After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - Chapter 1991: We Are Relatives

Chapter 1991: We Are Relatives

Chapter 1991: We Are Relatives

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For the next few days, Qiao Mei stayed at home to do her homework. It took her a while to complete all her a.s.signments for submission. She did not have many this semester and most of them were practical sessions. Qiao Mei was very confident when it came to practical sessions. She just needed to submit the results of her experimental crops by the deadline.

There had been a bloodbath in Sky City and there were major changes in the business world. Xia Zhe did not annex the Yang familys a.s.sets for himself, but when he returned to the office, he found out that Qiao Mei had given him an unexpected bonus gift. The Shen familys subsidiary company and the Yang familys property had both become his a.s.sets.

If he took advantage of this opportunity and took over all the Zhang familys a.s.sets as well, the t.i.tle of Sky Citys richest businessman would definitely fall into Xia Zhes hands.

However, Xia Zhe did not do that. He handed over all the Zhang familys companies and businesses to the Gao family. Even though he spent a lot of money to acquire the Zhang familys villa, he also gave it to the Gao family unconditionally.

Gao Lin felt that Xia Zhe was like a mystery to him. He kept feeling that Xia Zhe was up to something, or perhaps Xia Zhe wanted to do them all these favors so that he could put pressure on Qiao Mei.

Gao Ming did not have any siblings. After he found out that Qiao Mei was his younger cousin and was the one who saved his life, he decided to treat her like his biological younger sister. Although he admired Xia Zhe a lot, he was also worried that Xia Zhe had ulterior motives when it came to Qiao Mei. If Xia Zhe wanted the Gao family to give him Qiao Mei in return for the reinstatement of the Gao familys past glory, the Gao family would not agree even if they had to go bankrupt.

Mr. Fang, why do you help us so enthusiastically? Gao Lin invited Xia Zhe to his house for a meal and posed this question to him.

Xia Zhe said without any hesitation, Youre Pu Nans relative, so youre also my relative. Theres no need for any special reason to help a relative out.

But as far as I know, you have never proposed to our Pu Nan, nor did you make any concrete plans with her. You and Pu Nan arent married yet, so we cant be considered relatives, Gao Lin said sternly.

I have every intention to marry Pu Nan, but she doesnt seem to be ready yet. Im doing all these for my own selfish reasons. I just want her to have a better impression of me, Xia Zhe said as he pretended to feel helpless.

Gao Lin did not believe what Xia Zhe said. He felt that everything Xia Zhe said to him were half-truths. However, since Xia Zhe was not an enemy, he would just let things be for now.

Mr. Fang, theres one more thing that I want to know. How did you manage to persuade Zhang Cheng to sign the confession and willingly turn himself in to the police? Gao Lin asked.

It was not as if Gao Lin did not torture Zhang Cheng. Even when he starved Zhang Cheng and locked him up in a small isolation room, Zhang Cheng did not give in. However, not long after Xia Zhe went into the bas.e.m.e.nt, Zhang Cheng gave a full confession.

Maybe its because he wants to stay alive more than anything else in the world, Xia Zhe said.

After the Gao family captured Zhang Cheng for so many days but did not try to kill him, Zhang Cheng realized that the Gao family did not dare go down that path. Therefore, he felt that as long as he could hold on, he would be able to make it out one day.

However, Xia Zhe told him that the news of his capture had already been disseminated to all the triad bosses. Over the years, Zhang Cheng had unethically used money to suppress and bully others. As time pa.s.sed, the Zhang family had more and more enemies.

As the news spread like wildfire, the Zhang familys enemies joined forces very quickly. The moment Zhang Cheng escaped into the open, he would be torn to pieces by his enemies. If he went to jail, he would only be locked up for a few years. What was most important was that he would be able to stay alive. As long as there was life, there was hope. He was very scared of dying.

Zhang Chengs illegitimate children were all arrested and only Liang Jin and Liang Yao remained untouched. Qiao Mei told Xia Zhe that Liang Jin was also one of the main culprits behind Gao Taos death and that she did not want Liang Jin to be able to get away.

Overnight, Liang Jins corpse was found on the street. Her clothes were disheveled and there were many wounds on her body. Her head was also chopped off and hung high up in the air. This sparked a state of panic among everyone for a while.

Gao Lin was in awe of Xia Zhes methods. There were really not many businessmen who were as calculative and ruthless as him.

After a few days, when Gao Ming felt much better, he prepared to go to the Gao familys office to settle some matters. However, the moment he opened the front door, a woman rushed into his arms. Gao Ming took a closer look and realized that the person in front of him was Zhang Yao.

You Why are you here? Gao Ming helped Zhang Yao to stand up straight and asked with a frown.

Brother Ming! Save me! I dont want to be homeless anymore! I dont have a home now and I have nowhere to go! Please save me! Zhang Yao begged..