The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years - Book 2: Chapter 362

Book 2: Chapter 362

Book 2: Chapter 362

Silence descended upon the hall.

Hector and Asilla glared at each other. The tension was thick, but it was Asilla who looked away first.

She herself admitted it to some extent. She knew how selfish and ridiculous she was being at that moment.

But even if she knew Wasnt she supposed to be?

It was a realistic and feasible solution. Of course it was good. However, it was too cruel to treat and judge things so logically. Especially when there were so many lives at stake.

Wouldnt it be better to take the risk and try to save the lives of the majority even when the probability was low rather than certainly saving the lives of a few?

At the very least, for Asilla, even if she were to lose the gamble, she could die with a smile.

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But Hector was different. That was why they could not understand each other.

Not once even in thousands of years.

I dont think wed be able to easily leave with the warp stone.

Perans words brought her to her senses.

The enemy is a 9 star Wizard. There is no way that he wont notice a large scale warp spell. He also has enough power to stop it.

Well, I suppose.

It was absurd.

Asilla had a blank expression for a moment, then she turned to glare at Hector.

you already knew that.

I didnt know.

You knew that and you were just messing with me.

From the start, mentioning the warp stone had been a trick. Hector pretended to look away, but Asilla was already bubbling with rage.

This was the point.

This was exactly why Asilla hated Hector.

I dont think Lady Iris was defeated so easily.

Once again, it was Peran who roused her from her thoughts.

And even if she was, it would have been impossible for Diablo to do it alone.

Hey, what are you trying to say?

Lady Asilla, can you observe Diablos current position?

Most of the barriers had been broken, but the observation function should not have been damaged.

Peran had asked this with that expectation, and his prediction was not wrong.

Although thats possible I dont think seeing it would change anything.

It might change a lot of things.


As she said this, Asillas eyes widened.

Then blinked. For a moment, her eyes glowed amber.


The light emanating from her eyes formed a shape.

Upon seeing this shape, Peran made an expression of surprise. This wasnt magic. Then was it a type of divination? It just felt different from that.


It felt like a skill that was impossible for a normal person, it was something that could only be attached to a magical artificial lifeform.

Lady Asilla, are you by chance

Dont say more than that.

Asilla spoke with a wistful smile.

Peran did not speak any further and instead focused on the image that appeared in front of him.

The light had changed its shape and soon became a birds eye view of a certain place.

A ruined city. Yuterdam.

Undead could be seen ravaging citizens who had no way to resist. It was a scene of horrendous slaughter. The citizens tried to beg for mercy from the egoless undead. But it was no different from trying to talk to a natural disaster.

Peran bit his lip and revealed a pained expression as he witnessed the horrors, but he soon stopped.

Now wasnt the time to dwell on his anger.

He had to find it.

Perans eyes moved busily.

Diablo alone isnt enough.

Something that drove Snow to the brink of death, and even put Iris life in danger.

Diablo alone was not enough. There was definitely something more.

Where is it?

Where would he hide such a being, or a means?

Diablo had lost most of his elite legion in his battle against Snow. The undead who were currently attacking were all low level undead who were no different from dead animals without an ego.

For him, Yuterdam was no different from an enemy stronghold. There was no way that he would advance to the city center while relying on nothing but low level undead.

No matter how confident he was in his ability to crush the city, he was Diablo.

As long as he had the thoroughness that everyone mentioned, then he would have at least two or three failsafes in place.

A definite means of protecting himself.

Of course, there was no guarantee that the something was what placed Snow in a near death state, but it might give him a hint.

After a while, Perans eyes turned to a certain place.

Among the low level undead in that place was a single high level undead.

A knight in black armor, a Death Knight.


In its hand was a familiar sword.

The moment he saw that familiar sword, his body shook as if an electric current had run through his entire body.

Mr. Hector.

Did you notice some, Peran.

Perhaps. But before that, Id like to ask you something.

Go ahead.

Among the Swordsmen of our era, is there anyone who could compete with Lady Snow?

Although he seemed to have no connection to the world, an impression that most people believed, Peran knew the truth.

Hectors information network stretched across the entire continent.

It wasnt just his store that had branches in every country.

I dont know. If it had been five years ago, I might have said that kid Jekid.

The man in question had already lost to Snow in a fair duel. With quite a big gap as well.

The t.i.tle Master of the Sword had been Snows since that day, and people respectfully referred to her as the White Supreme.

Other than him, I cant think of anyone.

Then, how about in the past?

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Are there any great men or heroes recorded in history?

Peran, what the h.e.l.l are you thinking?

Something crazy.

Peran gaze was still locked onto the Death King and on the sword he was holding.

please give me some time 15 minutes, no, 10 minutes is enough.

Do you have a plan?

Peran nodded.