Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 2960 - 2960 Too Powerful

Chapter 2960 - 2960 Too Powerful

Chapter 2960 - 2960 Too Powerful

2960 Too Powerful

Before it happened, Leng Yecheng still felt Zhang Guanglin was of some use, but now he felt Zhang Guanglin should leave.

Although Zhang Guanglin hadnt had a chance to betray Fengshang Design yet, he had thought of it and if they didnt stop him, he might have succeeded.

Yaoyao, youre so powerful! Even I felt threatened earlier, especially when you broke the gla.s.s and ashtray with your hand, Leng Yecheng said with mixed emotions.

Grandpa, uncle, I understand that its hard for you to digest it. I cant tell you much, but Im very satisfied with my change. No one can bully me in the future, Leng Xiaoyao said. It was really impossible for her to explain.

Youre right. Its not a bad thing that youre different now. Since you cant tell us much, we wont ask, Leng Changyuan said. He was curious why Leng Xiaoyao suddenly changed, but everyone had their secrets, so they decided to not ask more about it.

Leng Yuqi waited for a long while, but Chu Jianan still didnt contact her. Finally, she lost her patience and sent him a message to ask him about the result.

Chu Jianan read Leng Yuqis message, but didnt reply to her until a long while later.

Chu Jianan: The engagement has ended, but your grandfather and my parents said that its not appropriate for me to get together with you so soon after the engagement ended. It will affect the reputation of both of our families. So, we should keep our distance for the time being. We can still date if we have time.

Chu Jianan only agreed to keep his distance away from Leng Yuqi in public, but they could still see each other secretly.

Currently he still liked Leng Yuqi, so he wouldnt cut off his relations.h.i.+p with her just because of Leng Changyuan and Chu Zhaofengs words.

As for what would happen in the future, he would make a decision according to the situation then.

Reading Chu Jianans reply, Leng Yuqi was slightly disappointed and sad, but she knew that it was right. If Chu Jianan got together with her right after he ended his engagement with Leng Xiaoyao, the reputation of both families would be damaged.

Therefore, Leng Yuqi agreed to keep her distance from Chu Jianan on the surface, and they could meet each other secretly.

Leng Yuqi replied: Fine, we wont hang out together publicly for the time being. Jianan, I love you. I cant wait to be with you openly.

Chu Jianan simply replied that he felt the same, then he said nothing further.

Leng Yuqi shared the result with Song Meiyu. Although the engagement was ended, Song Meiyu was still afraid that Leng Yuqi couldnt marry Chu Jianan.

After all, it was not only Leng Changyuan, the Chu family also didnt want to be affected.

Nevertheless, no matter how worried they were, they couldnt do anything about it, because it wasnt up to them.

Leng Xiaoyao arrived at the hospital and had a medical check of her head. The result showed that there was nothing wrong, so Leng Changyuan and Leng Yecheng felt very relieved.

Afterwards, they went home.

Han Yus people quickly came to Fengshang Design, and started spying on Zhang Guanglin and his email box.

Leng Xiaoyao was eighteen years old in this time s.p.a.ce, so she was still studying. In fact, she was a senior in high school with a tight schedule. Currently, it was March, so the National College Entrance Examination was only three months away.

In this time s.p.a.ce, the people were different, but the other things were the same, including knowledge. Therefore, as a straight-A student, Leng Xiaoyao was not worried at all.

She had just finished writing the National College Entrance Examination in the previous time s.p.a.ce. Although she failed the test of her cultivation before she knew the result, she believed that she had to be one of the top 3 around the country.

She was always on the list of top 3 in all of her exams.

When she won first place, Leng Xiaoran would be second. If she was the second, Leng Xiaoran would be the first. Every time, she and Leng Xiaoran occupied two of the three positions in the top 3 in each exam.

After all, they were cultivators, so they had a much better memory and ability to comprehend than ordinary people.

In addition, they studied hard, so it couldnt be easier for them to get a high score.

Leng Xiaoyao was aware of Gu Nings achievements, but she didnt know that Gu Ning was reincarnated.

However, Leng Xiaoyao suddenly felt she lived the same life as Gu Ning. Both of them made a U-turn change and became unbelievably successful afterwards.

In the past, Leng Xiaoyao was really bad at studying and she was always absent from cla.s.s.

Accordingly, the teachers, Leng Changyuan, and Leng Yecheng never expected her to pa.s.s the National College Entrance Examination. She only needed to be present and finish it.

Normally, Leng Changyuan and Leng Yecheng didnt remind Leng Xiaoyao to study, because it was useless.

If she couldnt get into the university, they would think of another plan.

After dinner, Leng Yuqi went to have the evening cla.s.s, while Leng Xiaoyao stayed at home and played on her phone.

She wasnt killing time, she was instead reading useful information about business.

She didnt know how long she would have to stay here, but she was unwilling to be a n.o.body, so she decided to do something.

As Gu Nings daughter, she had talent in cultivation and business, so she wanted to see how successful she could be.

Even though she was talented in business, she understood that it wasnt easy to be successful.

If she wanted to start up a company, not only herself, but her partners and staff also need to be skilled.

Therefore, she needed to carefully think about it.

Currently, the market in many industries was already saturated. It was hard for new companies to make profit unless they had good luck and outstanding abilities.

It also needed a lot of money.

Since Leng Xiaoyao wanted to build a company on her own, she wouldnt ask Leng Changyuan or Leng Yecheng for money.