Absolute Resonance - Chapter 0654: Escalation

Chapter 0654: Escalation

The sight of Pei Hao's body crumpling to the ground left everyone in utter shock. Everyone within House Luolan's Headquarters seemed to be frozen in time as they watched the scene in a trance.

This result was something no one had ever expected in their wildest imaginations. Except for Jiang Qing'e, of course.

The Heavenly Pearl Stage Pei Hao had been thoroughly trounced by the Fiend Palace Tier Li Luo.

What was most mind boggling was that Li Luo had merely a blank palace a year ago, yet to begin on the path of cultivating resonant power!

Had the chasm between the two been bridged and even surpassed in the short span of a year?

Was this a true genius? 

At this point, regardless of whether it was those who supported Li Luo or Pei Hao, all were paralyzed silent by this revelation.

"The Young Lord has won!" However the silence was short lived as the ones who supported Li Luo began to cheer in excitement....