The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron - Chapter 3170 - 3170 Chapter 3,058, killing the Patriarch

Chapter 3170 - 3170 Chapter 3,058, killing the Patriarch

Chapter 3170 - 3170 Chapter 3,058, killing the Patriarch

3170 Chapter 3,058, killing the Patriarch

The power of chaos appeared, and the calm galaxy seemed to be boiling. The stars were jumping crazily like beans in a pot of oil!

Zhan wushuang, who was running, raised his head and looked up. His eyelids were twitching, and he was about to curse, Su Yu! Youre F * cking ruthless! ! !

The faces of the reincarnated human king and the overwhelming patriarch were pale. They were anxious and angry, Human Brat! ! !

So what if they were furious? The starlight formation was activated like never before!


Beams of starlight fell down like they were free!?re?w????e c??

What made Zhan wushuang, the reincarnated human king, and the overwhelming patriarch even more furious was that under Su Yus control, the power of chaos was split into ten, ten into a hundred, and a hundred into a thousand!

As a result, a thousand strands of power of chaos were split into as many as a million! !

What kind of concept was that?

The entire starlight formation was filled to the brim!

The already raging starlight formation was completely in chaos!

The stars in the Sky were all shaking!

Looking from afar, the stars in the sky were all falling, leaving not a single star in the sky!

Miss song was so shocked that her mouth was so wide that it could fit an egg. She was extremely shocked. This This was done by you?

Su Yu shrugged. A little trick.

Miss song looked at Su Yus calm expression and shuddered. Youre too sinister ahem, I mean, arent you too scheming?

She found it hard to believe that Su Yu could scheme people to such an extent.

Did you sense that you could pa.s.s through the Starlight Formation?Miss song suddenly thought of it.

That was because she clearly sensed that when the great grandmaster told her the way to pa.s.s through the Starlight Formation, Su Yus face did not change at all. It was as if he had known all along.

Su Yu nodded. Yes.

When he first came to the Starlight Formation, he had already sensed it. He vaguely sensed that the saintly beings bloodline in his body was actually resonating with the starlight formation.

Therefore, he guessed that his saintly beings blood could directly pa.s.s through the Starlight Array.

AH? You knew? Then did you deliberately stay here to scheme against them?


Miss Xiao song was stunned. But how can you be sure that they must have a way to pa.s.s through the Starlight Array? What if they are powerless against the starlight array and choose to retreat?

Su Yu smiled. Since they know that there is a teleportation array inside, dont you know that there is a destructive starlight array in front of the teleportation array?

If they still dare to come, there must be a way.

Miss Xiao Song pondered and shook her head. Its still a bit risky. Even if they know the way, how can you be sure that they will pa.s.s through together?

If they become cautious and leave one person behind, and the other two leave first, you wont be able to make a move.

Su Yus deep eyes pierced through peoples hearts.

Behind? Do you think there is any trust between them? Who is willing to be behind?

Miss song thought about it carefully and realized that it was true!

The Reincarnation King and the Great Grandmaster claimed to be good friends for many years, but they fought to the death for a beast egg. Looking at Zhan wushuang, they disdained to be behind the two of them.

So no matter what, they would go together. No one was at ease with each other.

There seemed to be all sorts of unpredictable possibilities, but under Su Yus plan, everything actually took shape smoothly.

You really know how to play dumb.Miss Xiao Song recalled how Su Yu played dumb in front of her. It was both funny and infuriating.

But more than that, she felt an inexplicable sense of relief. If Su Yu had evil intentions and wanted to harm them, with this terrifying scheming power, the three of them would have died long ago.

Haha.Su Yu laughed and looked at the starlight array that was bombarding them.

The first strand of starlight finally poured down and crashed in a certain direction.

It was far away from the three of them and did not directly harm them.

A strand of primal chaos power was directly destroyed by the Starlight.

However, this was only the beginning!

The strands of starlight were dense like a storm, sweeping across the vast land and wreaking havoc in all directions.

The Falling Starlight silently destroyed the wisps of the power of chaos.

Zhan Wushuang and the other two tried everything they could to avoid the surrounding power of chaos, or to destroy the surrounding power of chaos in advance.

However, it was useless.

Because there was too much power of chaos everywhere!

Finally, a beam of starlight fell near the reincarnation King!

That Ray of power of chaos was 30 feet away from his body!

Seeing that the starlight was about to reach him, the reincarnation Kings face changed and he used the Great Sun Divine Wings to Dodge!

But after dodging this ray of Starlight, because the divine wings were too big, it was contaminated with hundreds of power of chaos, and the rays of starlight fell crazily.

Boom Boom Boom

In just an instant, the Supreme Sun Divine Wings of the reincarnation king were blown apart.

One of the Starlight hit the reincarnation Kings original body directly!



In the blink of an eye, the reincarnation king was turned into powder!

Fortunately, the reincarnation king still had five reincarnation whirlpools. The moment he turned into powder, the reincarnation ancestral spell in the surroundings was activated. Time went by little by little, turning the reincarnation king back into a complete human form from a powder state.

The only thing that could not be restored was the dim vortex on his chest.

This time, he would not be able to break through to become a ten thousand saints in this era.

However, they were only halfway there. Whether or not his remaining four vortexes could last until the end was a big problem.

In comparison, the reincarnation king was glad that he could be resurrected after his death. However, the other two did not have such heaven-defying methods!

The overwhelming patriarch was terrified. He used the remaining curses on his body again and again, each time he used the curses to offset the falling starlight attack.

The curses that he had acc.u.mulated throughout his life were quickly consumed.

Looking at Zhan wushuang, it was even more difficult. His cultivation was not strong to begin with, so he had to rely on the divine thrones of Heaven and earth and the Emperors killing sword to hold on.

Now that the divine thrones of Heaven and earth were destroyed, he could only rely on the emperors killing sword to give the falling starlight attack when the starlight came.

Although the sword Qi of the Emperors killing sword could not destroy the Starlight, it could barely block it for a moment, giving Zhan wushuang time to dodge in time.


However, this was only a temporary measure, because there were too many falling starlight.

Several times, he had been surrounded by danger and pa.s.sed by the edge of death.

For the remaining half of the journey, he did not have the slightest confidence that he could successfully pa.s.s it.

They narrowly avoided the attacks again and again.

Finally, they made it through two-thirds of the journey, and there was only one-third left.

From where they stood, they could already see the end of the Starlight Formation. There was an ancient hall filled with brilliant lights and moving figures.

The sound of the sky-sweeping music came from the hall, as if it was the deepest dao in the world. It made peoples minds fly and their souls clear.

What was even more suffocating was that both Zhan Wushuang and the reincarnation king and the overwhelming patriarch, who had reached the quasi-ten thousand saints realm for countless years, actually noticed the changes in their bodies.

Zhan Wushuangs cultivation base was restless. Without any external help, he was actually going to make a breakthrough!