One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 3971 - A Perfect Match (167)

Chapter 3971 - A Perfect Match (167)

Chapter 3971: A Perfect Match (167)

He had originally made an excuse to leave, but since Qin Zhou had made those remarks, how would he dare to leave? He wondered if he would be able to walk out of this cafe walking upright!

Qin Zhou was reputed to be ruthless. In the industry, no one dared to provoke him because he always had an upper hand using unexpected methods. It was impossible to guard against him. Not that he liked to do things behind peoples back. Instead, he always managed to use his power and authority effectively.

Qin Zhou had a lot of power, and he knew it himself. Therefore, he made good use of his power to suppress others. He was a man who hated trouble and preferred to resolve issues using his authority whenever he could, over any other means.

Meng Hao did not know what Qin Zhous motive was, so he decided to lay his cards on the table.

CEO Qin, may I ask what you mean? Why dont you tell me? If I can compensate you, I will definitely do my best to compensate you!

Im just a little surprised, Qin Zhou said unhurriedly. I didnt think there was anyone in the circle who would dare to offend me, so I found it rather outrageous.

Meng Hao quickly said, I I didnt think of it at first! Now I know, I was ignorant and didnt know better. Ive wised up now, I wont do it again!

Qin Zhou continued, I think since Liang Yin has already pa.s.sed the interview, and Ive also heard that Director Gu was quite satisfied with her performance, we might as well let her join the production crew. However, after she joins the crew, please take a detour whenever you see her.

When Meng Hao heard this, he immediately agreed to Qin Zhous conditions. Sure! Sure! In the future, Ill treat this Liang Yin as my grandaunt! Dont worry, I definitely wont let anyone make things difficult for her!

When shes in the crew, a.s.sign her the best a.s.sistant and makeup artist. Got it?

Sure, sure

In addition, give more weight to the role of this Kokakuch character.

This Meng Hao looked hesitant.

Qin Zhou sized up his troubled expression and immediately said, In the original novel, the plot of Kokakuch is significant. In order to highlight another female supporting role, the screenwriter had axed many of Kokakuchs scenes.

Meng Hao asked, CEO Qin, have you read the script?

I have.

Okay. Meng Hao nodded solemnly. Ill get the editor to change the script when we get back.

Uh huh.

Well then Meng Hao probed carefully, May I leave now?

Qin Zhou did not give explicit consent, but he did not ask the man to stay either. Taking that as a tacit permission from Qin Zhou, Meng Hao immediately left with his tail between his legs.

At night, Liang Yin received a call from Meng Hao. Thinking that the man was calling to hara.s.s her, she didnt answer. Not long after, Meng Hao sent a message saying that Qin Zhou had already talked to him in the afternoon. He apologized to Liang Yin solemnly and claimed that he could arrange for her to join the team directly. Moreover, he had already contacted the screenwriter to change the plot. The plot of the Kokakuch would be given more weight.

Liang Yin was extremely surprised. She did not expect Meng Hao to call her directly to inform her to join the production team. However, being a little suspicious still, she quickly called Hua Jin and told him about it.

The actor was not much surprised. Hed heard about it too.

Probably because Qin Zhou talked to him today!

Qin Zhou? Liang was a little puzzled. Director Meng also mentioned that Qin Zhou had spoken with him. What exactly happened?

Qin Zhou visited the set today! I made a mention to him of what had happened.