu Huanzhi's reaction to her words.

Mu Huanzhi promptly said, "Huanzhi has remembered it all and will at once set out to do as instructed. Just that... the members of Wood Spirit Race generally remain hidden in lower star realms where the situation is comparatively less threatening to their lives. Moreover, whether it's a Wood Spirit or a Wood Spirit Orb, the business involving them has always been carried out in private. All we can do now is to send some people to the lower star realms and covertly look for the thing we want. However, being able to actually get our hands on an orb with at least seventy percent of its power preserved will heavily rely on our luck."

"As for Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s, " Mu Huanzhi exhaled lightly, "Huanzhi will try to the best of his ability."

He didn't dare ask Mu Xuanyin why she would need to look for such things all of a sudden.

"Get it done as soon as possible," Mu Xuanyin said. "In case you get the information about their whereabouts but find it beyond your ability to obtain them, do let this king immediately know about it."

"Yes." Mu Huanzhi's heart thumped loudly. Her words clearly indicated that she was in a hurry to get these things. But the names she had mentioned were absolutely extraordinary things, so getting hold of even one of them in a short time was especially difficult, to say nothing of all four of them.

"Sect Master, I've an idea about the place where we could find the Qilin horn."

"Oh?" Mu Xuanyin narrowed her eyes. "Speak!"

"Yes." Mu Huanzhi recollected his thoughts for a bit before continuing respectfully, "Around two years ago, I incidentally heard from Yunzhi that the Ice Wind Imperial Family, which Mu Hanyi comes from, possesses an object that is considered to be their halidom. It has always been within their possession since the time Ice Wind Empire was founded. Reportedly, it was coincidentally dug out of the bottomless firn and is extremely likely to be an intact Ice Qilin horn. Therefore, it was viewed as the halidom safeguarding the empire and has been pa.s.sed down in the Ice Wind Imperial Family for the last seventy to eighty thousand years."

"...Since they consider it a halidom that’s safeguarding the empire, and have kept it a secret for such a long time, how is it that Mu Hanyi disclosed this matter to Mu Yunzhi?" Mu Xuanyin asked in a cold voice. Undoubtedly, Mu Yunzhi wouldn't have known about it without Mu Hanyi telling it himself.

"About that..." Mu Huanzhi seemed a bit awkward. "According to Yunzhi, Mu Hanyi told her about the Ice Qilin horn because of a decision made by the monarch of Ice Wind Empire several years ago. If Mu Hanyi could become a direct disciple of the Sect Master, he was willing to offer the halidom, which they have kept in secret for tens of thousands of years, to the Sect Master as a token of grat.i.tude.”

"Hmph! Then he truly revealed the secret on purpose!" Mu Xuanyin said in a cold tone.

Mu Huanzhi said, "It has been several hundred thousand years since the Qilins in the Eastern Divine Region became extinct. It would require us to go to Western Divine Region to look for a Qilin horn, which is going to be extremely troublesome. If the Ice Wind Empire really has a Qilin horn, to get it from them would be the best choice. In half a month, Mu Hanyi will be returning to the empire in order to partic.i.p.ate in his father's birthday, which is planned to be held in celebration of him turning a thousand years old. We just need him to bring it along when he comes back to the sect, or... should Huanzhi personally set off right now to obtain it?"

If Mu Xuanyin were to order them, the Ice Wind Empire would obediently offer it up to her, even if they had ten thousand guts.

"No need." Mu Xuanyin rejected his proposal. "Do not speak of the things this king has discussed with you today to anyone else."

"Search across the lower star realms for the Wood Spirit Orb and secretly search through the upper star realms for any findings of the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s. Remember to a.s.sign the task only to those people that you deem reliable enough. As for Qilin horn, you don't need to bother about it. You have to be particularly careful not to reveal the work I entrusted to Yunzhi and Mu Hanyi. You may now leave."

"Yes." Mu Huanzhi felt extremely doubtful in his heart but he could only retire in a hurry.

Amidst the snow and wind, Mu Xuanyin slowly turned round and looked far off to the north with her cold, starry eyes. Her lips faintly opened to utter the words, "Ice Wind Empire..."

Yun Che awakened after remaining unconscious for an unknown period of time. Having recovered his consciousness, he felt countless streaks of refres.h.i.+ng, cool, and bone-penetrating energy pouring into his body, which made him clear-headed in no time.

Upon opening his eyes, he saw a puddle of still water. In the distance, he also saw a vast number of rare herbs of various magnificent colors. The aura infused in the air entering his nostrils was extremely cold and pure.

It was... the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake!

His entire body was soaked in the lake. The injuries on his body had disappeared without a trace and his mind felt incomparably calm and clear.

He quickly recalled the events that happened before him pa.s.sing out. He released the Dragon Soul which helped him to sober up for a brief moment and used all his power to smash his head. Afterwards...

"Oh? You woke up so soon?"

A delicate and soft voice reminiscent of silk, made the confused Yun Che feel his body at once go numb and his bones turn limp. He subconsciously turned around to look at Mu Xuanyin leisurely lying down at the sh.o.r.e of lake at some distance. Her exceedingly beautiful face, that could invoke great admiration in countless beings, seemed to be carried an almost indiscernible faint smile.

She slowly sat up upon seeing Yun Che wake up. Beneath the snow white robe, her long and slender legs that excelled even Mu Feixue's size and proportion, naturally bared themselves as she was sitting in a cross-legged posture. Yun Che's mind was intoxicated by the orchid fragrance that diffused into the air as the two legs rubbed against each other, making him sink into a trance like state.

"Che'er, your body seems to be absorbing the cold energy of the heavenly lake water. Is it also due to the power of the Evil G.o.d?"

In the Snow Song Realm, everyone knew about Mu Xuanyin's stern and heartless nature and hence, no one dared to offend her. Even someone as arrogant and proud as Yun Che absolutely didn't dare act rashly in front of her. But at this time, the Mu Xuanyin before him contained a slightly concerned look in her eyes. Her beautiful face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with enchantment and her moving lips gave off an impression similar to a bud disgorging stamens. Every word that escaped her mouth held softness and warmth.

She appeared to be the same beautiful woman as when he had seen her for the first time and unwittingly called her "Big Breasted Senior Sister."

Even Yun Che didn't know how long he s.p.a.ced out for before coming to his senses. He promptly stood up in the lake, "Mas..."

Halfway through his words, he felt something odd about the refres.h.i.+ng and cool feeling on his body. He subconsciously lowered his head and discovered that he wasn't wearing anything at the moment. Taken aback by his current state, he immediately jolted back into the heavenly lake as though he had been electrocuted. His mind was in so much chaos that he even forgot to take out a set of clothes to wear from within the Sky Poison Pearl.

Mu Xuanyin let out a lovely laugh at his embarra.s.sed look. She laughed so much that her beautiful body was shaking, causing her full chest, beneath the snow white robe, to bounce continuously as those dazzling, snow white mounds nearly spilled out of the overlap.

At the moment, Mu Xuanyin was dressed in a loose and comfortable robe with the pattern of the Ice Phoenix on it. An extremely special ice silk seemed to have been used for the pattern as it was particularly dazzling to the eye. Her ice blue hair looked natural and gorgeous as it spread on her aromatic shoulder and jade-like back; it was slightly wet as though she had just taken a bath. Unexpectedly, her shoulders were only covered by sleeves that appeared as thin as a cicada's wings, causing the arms that were plump and glossy like a white root of lotus, to be faintly discernible.

"Brat, your body was contaminated by the blood energy of horned dragon but you still refused to touch even a beautiful woman like Feixue. That made me worry about whether you have some sort of illness and so I carefully inspected your body to take care of the issue. However, it seems that you really don't have any concerning ailments."

'Inspected... my body...'

“~!@#¥%...” Yun Che once again fell into a daze after having come to his senses just a while ago. His mind uncontrollably thought of all sort of things that shouldn't have happened. In a flurry, he casually grabbed a set of clothes to wear before very carefully surfacing out of the lake. "Disciple... is grateful for Master's... concern... About Feixue, she..."

His memory after knocking himself out was quite fuzzy. He had no idea whether he did something to Mu Feixue in the end.

Besides, even if it was possible to recall the things that happened later, he was still basically unable to do so at present. His thoughts were a complete mess right now and wicked flames seemed to be crazily burning all over his body. The more he tried to suppress them, the more forcefully and intensely they burned. The phenomenon was pretty similar to the time when the blood of horned dragon was fused into his body.

Mu Xuanyin possessed an absolute beauty under the heavens but she held an equally supreme and chilling might, which elicited an extreme fear in everyone. In the Snow Song Realm, there wasn't a single person who would dare stop their gaze on her for more than a single breath. This fact was made quite evident when even the Flame G.o.d Realm’s three sect masters didn't dare meet her eyes.

But the Mu Xuanyin before Yun Che didn't give off any aura that would induce pressure or intimidation in others. Her umber-black eyebrows were like fog and her beautiful eyes were amorous. The cold and majestic look in her eyes had become soul-captivating. Although she was in a sitting posture, the curves of her body were so seductive that they could make a person's blood vessels burst open from the boiling temperature of the blood. Each part of her body and every inch of her skin were emanating a bewitching and magical enticement.

Yun Che's gaze fell directly on her charming and alluring body. He couldn't turn it away, no matter how hard he tried. The evil fire had started spreading from his lower abdomen to every inch of his body.

"Oh? So you still have the conscience to be concerned about Feixue, huh." Mu Xuanyin spoke softly, "You can rest at ease, she hasn't lost her vital yin. It's just that you've seen everything there's to see and felt her all over, so she can't really be called a flawless white jade any more. Shouldn't you be explaining yourself to the other party now?"

"..." Mu Xuanyin's tender and soft voice was soul-shaking and tantalizing but Yun Che barely heard her words as he kept staring fixedly at Mu Xuanyin's... chest. When she leaned forward in the sitting posture, the part of the robe around her chest slid down a bit, revealing the two overly ample and soft mounds. As they were pressed from both sides a l.u.s.trous valley could be seen in between; the deep ditch that was enough to nibble away at one's restraint and sanity with just a glance at it, was now fully exposed before his eyes.


A loud swallowing sound issued from Yun Che's throat.

It was so loud that it could be heard from even six kilometers away.

Immediately, his whole body quivered, scaring the evil fire to such an extent that a lot of it extinguished. This wasn't the only occasion when he gulped saliva in front of Mu Xuanyin, but back then it was his first time seeing Mu Xuanyin and hence, he was unaware of her ident.i.ty; he thought that she was a Senior Sister from Divine Hall. However, at present, he was quite clear that the person before his eyes was the Ruler of Snow Song Realm, the Sect Master of Ice Phoenix, as well as his Master!

Yun Che's mind had been thrown into disorder. The snow white figure sitting ahead flashed for a bit after which a fragrant wind hit his face. Mu Xuanyin's face had come very close to his own and her beautiful eyes seemed to be filled with fog. A jade-like hand lightly pinched on his neckline.

His mouth was wide agape, unable to speak a word.

"I can overlook the frivolous words you said before in the Ice Phoenix Palace as you hadn't acknowledged me as your master at the time." Mu Xuanyin spoke in a faint voice and in a soft and intimate tone, "But even now after becoming a disciple, you still dare to harbor deviant thoughts towards your master. You sure are gutsy."

"..." Her face got even closer to him, bringing her lips that appeared like delicate flowers to almost make contact with his cheek. Her lips opened a little, emitting an enthralling fragrance. "You were unwilling to do it with Feixue, could it be that... you want Master to be your dual cultivation partner?"

Yun Che's tongue and mouth turned dry when he heard the dreamlike lovely and frivolous words. The evil fire in his body spread around disorderly, forcing his turmoiled blood vessels close to the point of rupture.

Mu Xuanyin was so close to him that he could easily look into her loose robe just by lowering his gaze by a bit. The soft light of the moon was illuminating her shoulders, outlining the l.u.s.trous half arcs below her collarbone. Looking even further downward, he saw the two dazzling white and erect mounds shaking and jiggling with even the slightest movement of her body due to being too full and soft.

"That sounds plausible." As though she didn't notice Yun Che's gaze, Mu Xuanyin lightly flicked her finger that was placed on his neckline. Her ways of seduction kept switching from one to another as she said in a dreamy and soft voice, "If you were to do it with me… you wouldn’t need to wait for two years; only an evening would be enough to directly step into the Divine Soul Realm, huh."

An evening to step straight into the Divine Soul Realm. Such words would have certainly made Yun Che jump in shock and excitement if he were in a "normal" condition. But his heart, soul, and body were all in a state of disarray due to the evil fire. Although he was listening to her, the thing he was thinking of wanting to do wasn't breaking through to the Divine Soul Realm but totally something else. The things he was picturing in his mind was the imagery of Mu Xuanyin’s legs wrapped around his waist, as she turned hers... or the imagery of her gently moaning with her jade like body underneath him...

Every bit of her skin and face were exceedingly beautiful, her every frown and every smile was abound with amorousness… She was a true beauty of the world, so beautiful it was almost terrifying.