After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - Chapter 2080: Commit Suicide

Chapter 2080: Commit Suicide

Chapter 2080: Commit Suicide

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Qiao Mei rushed into Xia Zhes arms and yelled out, When did you come back? Why didnt you tell me in advance!

I originally wanted to give you a surprise, but I didnt expect you to give me such a big surprise instead. What did you promise me before you returned home? Xia Zhe said, feeling a little angry.

Its not my fault! If anything, its all your fault! Qiao Mei said as she stood in front of Xia Zhe with her hands on her hips.

My fault? How can it be my fault? Xia Zhe asked in puzzlement.

Of course its your fault! If Im still in the village now, I wont have to encounter such dangerous situations! All these people are targeting the Xia family. My children are also Xia family members. If I had married any other man in the village, I wouldnt have to go through so much! In the end, its all your fault! Qiao Mei quibbled.

Xia Zhes expression changed slightly and he said unhappily, You want to marry another man? Dont even think about it! Youre my wife and I wont allow you to leave my side. However, I promise you that I wont let you encounter so much danger in the future. Ill do my best to solve these problems.

Thats more like it! Qiao Mei said happily.

The lighting in the warehouse was very dim, but Gao Lin could still make out from the silhouette that the person standing opposite Qiao Mei was Fang Chen. This man could even come to this place for Qiao Mei! It seemed that Fang Chen was really devoted to Qiao Mei, but Qiao Mei already had a family in the capital, did she not? In that case, the relations.h.i.+p between her and Fang Chen how was she going to explain herself when she returned to the capital?

If Fang Chen knew that Qiao Mei already had a family in the capital, based on the way Fang Chen dealt with Zhang Cheng in Country M, Qiao Mei definitely would not be able to escape his clutches!

Gao Lin looked at Qiao Mei worriedly and she noticed that Gao Lin was staring at her. She grabbed Xia Zhes hand and hesitated for a moment. Should she tell Gao Lin about Xia Zhe and his mission? However, Xia Zhes mission had not ended yet. It was better to explain it to Gao Lin when everything was done and dusted.

So how do we leave this place? Gao Lin asked, pretending to be nonchalant.

My men have already gone after the other two kidnappers. Lets wait until they get here, Xia Zhe said calmly.

It was as if they had an unspoken mutual understanding not to talk about the issue of the alternate ident.i.ties. Gao Lin lay down weakly on a patch of gra.s.s at the side. He had been on tenterhooks for a long time and could finally relax now. Not long after, he fell asleep. Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe let him rest and did not disturb him.

Huang Quan has lost so much blood. He wont die, right Qiao Mei said as she looked at Huang Quan, who was lying in a pool of blood.

He should be fine. If he dies, then he deserves it, Xia Zhe said.

Its too good an ending for him if he dies! He should suffer more! I was really too anxious just now and I didnt hold back my strength. Ill be more careful in the future, Qiao Mei said embarra.s.sedly.

Its fine. The most important thing for you is to protect yourself and not let yourself get hurt. Leave everything else to me, Xia Zhe said tenderly.

Xia Zhe tied up Ah Kun and Huang Quan and threw them to one side. He went to the kitchen to get a basin of cold water and splashed it on the two of them. Huang Quan did not wake up, perhaps because of the serious injuries on his head. Ah Kun opened his eyes groggily and then looked at Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe furiously.

Hmph, you guys still manage to succeed in the end, Ah Kun said self-deprecatingly.

Answer my questions. Apart from the three of you, do you have any other accomplices? Xia Zhe questioned.

Ah Kun smiled disdainfully and said, Since youre so resourceful, why do you need to ask me? Cant you just investigate it yourselves?

Lets hand him over to the police and let them interrogate him properly. The three of them have always worked for the Huang family, so they must know a lot of the Huang familys secrets. We can use him to crush the Huang family in one fell swoop, Qiao Mei said.

Hearing this, Ah Kun said mockingly, Do you think Im stupid! You want me to betray Brother Bin! You can dream on! I wont let you get what you want! Then, he bit on the poison pill which he had hidden in his mouth and died almost instantly.

If people like them fell into the hands of the police, it was the end of them. They would have to face a situation that was more painful than death. There was no difference whether they died earlier or later. It was better for them to end their own lives so that they could at least save their families lives.