One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 4479 - 4479 The Other Side 448

Chapter 4479 - 4479 The Other Side 448

Chapter 4479 - 4479 The Other Side 448

4479 The Other Side 448

He perceived this to be an invasion of territory.

Growing up in the Hurricane Group, Gong Jies territorial awareness was especially strong. After the invasion, he was filled with hostility towards Hua Jin.

The actor, on the other hand, seemed to be very afraid of him. It was not reverence, but pure fear. He seemed afraid of him. Perhaps it was because of his ident.i.ty, or perhaps it was the murderous aura he had.

Gradually, he found another sort of pleasure in the actor. His negative att.i.tude toward Hua Jin had, in fact, diminished over time. However, for some reason, he had an urge to tease the actor whenever he saw him. He enjoyed seeing the actor looking lost and helpless.

Hua Jin was always very careful, as if afraid of angering him. It was the sort of fear that made him want to curl up in a corner.

Until later

He found himself enjoying teasing the actor. It was an unprecedented pa.s.sion, one which he had never experienced even when dealing with women.

Alice had once asked him indirectly if he liked men.


How would that be possible?!

Gong Jie did not like men, but where it came to relations.h.i.+ps, problems were almost non-existent, because he was always busy with work. It was not that he was not interested in women. He was simply indifferent.

He was a man with a strong desire to conquer. Other than his career, nothing and no one else could arouse his desire to conquer. Except Hua Jin, it seemed.

He was happy to conquer the actor.

It was five days later when the actor finally woke up.

Opening his eyes, he found himself in a very large room. The curtains fluttered, and an endless supply of fresh air gushed in through the window.

He moved his fingers. Other than his fingers, the rest of his body seemed to have stiffened. He felt like a broken stone. His head was heavy, and body was light. He had no idea how long he had been lying there.

In fact, after lying down for five full days, relying only on the infusion for sustenance, his limbs were so stiff that he could not feel anything. He tried to sit up when he heard a voice beside him.

Youre awake?

Arghhh The actor yelped in fright and turned his head to see Gong Jie sitting by the bed, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

You Why are you here?

Ive watched over you for five days, he said, crossing his legs. If you hadnt woken up, I wouldve thought you were dying

Is that how one talks to a patient?

The actor muttered, Ive been unconscious for five whole days?

Yes, including the two days on the vessel, that makes it seven. Ive been mentally prepared for you to be in a permanently vegetative state.

The actor did not know if that was meant to be a joke.


You watched over me for five whole days? He could not help being doubtful. The young master of the Gong family would actually watch over him for five days.

Including the two days on the vessel, that makes it seven.

The actor looked even more skeptical. Why did he find it so hard to believe that Gong Jie had such patience?

The man gave him a sidelong glance. Why?

Nothing Im hungry

Ill get someone to prepare food. The man rang a bell.

Not long after, a servant appeared with a nutritious meal. Nutritious porridge, oatmeal, and some steamed vegetables. They were mostly soft foods.

This is so plain

If you eat too much, your stomach wont be able to handle it.

In that case Alright then! The actor raised his hand shakily, only to find that he could not even hold the spoon. He had lost his strength He looked at Gong Jie helplessly.

The man laughed. You dont have strength in your hands?