The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. - Chapter 665 - Side Story Fourteen (1)

Chapter 665 - Side Story Fourteen (1)

Chapter 665: Side Story Fourteen (1)

Sun Tianhao had long arms, so how could Beibei s.n.a.t.c.h it?

She said angrily, Third Uncle, dont force me to use extreme methods on you.

Pfft You little fellow actually dares to threaten me, your third uncle. See if I dont tell your parents about your rogue deeds today.

Just as Sun Tianhao finished speaking, he saw Beibei tap a certain spot on his body.

He actually couldnt move anymore.

Beibei, what did you do to me! Sun Tianhao shouted.

Beibei grinned at him. Ive already tapped your acupoints. Dont even think about complaining.

After saying that, she said to Momo, Brother Momo, go and drive. Well go after Third Uncle and the others now.

Momo looked at her with that expressionless face.

Beibei raised her chin and threatened him, If you dont, Ill drive the car myself.

With a tense face, he ultimately went to the front. He planned to s.h.i.+ft Sun Tianhao to the front pa.s.senger seat first.

Sun Tianhao gritted his teeth and said, Momo, go on, continue indulging Beibei. If anything happens, lets see what you can do!

Momo didnt look at him. He knew that he couldnt control Beibei and could only listen to her. When the time came, he would protect her well.

Beibei watched as Sun Tianhao was s.h.i.+fted to the front pa.s.senger seat and smiled at him smugly. Third Uncle, if you had agreed to take us there, I wouldnt have treated you like this.

Sun Tianhao laughed in anger. Wretched girl, just you wait. If you have the ability, keep not unsealing my acupoints. Otherwise, dont even think about going to the South Ocean.

Hmph! So be it.

Look at how weve spoilt you! Sun Tianhao gritted his teeth and said to her, If anything happens to you, Third Uncle can only apologize with his life. Do as you deem fit.

Third Uncle, dont worry. I wont give you a chance to apologize with your death.

How dare you! You wretched girl, how dare you!

Sun Tianhao wished he could lift the little girl sitting behind him and beat her b.u.t.t up. However, he couldnt move, so he could only let those thoughts be thoughts.

Although Momo was only seven years old this year, he was simply an experienced driver.

In the beginning, Sun Tianhao was especially worried. Later on, he couldnt help but ask, Momo, when did you learn to drive?

This Beibei knew. When Brother Momo could step on the brakes, Uncle Qin asked him to learn how to drive.

Sun Tianhao:

Beibei said smugly, Not only does Brother Momo know how to drive, but he also knows how to drive helicopters, yachts, and so on.

Sun Tianhao was silent for a few seconds before asking, Wait, wait, wait. What are those so on?

Theres too many. I dont want to talk about it.

Sun Tianhao didnt want to talk to the wretched girl behind him either. He advised Momo earnestly, Momo, you and Beibei have just turned seven not long ago. One of you isnt even seven yet. The two of you are still little kids. You should be eating snacks at home, watching animated films, instead of dealing with pirates. You shouldnt be involved in such a life-and-death matter.

You might not be able to help us if you go. You might even distract us. If anything happens, we will regret it for the rest of our lives.

Third Uncle, dont worry. Brother Momo and I will definitely not implicate you.

Sun Tianhao glared at Beibei in the rearview mirror.

Beibei grinned at him and said to him, Third Uncle, if you feel guilty, you can think of it as we kidnapped you, not you took us there. Wouldnt that make you feel much better?

Sun Tianhao:

Feel much better my a.s.s!

Sun Tianhao: It takes two days and one night to drive from the capital to the South Ocean. No matter how incredible Momo is, he cant drive for so long.

When Beibei heard this, she thought for a moment and said, Then well hire a chauffeur.

Hire what chauffeur? Were going there secretly. We cant let word get out in advance!


Beibei was thinking about what else to do when Momo suddenly said, My bodyguard company has subsidiaries everywhere. When the time comes, we can get the bodyguards to drive us there.

Sun Tianhao turned to glare at Momo, wis.h.i.+ng he could beat up this ignorant brat.

Just as Momo said, when they arrived at the next city, Momo called two bodyguards over to take turns driving for them.

They didnt take the same route as Third Master Sun and the others.

Beibei had learned a lot of information technology from Chu Luo, Tang Zhiyun, and the others. Coupled with the fact that Nangong Yi taught her when they met occasionally, she found all the communicators on Sun Tianhao.

In the end, Sun Tianhao gave up struggling and only requested, Darling Beibei, stop tapping Third Uncles acupoints. My old arms and legs cant withstand your torture.