The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years - Chapter V1C140 Emergency Meeting (1)

Chapter V1C140 Emergency Meeting (1)

Season 1 Chapter 140: Emergency Meeting (1)

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 140 – Emergency Meeting (1)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

Frey looked at the two-story house that he had been led to with a strange expression on his face.

It was shabby when compared to the Blake Family residence, but it was still too large for Frey to live in by himself.

“Honor Gisellan, what is this house for?”

“This is the house that Rounder Frey will be staying in from now on.”

“I never saw it before…”

“That’s because it hasn’t even been a month since it was completed.”

Gisellan replied politely, and Frey turned his head to look at him.

Gisellan was one of the three Force Honors of the Trowman Rings, and he was currently walking the path of Magic Swordsman.

The ‘Kungunil Dagger’, which hung at his waist, was especially noticeable.

When Gisellan noticed Frey’s gaze, he stroked the dagger at his waist with a smile.

“The dagger given to me by Rounder Frey was incredibly helpful.”

“I heard you had a complete victory in the friendly competition.”

“I was just lucky.”

“Luck had nothing to do with it.”

Frey spoke firmly.

From the start, the path of a Magic Swordsman required many times more effort than other classes.

In addition, after considering Gisellan’s age, it was clear that he was literally working hard, day and night.

Frey patted Gisellan on the shoulder.

“You are one of the circle’s treasures. Please keep up the good work.”

“…! O-, of course!”

Gisellan choked, feeling a lump in his throat. It seemed to him that he’d become more emotional as he grew older.

He was really becoming an old man.

Gisellan coughed awkwardly and cleared his mind.

Just a few words from Frey were enough to make him feel a sense of achievement. He realised then that the back-breaking effort he had put in in the past few months were not in vain.

Frey turned to look at the house once again.

“…But no matter how I look at it, this is way too big for me to use by myself. I just need one room.”

This was the truth.

He had no desire for a large house, and he didn’t need a workshop or anything of the sort.

All he needed was a single room he could meditate in, and if he wanted to add a bit of luxury, he could add a soft bed.

But Gisellan was resolute.

“I can’t do that. How could the Circle Rounder stay in one room like a normal circle member? If the other circles found out about it, they would ridicule us endlessly. This is also linked to the Trowman Rings’ status, so please uphold your dignity as the Circle Rounder.”


When he heard that, Frey could no longer refuse.


Gisellan continued with a strange expression.

“You wouldn’t be using it alone.”


It was only after Frey entered the house that he understood what Gisellan meant.

“Oh. You came.”

It was Snow, who was sitting comfortably in the living room.

That wasn’t all.

She was wearing very thin clothes that one would only wear in one’s home. It was almost as if she had taken this place for her own.

“This Queen(1) is staying in the third room on the right on the first floor. Make sure you knock before you enter.”

“Why are you here…?”

“Because we’re Master’s guests and because we’ll be staying here for a long time.”

It was Sheryl, not Snow, who answered.

She was sitting beside Snow with a sullen expression on her face for some reason.

“By the way, who exactly is this rude woman?”

“Be careful of what you say. This Queen is the Queen of Elves~”

Sheryl scoffed at Snow’s words.

“Ah. So? I am the Queen of Vampires.”

“Oh ho. I didn’t know that. Then why don’t we get along since we’re both queens.”

“Hmph! Somehow, those words don’t sound sincere at all…”

Frey hoped they wouldn’t fight because it only would give him a headache.

He had too many things to think about, so he decided to head upstairs since he felt that he would really get a headache if he stayed there. But then he suddenly stopped.

It was Sheryl and Snow. Two leaders who had centuries of knowledge and experience.

If he got their help, then it would be much easier for him to come up with a good plan.

“Is it okay for me to ask a question?”

“I’m not doing anything, so ask away.”

“It’s okay to ask.”

Sheryl glanced at Snow.

It seemed that this woman didn’t know who Frey actually was. If she did, she would never act so rudely. There was absolutely no way this woman would act so rudely in front of Lukas Trowman, the Great Mage from 4,000 years ago.

She really didn’t know who this dirty woman was.

Suppressing her displeasure, Sheryl turned to listen to Frey’s words carefully.

Frey then briefly summarised the current situation up to that point, and then, he explained their options.

After saying everything he had to, he took a deep breath and looked at Sheryl and Snow.

“…this is the situation. What should I do next? I’d like to hear your opinions.”

Sheryl was well aware of the Trowman Rings’ situation, but this was Snow’s first time hearing about it.

At first, she seemed interested, but as the story progressed, Snow appeared increasingly bored.

“Hmm. That sounds so boring.”


“You’re on your own. This Queen won’t waste her time to help you with things like this.”

Then she yawned and stood up.

“Well then, I guess I’ll go take a nap.”

Sheryl scoffed openly as Snow left the room.

“If that woman is the queen, then the Elves are doomed.”


Was it possible that Vampires and Elves had a bad relationship?

…They certainly didn’t seem to like each other at all.

Frey decided not to confront Sheryl and Snow about it.

“As for what you said… hmm. First, I think it would be best to watch how things progress.”

Frey nodded, agreeing with Sheryl.

In all honesty, it was still unreasonable to want to begin the resurrection of the Trowman Rings in earnest with just the members they had now.

That was why he kept Snow, Sheryl and Nora by his side. These three women would be tremendously helpful when it came to showing their prowess.

Each of them was at least on par with a Circle Rounder from the Three Great Circles. In fact, Sheryl was the Circle Rounder of the Phisfounder Armlets.

“Truthfully, it’s quite simple if you think about it. If you just want to give them a warning, going with me to one of the Strow Necklaces’ hideouts tomorrow would be enough.”

This was also true.

There wouldn’t be a need to have any deep discussion. Their attitude would probably change even if they simply went to have a short meeting.

But would that really be enough?

The other circles would admit that the Trowman Rings regained some strength. They would no longer pressure them. They would no longer pick fights with them.

All three of the great circles would accept the reemergence of the Trowman Rings.

At first glance, this seemed to be an extremely attractive idea, but there was one question that needed to be asked.

Was that really enough?


No, it wasn’t.

That alone wasn’t enough.

It would not bring back the circle members who’d recently left.

It would not change the fact that the former Circle Master Osel Argento had been driven to his death or that the Trowman Rings had been brought down.

It wouldn’t change the fact that in order to take away the circle’s power, they sacrificed hundreds of circle members, including executives.

They did this in order to maintain their own power and grow stronger.

It was disgusting, absolutely rotten.

“That alone isn’t enough.”

Frey himself was surprised by how cold his tone was.

Sheryl nodded. After all, she was aware of what had happened to the Trowman Rings. In fact, she actually had a better grasp of the situation than Frey, who had only become the Circle Rounder recently.

“Then the most effective method would be to talk to Rezil Wilsemann of the Strow Necklaces, but as you know, Circle Masters and Rounders of the Three Great Circles don’t stay in one place for too long.” (TL: This confused me so much because the author put ‘Argento’ instead of ‘Wilsemann’, I almost thought it was a different person)

To avoid the Demigods’ pursuit, the higher-ups of the larger circles would not reveal themselves unless an executive in their circle had a good reason for searching for them.

This created a difficult problem.

Frey frowned, and after thinking for a moment, Sheryl spoke up.

“Generally, the only time the Circle Masters gather is for the biennial Circle meeting. However, there is still about a year before the next meeting.”

“A year.”

Frey closed his eyes.

No matter how he thought about it, they couldn’t wait a year.

“The odds are low, but I’ll do my best to find Rezil Wilsemann.”

“I’d be in your debt.”

“No. It is my honour to be able to help you. Truly.”

Sheryl replied with a slight smile.

…First, they’d observe the situation for a month.

In the meantime, Frey decided to spend the time organising and collecting information from the Trowman Rings and focusing on reaching 9 stars.

Besides, Anastasia would probably be completed in that time.

‘Just think positively.’

It was better than rushing forward recklessly and encountering an unexpected situation.

Although he thought this, Frey didn’t actually expect things to go smoothly. So he was surprised when a Circle emergency meeting was called three weeks later.

But as soon as he heard the agenda for the meeting, he had no choice but to temporarily put aside his thoughts about the Strow Necklaces.

There were two agendas.

Responding to the Demigods who had started making public appearances.


The recovery of the Geotanbul, which had collapsed overnight.

* * *

Not long after Frey killed Leita.

“U-, urk…”

Leyrin, who was heading somewhere, suppressed her urge to sleep.

She never would have imagined that even three Demigods weren’t enough.

‘How the hell did he kill Apep?’

She had looked at Leita’s memories, but she still couldn’t figure out what happened because Leita had been focused on her fight with Heinz.

In that time, Frey had defeated Apep and even the two Demigods who arrived after.

‘Even if he reached 9 stars, he shouldn’t be able to kill three Demigods on his own.’

No. It had already happened, so nothing would change now.

In any case, she had already failed. That was it. Soon, she would fall into hibernation without a doubt.

So she felt that she at least had an obligation to inform Lord of what happened.

It was this sense of duty that was keeping her awake.

She forcibly kept her eyelids, which seemed to want to close at any moment, open. Had it not been for that, she would not have been able to resist the temptation to fall into a deep, comfortable sleep.


Lord was focused on treating the Demigods in front of him, so he answered without turning his head.


“My Apostle was killed.”

[I see.]

Lord didn’t seem surprised.

He spoke in a dry tone, and his blank face didn’t change.

Leyrin spoke quickly, feeling relieved by Lord’s attitude.

“It was impossible for him to do it alone. It’s possible that he got help from the Circle.”

But even Leyrin felt doubtful as she said those words.

Was it really the Circle?

Their momentum wasn’t the same as it had been hundreds of years ago. Back then, they truly risked their lives with desperate determination, but now, they seemed more content to maintain their high-class lifestyles than fight against the Demigods.


Leyrin almost collapsed on the spot. She was already at her limit.

“…Lord, this…”

Leyrin pulled something from her pocket and placed it in front of Lord.

“Illuminium. It’s not a lot, but… this is all I have left. They stole… the rest of it.”

[Good job, Leyrin. You can get some rest. There’s nothing to worry about.]

“Ha, haha. I trust you.”

Lord never lied to his People.

This had been the case in the past, and it would continue to be the case in the future.



Leyrin fell to the ground with a thin smile on her face.


Lord finally turned his head to look at her.

Eyes appeared on his head. Eyes filled with deep sorrow and sadness.

[You really did a good job, Leyrin. Have a good rest.]


1. Someone said they wanted to see what it would be like if I didn’t edit Snow’s words, so I put them just as she said them. But I’ll change it back to usual after this)