Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327: You Are My Savior (2)

Ye Tianxin refused to give up. She pleaded with the men.

Sir, our countries have always been on friendly terms. When your country was in trouble, we have helped you without asking for anything in return. We sent our peacekeeping troops to help you rebuild your country. Some of our troops are still in your country. If you are still suspicious of our ident.i.ties, you can call the of our country to verify.

Tang Song translated Ye Tianxins message to the two men.

However, the superior was adamant.


Just when Ye Tianxin and Tang Song did everything they could to convince the men, the door of the office was pushed open.

Oh, h.e.l.lo, Ms. Doctor.

The young pretty lady recognized Ye Tianxin at once. Ye Tianxin was the one who helped her mother when she had a stomachache. She was the doctor who helped her mother deliver her baby brother.

She ran toward Ye Tianxin excitedly and grabbed her hands.

Tang Song was taken aback. Why did she call Ye Tianxin Ms. Doctor?

Is it possible that Ye Tianxin was also a doctor?

He was completely baffled.

You are

We met at the International Medical a.s.sistance Camp. Have you forgotten, Ms. Doctor?

Ye Tianxin looked at a woman standing near the door. She was carrying a child. Suddenly, the image of her first operation flashed across her mind. Was she the one who?

Ye Tianxins eyes sparkled. She almost jumped for joy.

It was true that you reaped what you sowed. No good deed would go unnoticed, and you would be rewarded eventually!

The baby has grown so much already!

Tang Song translated for Ye Tianxin.

The woman smiled broadly. His name is Wuxing.

The baby seemed to understand that his mother was calling his name. He opened his eyes wide.

Maam, I would like to ask for your help.

Ye Tianxin told the woman why she was here and what had happened.

Ye Tianxin was the womans savior. If not for her, she and her baby might not survive.

All right. Please give me a moment.

The woman was still elated at having met her savior again. She walked up to her husband. Tang Song was shocked as he heard their conversation.

Two minutes later, the man finally agreed to help Ye Tianxin and her people.

Tang Song felt like he was dreaming. The man was so adamant about not letting them go just ten minutes ago.

All right.

Tang Song translated his message to Ye Tianxin.

On account of Ye Tianxins relations.h.i.+p with his wife, he had agreed to let Ye Tianxin and her group cross the border. However, they were given 5 days.

Ye Tianxin did a quick calculation. She thought it would not be a problem to spend five days traveling through the desert.

Tang Song, five days is okay.

Tang Song was about to comment that five days was too short as it meant that all of them had to move quickly.

While it was not an issue for the young ones, the old folks might have a problem.

Even if they wanted to hurry, they might not be physically fit enough to do so.

However, the man was about to be transferred from his current post within five days.

Ye Tianxin was firm in her answer. She agreed to move out within five days.

All right. Thank you.

Ye Tianxin did not expect the matter to be resolved so quickly.

She did not think much when she operated on the woman back then. If she had not helped her, this wouldve become a challenge.

Were really very thankful for your help.

Tang Song thanked them profusely.