Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 712 - Shrek Academy Branch ?

Chapter 712 - Shrek Academy Branch ?

712 Shrek Academy Branch ?

TL : GoldenLung

Ying Luohong said in a deep voice, Its a very honorable matter. All of you should know that our academy only recruits 30 students every year. So in such a large academy, we dont have many students. The academy only does this because it prefers to have less than too much incompetent students. But in fact, our Shrek Academy has another branch that is also cultivating soul masters. The academy has many outstanding teachers there and groomed a large number of talents for the military. This is our most important collaboration with the Federation.

Shrek Academy Branch? Lan Xuanyu had never heard of this before.

With Shrek Academys teaching capability, it was truly a waste to only teach so few students in each batch. And in the early years, Shrek Academy didnt have so few students.

Ying Luohong replied indifferently, The reason why the branch has been established is mainly because the academy has limited resources and cannot support too many students to study. The resources that you guys can exchange for with your emblems are impossible for the branch, so your growth is naturally the fastest. Other than not having so many resources, the teaching in the branch isnt too different from you guys in other aspects. There were many outstanding talents that appeared there and some were even specially enrolled into our Inner Court.

In order to maintain a close relations.h.i.+p with each other and also to test the results of our respective teachings, the academy and the branch will compete every year. Under normal circ.u.mstances, our academy would send out Outer Court graduates, which are the sixth-years, but there is an exception this time. As you guys defeated this batch of graduates and Tang Yuge is in your cla.s.s, after discussing, we will send your cla.s.s to partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion with the branch, but there is a condition.

Lan Xuanyu was taken aback and asked in surprise, We are going up ? Wont the sixth-years have any objections?

Although they had defeated the third years under Tang Yuges lead when they were in their first-year, which are the current sixth-years, those sixth-years were definitely not weak and should have Two-Word Battle Armors now. Be it Sima Xian who had the Dark Gold Skeleton King Martial Soul or the twin brothers with the Black Tortoise s.h.i.+eld Martial Soul, they were all rather strong.

Ying Luohong replied, Of course they have their opinions, but they were the ones who started this

After Ying Luohong explained everything, Lan Xuanyu finally understood the whole story. It turned out that Sima Xian and his cla.s.smates were about to graduate from the sixth-year and most of them already had their Two-Word Battle Armor. Their next task was to partic.i.p.ate in the Inner Courts exam.

These sixth years were still upset about Lan Xuanyus teams victory over their cla.s.s. They finally had their Two-Word Battle Armors and felt that they had improved greatly. They had asked for Ying Luohongs permission to have another match with Lan Xuanyus cla.s.s to wash away their humiliation.

Usually compet.i.tion between students had always been supported by Shrek Academy, so Ying Luohong agreed to the sixth years request after some consideration.

However, the fourth years were busy carrying out their Sky Fighter missions, and she couldnt ask them to do this at such a time without a good reason.

Hence, the right to represent Shrek Academy against the branch to spar became the prize for this compet.i.tion.

If Lan Xuanyus team won, then they would represent the academy to partic.i.p.ate in the Shrek Academy Branchs compet.i.tion. If they lost, the sixth years would obviously partic.i.p.ate.

What benefits would there be in the sparring match with the branch? Adding points. If they won, they would be able to gain points for the Inner Court exam in the future. At the same time, they would be rewarded with a very simple reward: a ton of Sea G.o.d Lake water.

A ton of Sea G.o.d Lake water was not a small amount, it was equivalent to 1,000 liters! Although this thing was not very expensive, the price of each liter was still a white emblem. Also, the Sea G.o.d Lake water was limited to Shrek Academys students.

More importantly, being able to represent the academy was an honor!

Lan Xuanyu furrowed his brows and said, Dean, its a good thing to be able to represent our academy in battle, and we are very willing to fight for our academys honor. But you should know that this year is different from the previous years. We need to obtain 24 difficulty points for our Sky Fighter missions. Time is of the essence, and accomplis.h.i.+ng missions is very important! If we were to partic.i.p.ate in the sparring match with the branch, it would definitely take up a lot of time. Furthermore, we have to fight against the sixth years before that, this

Ying Luohong replied indifferently, This is simple. If you win against the sixth-years, the difficulty of your Sky Fighter missions will decrease by one point. If you win against the branch, another three difficulty points. This is equivalent to an additional Heaven Dou mission set up by the academy for you, with a total of four difficulty points.

Lan Xuanyus eyes lit up when he heard that. Are there any Sky Fighter points?

The corners of Ying Luohongs mouth twitched. Kid, you really dont miss anything do you. If you win all of them, Ill give everyone in your cla.s.s 100 Sky Fighter points, alright?

Its a deal. Lan Xuanyu agreed without hesitation and smiled widely. This was equivalent to carrying out a level four mission!

Ying Luohong rolled her eyes at him and said, Youre pretty confident, huh. What I have to tell you is that all of you will be facing Two-Word Battle Armor Masters. Also, the compet.i.tion against the sixth years will be conducted in the form of seven against seven battle. You guys wont have the advantage in numbers and will be competing fairly, understand? You wont win so easily.

We are confident. If we could win back then, we will definitely win this time. Furthermore, Yuge is on our side now. Lan Xuanyu didnt look worried at all.

Ying Luohong replied, Thats good. The academy agreed to this because they wanted to see the strength of your experimental cla.s.s.

Lan Xuanyus eyes lit up. Dean, can we use our mecha?


The corners of Lan Xuanyus mouth twitched. Thats not fair, right? They can use their Two-Word Battle Armors, but we cant use our mechas.

Theres nothing unfair about it, Yin Luohong said. Are you guys planning to tear down the academy? Dont you know how strong your mechas are? Are you going to let us watch you guys pilot your s.p.a.ce fighters and bombard the entire place?

Ying Luohong was very clear about the power and usage of the Sky Wings. The sixth years didnt have mechas of this level. It would be unfair to the sixth years if Lan Xuanyu and his team were to fight with their Sky Wing. After all, the academy had invested a lot of resources into the Sky Wings.

Lan Xuanyu said, Alright, Ill listen to you. Ill quickly go back and discuss it with my cla.s.smates. How many people will be partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion against the branch?

Ying Luohong: There will also be seven people, this is a tradition.

Understood, Lan Xuanyu replied. Anything else?

Ying Luohong: Nothing else. If theres anything you dont understand, you can ask your teachers. Ill get going first. With that, she turned and left without greeting Xiao Qi and Tang Zhenhua.

After watching her leave, Lan Xuanyu looked at Tang Zhenhua doubtfully. Although he wasnt too sure about the situation between the dean and his teacher, he roughly knew that they had some kind of relations.h.i.+p.

Tang Zhenhua coughed and said, Thats her temper. Dont embarra.s.s your teacher this time! You guys have to defeat the sixth years first. Out of the seven people they sent out this time, three to four have the possibility of entering the Inner Court.

En, dont worry, Lan Xuanyu replied calmly without a hint of worry.

The students in their cla.s.s had already completely fused with their Spirit Souls. Other than Jia Yu, everyone in the cla.s.s had a powerful Spirit Soul. Although their cla.s.s was at a disadvantage in terms of Battle Armor, he was absolutely confident in their overall combat strength.