After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - Chapter 1989: Causing Trouble

Chapter 1989: Causing Trouble

Chapter 1989: Causing Trouble

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Su Hu used a piece of charcoal to write the words The Xia family killed my beloved daughter on a cloth banner. Both he and Huang Tai made their way to the entrance of the Xia familys neighborhood in an aggressive manner and caused a scene there. Even the reporters from the television stations in the capital were alerted to his matter.

The entire Xia family was stuck at home and could not go out. Many people were waiting to watch the commotion.

What should we do now? Are we going to let them waste our time? Xu Lan looked at Xia Mao and asked him.

Xia Mao waved his hand indifferently and said, Let them be. An upright person will not have a crooked shadow. There are so many people who want to frame our family. If I have to take everything seriously, Ill be worried to death.

Xia Wen sat at one side. He was the one who handled all these matters at home, so Xia Mao naturally did not have to worry about anything. Xia Wen had been so worried that he already had a few more strands of white hair.

He did not expect the Su family to be able to find out about his familys involvement in the issue. However, given the upheaval that the Xia family members strike had caused in the military this time round, anyone who was even slightly observant would have sensed the abnormality. However, the Xia family did not regret it at all. It was worth doing this for Xia Zhe. They definitely would not let Xia Zhes life be endangered in any way because of the militarys internal problems.

This matter is related to the secret mission. If they continue to kick up a fuss like this, it wont do Xia Zhe any good. In the event they find out that Xia Zhe has been away from the capital for so long and then tie this information back to their daughter, Xia Zhe will be in danger, Xia Wen said with a frown.

We should report this matter to the military commission. They should be the ones going to appease the family members, Xu Lan said.

Lets not do that for the time being. Ill go and ask the reporters from the television stations to leave and to keep a tight lid on the news first. After saying that, Xia Wen went to call his contacts at the television stations and to tell them about the seriousness of the entire issue. Since this was tantamount to the government stepping in, the news of this matter would not be made public.

As night fell, Su Hu and Huang Tai still did not intend to leave. Even the guards at the main door were starting to get annoyed. Xia Wen brought a few bags of Obo Mei t s melon seeds and popcorn to the guardhouse.

Its already so late. Heres some snacks for everyone, Xia Wen said with a smile.

Oh no! Theres a rule that we cant accept any gifts! said the guard team members on duty.

These are not really gifts. Its just some snacks. Our familys recent issues have inconvenienced all of you. If Luo Yu is around, hell be the one distributing all these on my behalf, Xia Wen said.

Since Xia Wen already mentioned Luo Yu, the guard team members decided to accept the things which Xia Wen brought. Actually, they also sympathized with the Xia familys plight. The Xia family was heads and shoulders above everyone in the capital. Given that the winds always howled around the highest peaks, it was inevitable that they would encounter these people.

Brother Xia, what if they still dont leave tomorrow? asked a guard team member on duty.

Then just do what you need to do. Just make sure that no one gets hurt, Xia Wen said.

Xia Wen quietly made his way to the main entrance and stood behind Su Hu and Huang Tai. He looked at them silently. It was such a cold day, yet they could still wait here for the whole day. People who did not know better would think that they doted on Su Rui a lot.

So how long do you intend to kick up a fuss here? Xia Wen asked calmly.

Su Hu immediately turned around. When he saw that it was Xia Wen, he quickly stood up, pointed at Xia Wen and shouted, A life for a life! Your family killed my daughter! Someone must pay for my daughters life!

Lower your voice. Were in the suburbs. No matter how loud you shout, no one will come. Moreover, the people in this neighborhood are all military personnel and theyre all my familys colleagues. Do you think theyll take the risk to come out and listen to you say such things? Xia Wen said with a mocking smile.

Hmph! You think you can crush us because youre in a high position! I dont believe that theres no place for us commoners to speak up in this world! Huang Tai said indignantly.

But youre not just a commoner. Im sure youve more or less heard about what your daughter did. The truth is right in front of you. Ive already helped you suppress the news from being broadcasted by the television stations. If this matter spreads and everyone finds out that your daughter committed treason, whats going to happen to your son in the future? Xia Wen asked.

Su Hu and Huang Tai had never thought about this matter from this angle.

They only wanted to force the Xia family to give in to them. They had thought

that if the public opinion turned against the Xia family, then the Xia family would have to step in regarding Su Ruis sentence.

You dont try to scare us here! We dont believe what you say! Huang Tai roared at him hesitantly..