The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years - Chapter V2C82

Chapter V2C82

Season 2 Chapter 82


Only a soft sound managed to escape his open mouth.

Gullard looked down at the scene below him, his eyes wide open. It was truly an unbelievable sight.

Dozens of hybrids had been swept away by a single spell.

The fruit of decades of hard work and research had amounted to nothing, dying like weak worms.


Lukas fired another Hyper Bolt, once again killing dozens of hybrids. Then, he glanced over to Gullard.

As if he was mocking him…

With that nonchalant expression.


Gullard’s calm demeanour was broken for the first time.

“How… Dare… You!!!”

The hybrids.

The invincible army he’d created with great care and effort. It was Gullard’s long-treasured dream and -desire to show their strength to the Demon King one day.

But that dream had now been completely destroyed.

His great army had been injured or killed before he had even gotten the chance to show them to the Demon King.

Gullard’s rage at that moment reached a level that it had never reached before.

His huge wings swung towards Lukas, but he wasn’t able to hit him.


Just in the nick of time, Kran, who had jumped into the air, managed to block Gullard’s attack.

He couldn’t withstand the full force of the attack, but he was still able to block it.

‘So annoying.’

Ignoring the screams of his muscles and joints, he pushed the wings to the side. Then, he borrowed some of the remaining momentum to kick Gullard in the face.



Gullard let out a loud roar as he was sent crashing to the ground. The damage of the attack might have been minimal, but it was wise to create distance from an opponent who had lost their rationality.

Kran looked down at where Gullard landed for a moment before he turned to Lukas with an expression of disbelief.

“Who the hell are you?”

“What are you talking about?

“Why did you bring me to Zinga if you’re that powerful? Can’t you just kill Gullard on your own?”

He’d just killed hundreds of hybrids.

Kran probably had the most knowledge about their true identities.

‘7th generation… No, they were probably at least 8th generation.’

8th generation hybrids.

The most perfect specimens were created after countless experiments.

Of course, this wasn’t to say that they were more powerful than the previous generations. In fact, the Demon blood would have been much thinner at this point, so in terms of combat power, they would be weaker.

However, this allowed for a balance between the human and Demon parts, which made up for the loss of combat power.

Those were the hybrids whom Gullard was making use of now.



It was at that time when several of the hybrids who were capable of flight started flying towards them, their enraged expressions reminiscent of Gullard’s.

Lukas turned to look at Kran.

“Can you handle Gullard for a while?”

Kran looked a bit offended, but in the end, he had to admit that he needed this man’s help.

“10 minutes. I don’t think I can give you more than that.”

“That’s enough.”

After saying those words, Lukas dropped down to where the Gray Sun group was standing.

He would have to deal with the rushing hybrids with magic. There were no signs of reason in their eyes, and it seemed the only things left were their instincts.

They were artificial beings who had been created by experiments. And at birth, they were deprived of their right to think and reason.

This was done to create puppets who would only follow orders faithfully.


Lukas landed in front of the Gray Sun members, and immediately, everyone’s eyes locked onto him. It was like they were looking at their saviour.

He turned to the woman closest to him, Joanna Goldberg. She was staring at him with disbelieving eyes.

“Have you used Medusa?”

“…uhhh… Huh?”

“The spell I deciphered. In your notebook.”

“Ah, yeah. Uh. I… I did. I used it.”

Joanna nodded and mumbled blankly for a moment, but Lukas felt it wasn’t the time to mention it.

“You probably used it against the Vampire Duke. But it didn’t work since you are not on the same level as Gullard.”

He was right.

When she used the spell, she was only able to stop Gullard for a short time. Of course, even that was still enough to twist the battle in their favor.

“Increase your mana. Don’t neglect your training just because you’re an Archmage. You need to have a mindset of meditation. To the point where you’ll do it even in your sleep. Then, you will be able to display a sight like this.”

“What are you…”

“This is what would happen if you had 10 times the mana you do now.”

Lukas took a step forward.

The Hyper Bolts had reduced their numbers by a lot, but there were still many of them left. And there weren’t many spells that he could use to deal with all of them.

They were much too fast and durable.

So the most effective method was to suppress them with overwhelming power.



It was as if time stopped.

No, it was right to say it stopped. Or, at least, the hundreds of hybrids had been stopped in time and would never move again.

Their entire bodies had been petrified, and they were unable to lift even a single finger. The only thing they were allowed to do was look around.

Their eyes rolled around in their sockets, their gazes containing only fear and confusion at the unreal situation. (TL: So they regained rationality?)


Then, the hundreds of frozen hybrids began to crumble like old stone statues.

“The 7 star spell, Medusa.”

Lukas continued to explain in a quiet voice.

“As long as you have enough mana, the spell can become a large-scale attack spell instead of a simple restraint.”

Although he said all of this…

No one really heard his voice at that moment.