Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 2571

Chapter 2571

2571 Nervous About Meeting His Father-In-Law

He didnt do anything rude just now, right? He didnt act improperly either The lieutenant colonel met his future father-in-laws gaze and hurriedly nodded slightly. He smiled back reservedly.

Then lets go over now so that the four scientists can settle down to rest and recuperate. Xia Jinyuan retracted his gaze and said to Lin Feng, Which room do you think the four scientists should rest in?

Lin Feng said, They can rest in the living room. I spent a lot of money to install boron carbide ceramic bulletproof materials in the living room. Ill go to my room and bring some blankets out. Move the coffee table away. That way, they can lie down.

Mr. Fu saw that his daughter was looking at her captain and didnt think too much about it. He smiled and said, Youre very similar to your mother, but you look a little like your cousin.


Her cousin? Did she look like him?

Ye Jian retracted her gaze and touched her face. She pursed her lips and smiled. I feel that Cousin is similar to you. Everyone says that Uncle Xiao Look, its true. I can see some of your features on Cousin Jinnians face.

The first time Cousin saw me, he felt that I looked familiar. He thought he had seen me before.

At the mention of his nephew, Li Jinnian, the smile in Mr. Fus eyes deepened. Jinnian is a little like me. Both of you are a little like me. Thats why he felt that he had seen you before.

This is great. My daughter is already a grown-up. Red Plum has groomed you very well. Youre very outstanding. When you were young, your mother often said that it would be troublesome if our children were as serious as me. If it was a daughter, she was worried itd be difficult for her to get married. If it was a son, she was worried itd be difficult for him to get a wife.

Ye Jian liked to hear about her parents when they were young. She felt as though her mother was right beside her.

When her father spoke, she seemed to see her young mother standing quietly at the side with a gentle smile on her lips, listening to what her father had to say.

Her mother was still the same as she remembered. She was young, beautiful, and gentle. Even if she was just standing quietly, she still looked like a painting.

Your mother was very beautiful when she was young. Many young men wanted to get close to her when she came to the military unit. At that time, the management of the military unit was as strict as now. There were strict boundaries between male and female soldiers. However, your mother was one of the few female soldiers in the military unit. She was fair and beautiful. The male soldiers in the military unit wished that they could train with her 24 hours a day.

When Mr. Fu mentioned the past, his serious eyes turned gentle, and so did his entire body.

When I was wooing your mother, she teased me once. If it wasnt for my good looks, she probably wouldnt have decided to give me a chance.

Hearing this, Ye Jian couldnt help but purse her lips and smile. Did this mean that her mother liked her father because of his good looks?

She had seen her fathers photos from when he was young. He was indeed a reserved and serious handsome man. Although he was already in his 40s, his appearance had only become more mature and refined.

He had been doing research and development for many years, so he often needed to think about problems. There were shallow wrinkles between his eyebrows. As a result, he looked exceptionally rigid.

His gaze was serious and wise. When he looked at people, he would tighten his gaze slightly. It made people nervous.

Ye Jian thought that her father must be a terrifyingly serious chief engineer in the base, especially to those younger soldiers. They probably didnt dare to look at her father directly.