Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326: You Are My Savior (1)

I am sorry, the pa.s.sports youre holding on to dont belong to our country. You cannot cross the border.

Tang Song was not surprised by their response. He shrugged and looked at Ye Tianxin.

They refused to let us pa.s.s.

Ye Tianxin walked over and stood beside Tang Song. She did not know how to speak the local language.

Can you translate for me?

Taking a deep breath, Ye Tianxin spoke politely to the office-in-charge. Your country and my country have always been on friendly terms. Our government has also stationed some peacekeeping troops in your country. We would like to borrow you airport to send our people who have been trapped in your country home. Can you please grant us permission to do so and help us to arrange the logistics?

The officer-in-charge declined their request. No, you cannot cross the border. This is our countrys regulations.

Rules were made for men. Those original men were dead, while the men today were alive.

Ye Tianxin tried to explain to the officer.

Although he did not have the authority to make an exception, he finally agreed to speak to his superior. I will ask my superiors about it, but I cannot guarante that it will be approved.

Really? Thank you so much.

Please wait here for a moment.

The four of them sat on the chairs in the corridor. Ye Tianxin thought hard as she waited. She was trying to figure out how she could convince the officers.

Her country was not the one which started the war.

They were trying to send some of their troops to X country to help them.

Hence, they should be on good terms and help one another.

Tianxin, what if they still refuse?

Tang Song felt that the problem would not be easy to resolve.

Then well try to convince them.

Ye Tianxin thought that if she could not convince them with her words, she might have to use physical force.

Well try our best. People are counting on us. If we fail, then they will

When Ye Tianxin was in Country X, she had heard how the children from her country said confidently that the adults would save them.

Everyone hoped for the best even when they were in grave danger.

The country would never forsake them.

No matter what trouble they were in, they could always depend on their country to save them and bring them to safety.

Can all of you please come in?

The officer looked apologetically at them. Im sorry, my superior refused to let you pa.s.s the border. You have seen for yourselves how many people are outside trying to cross the border. We cant even help ourselves. How can we ensure that you

I promise you that our people will leave this place in an orderly fas.h.i.+on. Nothing will go wrong. We will listen to your orders and not give you any trouble.

The officer remained unmoved.

Ms. Ye, you are too naive.

Ye Tianxin replied, I am not naive. I know that our people need to go back to their homes as soon as possible. I am only asking that you open the borders so they can go back. This is the only way out. We are not invincible. They will never be able to go back if you refused to help.

The officer looked at Ye Tianxin and Tang Song and finally relented. Come with me then.

They went up to the second floor of the office to meet with the superior of the officer. When the man heard Ye Tianxins explanation, he flatly refused to help.

Sorry, I know we are asking a lot from the both of you, but please try to understand. We cannot let anything happen to our own countrymen.