Transmigrating: I Married The Male Protagonist's Uncle - Chapter 1374 - The Song Couple (102)

Chapter 1374 - The Song Couple (102)

Chapter 1374: The Song Couple (102)

Okay. Nan Nan nodded her head seriously. She sat on a big rock under the tree and waved at them. Go quickly and come back quickly, be careful.

Song Yiyan was still worried, so she left Nian Chenchen behind to accompany her.

After all, she was entrusted by someone to look after the child.

The guy Song Yiyan and the rest were looking for lived in an abandoned woodsmans house in the mountains. That house had been abandoned for decades.

Nan Nan was a child, but she knew that the villagers had always warned the children not to go near that mountain. There were human-eating demons in the mountain, and they would not be able to come out once they entered.

Jing didnt know who that guy was or what he had experienced. She only knew that he knew a lot of things. If she needed anything, she could look for him. If she met him and he was in a good mood, he would help.

All the spirits and ghosts in the vicinity were afraid of him. They were also wary of his past and did not dare to say anything.

Song Yiyan did notice a strange phenomenon. The deeper she went, the quieter it was. The miasma and resentment grew stronger. When she entered, the miasma covered the sky and she couldnt see any light.

This miasma not only affected ghosts greatly, but even the vegetation nearby emitted a strange aura and had deep resentment.

Why dont you wait for me here! Song Yiyan felt that she could go in alone and didnt want Ji Xing to go in.

Otherwise, when she fought with that thing, she would not be able to take care of him, afraid that he would be injured.

Ji Xing frowned slightly. No.

It was rare for Song Yiyan to explain patiently, This thing is filled with resentment. When I fight him, youll distract me.

Why cant I be of help? Am I so useless in your heart?

Song Yiyan frowned and finally nodded. Alright!

In fact, she herself did not know how strong Ji Xing was. Like herself, he could see things that others couldnt.

However, he did not have the Heavenly Eye, nor was he a cultivator. This had always been very strange to her.

He did not have any memories, and did not know what was going on.

Song Yiyan walked forward when Ji Xing suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand, holding it tightly.

Song Yiyan stopped in her tracks, the warmth from his hand made her heart throb. She turned to look at the man beside her and smiled sweetly.

In the past, no matter what she did or what kind of danger she faced, she had always handled it alone and was used to being alone.

Therefore, she was not used to having another person by her side.

However, she had to admit that this feeling of having someone following her and being able to trust him behind her back was d.a.m.n good.

Ji Xings heart was touched by her bright smile. He held her hand tightly and said in a low voice, I will protect you.

Song Yiyan mumbled, We still dont know whos protecting who!

He did not have any experience fighting monsters. He was already thankful that he did not hold her back, now he even wanted to protect her!

Ji Xing could not be bothered to refute her. Compared to what he said, he preferred to use his actions to prove his worth.

There were only two houses including the shabby ranger house. When they were close, they could see the faint light from the window.

The intense resentment made Song Yiyan feel suffocated.

Song Yiyan was the most efficient. When she reached the door, she kicked it open without a word.

Red filled the entire house. It looked like blood was flowing down the floor and walls of the house, the strong smell of blood made people want to vomit.

The entire house seemed to be made of human flesh and blood. It was very quiet in their ears, but they could hear thumping sounds like there was a heart beating.

Song Yiyan didnt see anyone, but she felt danger the moment she stepped in. She pulled Ji Xing and left, her eyes wary and dangerous.

This d.a.m.n monster had integrated his body into this house, the house was himself.

If they had entered just now, they would have been eaten into his stomach and become food. There would definitely have been a fight.

Ji Xing instantly understood and stood beside Song Yiyan.

A sharp and strange laughter came from the room. It sounded like mockery and praise.

The entire house, even the surrounding ground, started to tremble.

I dont want to talk nonsense with you. If you know whats good for you, hand over the seal on the ghost fetus. Song Yiyan smiled brightly and negotiated kindly.

Who are you? How did you find your way here? Jerrys voice was extremely hoa.r.s.e. With a torrential hatred, he paced back and forth in the skies above the forest.

Im your grandaunt! Song Yiyans tone was imposing, but there was no domineering air about her.

The house moved, and the two windows turned into two huge eyes that stared at her faintly and revealed complete disdain. Little kid, you sure are arrogant.

Song Yiyan was disgusted by his breath and was on the verge of going crazy. She asked him one last time, Are you going to give it to me or not?

The house was filled with unruly and arrogant laughter again, the voice was sinister. No one can stop me from doing what I want to do. Youd better go to h.e.l.l and ask the King of h.e.l.l. No, you cant reach there, youll die here. Your corpses will be minced by me, turned into fertilizer for the trees, and your souls will be minced by me.

Song Yiyan didnt know where his confidence came from, but after hearing what he said, she really exploded. A bronze sword appeared in her hand out of nowhere. She sneered and slashed at the house without hesitation.

Boom! A golden light flashed. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the lightning broke through the thick black clouds formed by grievous energy and struck towards the house.

Ji Xing stood quietly at the side, there was no need for him to do anything at all. The young lady could settle it herself.

The ground around them trembled.

Those trees actually came to life. Seeing the shocking scene before them, they began to flee in all directions, trying to leave this dangerous place.

Those who were slow to escape were struck by the lightning and burned as black smoke billowed.

Song Yiyan didnt expect this monster to be so impressive. When she first arrived, she felt that the forest was strange. It was as if there were eyes staring at her everywhere she went.

But she didnt expect that everything in this place had been injected with a soul by this d.a.m.n thing. It could be moved at will, and its creativity was pretty good.

The monster did not expect that the person he looked down on was such a powerful character. She was not only powerful, but also b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel. She could even summon lightning!