Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! - Chapter 576

Chapter 576

Chapter 576 "Guest of the Demon Mountain (8)"

Bai Yan went stiff over that sentence, her eyes showing a glint of surprise: “Are you worried that I will be affected by the words of that person?”

Not answering for a while, the little steambun appears to be troubled and was trying to think of a proper response.

“You silly,” petting her son's hair, Bai Yan turns it around to comfort the boy instead. "As if your mother I would be so easily manipulated by others?"

For some reason, when Bai Yan heard her son's sentence there, she had a strange feeling its full of grief.

“Didn’t you dislike him before, why you helping him so much now?"

Tilting that little head of his: "It's true I don't like Baddie Father. He not only bullies me, he also bit Mother. I would never bite Mother like that. It must hurt, right…?"

In the eyes of this youngling, the biggest impression he has of Di Cang was the fact that he forcefully kissed Bai Yan. Well, to him it only looked like a ferocious bite and nothing more.

“But…” Bai Xiachen then bursts into a gleeful smile: “Baddie Father is able to protect Mother. As long as he can protect you then I don't care. Anyone who can protect you is fine in my book."

That instantly brought on a wave of warmth into Bai Yan's heart. Smiling straight to her eyes: "I'm so happy to have a son like you. Let's go, this time I must succeed in creating that pill. Once I do, I can then have an immediate breakthrough…."



Inside the Snake Clan's home, an old man was currently sitting there with his knees crossed. Due to how weak that body was, one could barely tell he was alive if not for that small sound of breathing.

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“Ancestor, I just got a message from Qing Xue. She is asking when she can come back." A middle-aged man asks after pus.h.i.+ng open the door to this room.

Note: Qing Xue is the other snake woman who wants to make trouble from that incident.

Going bitter in his lip, the one known as the ancestor of these snakes could only close his eyes: “I’m afraid… she can't come back anymore."

Frowning over that answer: “What is the meaning of this? Qing Luan made a mistake, that's true and its her problem, there's no reason for the entire snake clan to be involved. Does Sire really intend to punish our entire family over one single woman's fault?"

“Haha,” Snake Ancestor just made a wry smile again. "If only that was the case… Sadly, Qing Luan had summoned me over during the confrontation, and I too made the mistake of moving against the queen at that time. Considering His Majesty's personality, you think he would let us off?"

“But it's already been a few days since he returned to the Demon Realm. Ancestor, are you sure you're not overthinking this?" The middle-aged man then chuckles slightly like he's not willing to believe what's happening.

As if His Majesty would wipe out our entire snake clan for a woman. What's more, we're preparing to attack the Celestial Realm, why would Sire weaken his own strength?

The old snake shakes his head and shatters that illusion: "Qing Feng, the man didn't come during this period, not because he couldn't, rather he feels no urgency to do so. Once he's done tending to the other matters at hand, he will definitely come dispose of our clan."

After saying this, the said senior becomes too tired to keep his eyes open and closes them.

“And, considering the man's strength at the time, he could've easily killed me back then. Yet he left me alive, what for? Its to deal with me in person after he returns to the Demon Realm!"

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