Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! - Chapter 535

Chapter 535

Chapter 535 "Mustn't Provoke the Lan House (4)"

Prior to everything, Bai Yan did not have any communication with the Lan family and only ever made contact after she returned with her son, that's why no one could figure out the relations.h.i.+p between the two parties.

“But…” The old man dons a shallow smile, “Just the other day I have managed to get wind of some new information."

“What information?” Feng Luan grew a tad irritated at being baited.

There's no question she wants to know the secret. After all, it couldn't be anything small if it could change this old fart's opinion to such extent.

“I heard that Bai Yan’s biological mother is Bai Ning of the Medicine Sect, the young lady of that power. Due to the woman being missing for many years, the Lord of that place is now showing immense grat.i.tude to the Lan family by issuing a decree. Anyone whom meets the old family chief of that household is now to treat the elder like the Lord himself!"

“My Queen?” Wrinkling that old brow, the elder seems to not understand the lack of response.

“When he was but a young master of the Lan family, all of you were preventing me from going to him. Now that his family is with background, you are pus.h.i.+ng me to him? Even if you can be this shameless doesn't mean I can!"

The elder's complexion completely changes: “My Queen, this is a golden opportunity!”

“Enough! I don't want to see anyone right now. if you want me to continue staying inside the kingdom then don't bother me!" After saying this, Feng Luan was done speaking with the elder and closed herself off.

In light of the blatant dismissal, the senior nevertheless continues to pester the woman until he too was at a loss. In the end, both parties separated on negative terms.

After the footsteps faded away, Feng Luan slowly opened her eyes and picked up the wine jug: “Shaoling, perhaps we really will have to go our separate ways in the future…."

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Back at the beginning, it was everyone else who deemed Lan Shaoling to be too inferior while she herself didn't care. But now, the situation has been reversed and its herself who's not worthy of him.


Lan House.

Lan Shaoling was currently looking up into the open sky as if he's thinking of something.

“Big Brother,” its unsure when Lan Shaoyan had come but the second grandson had somehow managed to sneak up behind his brother's back in the main courtyard. "Are you thinking about her again? I'm sure Her Majesty is only saying those words in a moment of heat. She doesn't mean it. After all, the both of you have been friends for so many years…."

Retracting his gaze, the troubled boy turns to his younger brother: “About the matter of you injuring the young lord of the Blood Moon Sect, is Grandfather able to handle it?"

“One person's fault is one person's responsibility, I don't need Grandfather to clean up after me." Lan Shaoyan's voice turned hard, "If nothing else, I will give him my legs and that's that."

Grandpa is so old already, how can I bear to have him continue working so hard?

What’s more, the disaster is caused by me, I won't ever regret it!

“Do not worry,” Lan Shaoling then pats his younger brother's shoulder, “I will not turn a blind eye to this matter either. As long as the Lan House is around then no one can hurt you."

“But, Big Brother…” The boy still wanted to speak but was cut off by the other side.

“You are my younger brother so your mistake is my responsibility. What's more, one cannot be too timid when representing our family! You did no wrong. Also, if you had turned a blind eye to something like that then I really would've looked down upon you!"

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