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The Silver Knight

After a long going war, the once crown prince and now general, has returned home to his empire. His people, despite barely seeing him, are all aware of what he is like.A cold and distant man. Lachlan has made no moves to change the minds of others in that department. The fear others hold of him is one felt with reason. He keeps his secrets close, sealing his lips and silently dealing with his enemies in the dark, all while working toward a goal only a handful know.That is until he meets the new Royal knight 's squad captain, A d.u.c.h.ess who has rarely made an appearance during her five year reign. A woman who has the same look of darkness in her eyes as he does. She is withdrawn, sticking to protecting the empire and its people, all whilst holding her power over the n.o.bles with an iron fist even the royals fear.She is not what he had expected. And within a short time in her presence, he comes to realise she never will be.A walking beauty, the Silver Serpent 's Captain, is a one in a lifetime soul.And when he stumbles across her secret, he comes to understand bit by bit, the story and tragedy that formed the calm and deathly collected woman the empire thinks of as their protector.

# action # comedy # drama # fantasy # historical # mystery # original # reincarnation # romance # supernatural # tragedy # wuxia # biographies # fiction # history # spirituality # animals