Against the Gods - Chapter 1004 - Frozen End Heaven Sealing, Yellow Springs Ashes

Chapter 1004 - Frozen End Heaven Sealing, Yellow Springs Ashes

Chapter 1004 - Frozen End Heaven Sealing, Yellow Springs Ashes

Yun Che retreated to Mu Xuanyin’s side, silently looking forward. His line of sight, however, didn’t fall upon Mu Hanyi; rather, it was fixed upon the opposing Huo Poyun.

Between the trio of Yan Zhuo, Yan Mingxuan, and Huo Poyun, Huo Poyun’s profound strength was the weakest and thus, relatively the most unremarkable. Most people concentrated their shocked gazes upon Yan Zhuo, the one with the greatest profound strength, yet Yun Che, from the very start, only paid attention to Huo Poyun.

Yun Che was extremely sensitive to the strength of flames. Although Huo Poyun’s profound strength was the weakest, Yun Che clearly felt that the flame aura on his body was purer than that of Yan Zhuo or Yan Mingxuan… Furthermore, it wasn’t just by a little bit.

“Why don’t you attack first?” Huo Poyun asked.

Different from the ordinary manner whilst facing Yun Che, the voice of the Huo Poyun facing Mu Hanyi was icy and a little overbearing, and his expression clearly reflected a scarlet light that caused one’s heart to palpitate. Evidently, he had been somewhat incensed by Mu Hanyi’s previous words… this surely was a man with extreme dignity.

“No, you are a guest from afar. You should certainly be the one to attack first.”

It had previously been stated that no fighting could occur in front of the Sacred Hall. Although Mu Hanyi was planted like a flagpole, he still had to abide by the previously stated rule.

Two people each exchanging blows three times… the one being attacked could only block and couldn’t counterattack or dodge!

Under this kind of rule, the person to attack first naturally held a considerable advantage. But these two were both exceedingly talented and just as proud, so neither wanted to take the advantage.

“Hanyi, strike him directly. There’s no point in mincing words with him,” Mu Xuanyin uttered coldly.

Mu Hanyi’s body s.h.i.+vered slightly, then respectfully answered, “Yes!”


With a tinkle like the fracturing of an ice crystal, Mu Hanyi thrust forward. Frost energy radiated all around and the layer of ice beneath Huo Poyun’s feet exploded. Three ice crystal trees rose steeply from the ground, forming a triangle and trapping Huo Poyun in the center. Following the rapid growth of the ice crystal trees, a terrifying frost energy and life-threatening frigid ice mercilessly fell down.

“Tree of Frozen End,” Yun Che muttered. Looking at Mu Hanyi’s appearance, it was just a casual action, yet the Frozen End Tree he had released and the strength of the frost energy surpa.s.sed his tens of times over.

After all, Mu Hanyi had the rare blood of the Ice Phoenix and his profound strength at the Divine Tribulation Realm was something the current Yun Che simply couldn’t hope to reach.

Yet Huo Poyun didn’t move at all, he didn’t even raise a hand, choosing only to furrow his brow.


A streak of flame violently exploded from his body, then scattered and extinguished in an instant. At the same time, the three Frozen End Trees also directly exploded, filling the sky with ice crystals that completely burned into nothingness before they could even land on the ground.

“Greetings won’t be necessary.” Huo Poyun’s brow was heavy, “Why don’t you honestly and properly use your full strength and let me experience your presumptuous self.”

“Hahaha, I don’t deserve to be called presumptuous.” Mu Hanyi let out a long laugh. Just as his laughter fell, his expression also suddenly turned cold, “Since this is so, then I won’t be polite… my second strike!”

The rich frost energy turned into a substance with blue light, expanding rapidly from Mu Hanyi’s body. Air completely stopped circulating and the sky filled with floating snow, also completely slowed to an immobile state. An astonis.h.i.+ng frost energy, with a similarly shocking speed, extended outwards and in merely the blink of an eye, covered the entire Sacred Hall region.

“Hanyi is finally starting to get serious,” an Ice Phoenix Palace Master said in a low voice.

“Let’s see how that Huo Poyun will receive it,” another Ice Phoenix Palace Master said confidently. In this Sacred Hall region, Mu Hanyi’s frost profound energy had a considerable increase in power.

At this time, Mu Hanyi’s hands suddenly intertwined and the earth-shattering frost energy concentrated frantically following his movements, pouncing straight at Huo Poyun.

This attack was colorless and formless.

This was an ultimate frost energy, capable of freezing heaven and earth.

Huo Poyun’s expression became a bit more cautious. Reacting to the compression and approach of the frost energy, he lowered his figure then began to spin into the air. Following the rotation of his body, the raging flames of the Golden Crow began to ignite violently amidst the frost energy, turning into streaks of dragon-shaped flames that wantonly fluttered around him.

Frost energy pounced forward, seemingly freezing emptiness. An incomparably strong mist arose from the dragon-shaped flames, yet they still didn’t have the slightest indication of being extinguished. Even the speed at which they danced and the astonis.h.i.+ng Golden Crow aura didn’t lessen at all.


After several breaths’ time of stalemate, the frost energy was forced away layer by layer, actually unable to persist. Huo Poyun let out a low roar at this time and the fluttering flames suddenly exploded. The flames soared and a scarlet-red appeared in the white sky for an instant. The frost energy that came from Mu Hanyi was instantly swept away by a thick fog, like a storm.

The air, along with the peak frost energy, rapidly became scorching hot.

“You still have one last move.” Huo Poyun landed slowly. His landing point and his previous position didn’t have the slightest difference.

“Worthy of being the Sect Master Huo’s high disciple, you truly are extraordinary,” Mu Hanyi praised sincerely.

“Hanyi, there’s no need to hold back. Let him experience what the Ice Phoenix G.o.d Invest.i.ture Canon really is!” Mu Yunzhi said in a low voice.

Mu Hanyi nodded slowly. The expression on his face vanished as he clenched his hands unhurriedly.

If one said he had held back thirty percent just now, he certainly would let out his very best in this final strike.

In contrast, Huo Poyun actually remained there, standing straight. Only a layer of weak flames dotted with holes surrounded his entire body and he didn’t appear to be in any position to defend with Golden Crow profound energy at all.

Mu Hanyi furrowed his brow as his hand gestures slowed. Looking at his actions, Huo Poyun said in an incomparably dull tone, “I’ve already finished my preparations, don’t hesitate to make your move!”

His att.i.tude, as well as his words, caused Mu Hanyi’s brow to wrinkle greatly. Half of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was shocked, while the other half had expressions filled with anger.

“What does this brat mean, is he looking down on Senior Brother Hanyi!?”

“Tch! He thinks he’s deserving? I think he doesn’t want to live anymore! Senior Brother Hanyi, your previous two attacks were too courteous; don’t hold back anymore, strike him down directly.”

Compared to Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s anger and taunts, before Huo Poyun’s clear arrogance and contemptuous actions, not only did Huo Rulie not chide Huo Poyun, he actually revealed a slight smile.

Mu Hanyi inhaled lightly and didn’t say anything more. His gaze, however, concealed a sense of anger. Soundlessly, the frigid light surrounding his body rapidly became much deeper.

This slight change in atmosphere caused all the sounds of discontent from the Ice Phoenix disciples to disappear like they’d been frozen. Once the frost energy had become heavy to a critical point, Mu Hanyi’s pupils suddenly turned ice-blue. His hair, billowing against the frigid wind, rapidly turned into a sparkling white-blue color amidst the blue light.

This action caused all the disciples, and even the palace master and elders, to hold their breaths.

This was a state in which frost profound energy had been channeled to the extreme limit! Mu Hanyi wouldn’t hold back even the slightest in this strike!

An enormous halo of blue light, centered on Huo Poyun’s body, silently appeared in the air. This halo was initially an azure blue color, then it slowly turned lighter and lighter. Finally, it were any lighter, it would seemingly be colorless and formless.

But at the center of the blue halo, frost energy actually acc.u.mulated violently at a speed frightening beyond compare.

“This is… Ice Phoenix G.o.d Invest.i.ture Canon… the seventh stage’s Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation… within the divine hall, it seems only Senior Brother Hanyi and Senior Sister Feixue have been able to cultivate it…”

“Ss! Senior Brother Hanyi is angry… that Huo Poyun… won’t die, right?”

“Serves him right if he dies! I’ve only seen palace master use it once. I didn’t think that Senior Brother Hanyi, who doesn’t have the bloodline inheritance, could actually cultivate the seventh stage relying on only elder blood essence... it’s too terrifying.”

Not one of the Ice Phoenix disciples didn’t have their eyes open wide and breaths held, scared to miss the scene that instant amidst their extreme excitement and raised spirits.

Yet Huo Poyun still remained standing there perfectly straight, his body not moving even an inch. Only his line of sight showed a little deviation.


As Mu Hanyi recited in a low voice, the shadow of an illusory Ice Phoenix flashed on his body.

In that instant, heaven and earth fell silent as the blue halo in the air suddenly gathered together and the region inside of the halo became a frigid h.e.l.l. Countless layers and cones of ice appeared out of nowhere in a flash and a frightening storm arose as if doomsday had arrived, mercilessly sweeping towards the Huo Poyun standing in the center of the Frigid h.e.l.l.

“Ahhh—” The Ice Phoenix disciples let out an unbroken series of fearful sounds.

Huo Poyun raised his head slightly, his gaze concentrated on the approaching frigid disaster. Then, seemingly without any notice… he let out a heaven-shaking roar.



Just then his entire body had been immobile and only contained a feeble flame aura, but with only a roar, flames that scurried several hundreds of feet away exploded from his body. These flames were only the beginning.




Boom boom boom boom boom boom…

The explosion of the Golden Crow flames sounded incomparable intensely. Under Mu Hanyi’s Frozen End Heaving Sealing Formation, the extremely heavy frost energy would cause fire-type profound pract.i.tioners with slightly weaker profound energy to be incapable of igniting a flame for even an instant. But these Golden Crow flames, situated at the center of the Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation, actually ignited fiercely in a flash and ruptured outwards violently, filling the sky with Golden Crow Divine Flames amidst the icy storm.

The air, atmosphere, and infinitesimal particles, even snow and frost energy became a medium for the combustion and ignition of Golden Crow flames. At the center of the frigid h.e.l.l and icy storm, layer after layer of pure gold flames became lit… moreover, these spread outwards at a considerable speed.

“Wh…at!” Mu Yunzhi let out a startled cry. Even as a divine hall elder, her eyes clearly bulged at this moment.

“This is…” Mu Bingyun’s expression also revealed a violent change. She looked at Mu Xuanyin and captured an instance of astonishment from her eyes.

“Yellow Springs Ashes!” Yun Che muttered in a low voice. His gaze pa.s.sed through layers of frost energy and flames, firmly locking onto Huo Poyun.

The speed in which Huo Poyun released Yellow Springs Ashes was actually not much slower than him!

Not only was his release speed extremely fast, under the suppression of Mu Hanyi, the first instant of the Yellow Springs Ashes being released already allowed it to resist the Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation in its complete state and subsequently forcefully counter-suppress the core strength of the Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation bit by bit… furthermore, it was an incomparably overbearing and fierce counter-suppression!

In the short span of five breaths, the core region of the Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation was filled completely with Golden Crow flames and frost energy was simply incapable of entering by even a little bit.

After ten breaths’ time, the pure gold flames actually eroded away almost half of the Frost Domain!

This person named Huo Poyun....


With another blood curdling roar, a Golden Crow flame silhouette appeared on Huo Poyun’s body. This Golden Crow flame silhouette brought about pure gold flames that covered the body and shot up to the sky amidst Huo Poyun’s explosive roar. A Golden Crow’s long cry tore through the horizon, entering directly into one’s heart and soul.



With the sound of an oppressive explosion, the Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation completely collapsed from the ray of flames shooting towards the sky. The frost energy, charged with the limit of Mu Hanyi’s strength, was rapidly swallowed by the flames until nothing was left and even the ice layers and ice cones filled with Ice Phoenix energy were also overturned by the Golden Crow flames, melting away in an instant.

The domain had been broken and Mu Hanyi looked as if he had been hit by a heavy attack. The enormous recoil caused his entire body to stand stiff. A current of blood bubbled up his throat, filling his mouth, yet was immediately forcefully swallowed back down. Only a layer of morbid paleness appeared on his face.

The flames dispersed and the frost energy had been eliminated long ago. Huo Poyun still stood there fixedly… the location in which he stood didn’t have even a half-step of deviation. Compared to Mu Hanyi’s deathly pale complexion, his could be said to not have any change.

“It looks like this should be the limit of your strength.” Huo Poyun said dully. The meaning behind these words was clearly “it was only this much”.

“Now, it’s my turn to attack.” Huo Poyun slowly extended a hand.

“...” Mu Hanyi’s complexion was tranquil as ever, yet was unable to speak for a long while.

Everyone in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect had been startled frozen… Mu Hanyi had constructed the Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation using Ice Phoenix energy that was condensed over ten breaths’ time yet Huo Poyun, who was situated right in the center of the domain, completely suppressed and locked down, had defeated Mu Hanyi’s Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation in not even twenty breaths’ time.

Both of their profound energies were at the fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm.

But as for who was stronger and who was weaker, even a blind man could tell very clearly.

Mu Hanyi’s attainments in frost energy was considered either first or second in this generation of disciples in the Snow Song Realm; only Mu Feixue was comparable. This only meant that, not mentioning equal rank, even one whose profound strength was one or two levels higher than his wouldn’t necessarily be a capable opponent.

Yet in the domain battle just then, facing an opponent with the same profound strength, he was disadvantaged.

And it was a considerable disadvantage!

In contrast to Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s shock, Yan Wancang had an undisturbed expression… it was evident he had long antic.i.p.ated this situation.

Countless frosty gazes fell upon Huo Poyun… An extremely fast release of Golden Crow Divine Flame with a strength so great it shouldn’t belong to one at the fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm! Huo Poyun was someone that had been newly accepted by Huo Rulie, specially brought over to show off…

To have mastered the Golden Crow flame to this extent was something even the Huo Rulie of then definitely wouldn’t have been able to accomplish.

Such an existence actually appeared in this generation of the Flame G.o.d Realm’s Golden Crow Sect!