My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 2517 - 2517 Overturning the Heavens in the Capital

Chapter 2517 - 2517 Overturning the Heavens in the Capital

Chapter 2517 - 2517 Overturning the Heavens in the Capital

2517 Overturning the Heavens in the Capital

The two of them felt uneasy.

They were afraid that this young crown prince consort would not like them.

After all, it was apparent that this young crown prince consort was extremely favored by His Highness the Crown Prince. As long as she said a single bad sentence about them, His Highness the Crown Prince would definitely dismiss them.

The crown prince consort looked extremely young. They wondered about her temperament.

From her standoffish att.i.tude, could it be the young crown prince consort was unsociable and not easy to attend to?

The two of them were afraid of continuing to make careless guesses. They stood guard at the door after exiting.

Subsequently, Zhao Tengdong came over and bowed toward the bedchambers doors. He reported that the emperor had urgent summons.

They both clearly heard His Highness the Crown Prince directly shoot down Eunuch Hu!

Eunuch Hu had left with a hunched back and drooping neck, sighing the entire time.

On the other hand, Zhao Tengdongs eyes lit up.

He seemed to have discovered something incredible!

Their master who had come from the Six Prefectures was truly willful!

Caixiu and Caiqi looked at each other and then reticently lowered their heads again. They dared not speak carelessly.

Their principles as palace maids was to adhere strictly to their duties and not make any mistakes.

Afterwards, the lamplights in the Eastern Palace extinguished one by one.

It was late in the night. After Eunuch Hu went back, the people who were awaiting the latest news seemed to have also settled down.

The emperor did not send someone to summon the crown prince again. The old Va.s.sal King of Jianping left the palace in a huff after the emperor placated him and bestowed him with many presents.

What happened today soon entered the ears of all the influential forces in the capital. They were all astounded and terrified.

It seemed from the emperors att.i.tude toward His Highness the Crown Prince that the former would indulge the latter. It looked like the heavens in the capital were finally about to be overturned!

The next morning.

The crown princes bedchamber was naturally extremely extravagant and exquisite. Whether it be furniture like the table, the chair, the bed, the wardrobe, or small items like the tea set, they were all imperial quality goods.

For example, that bed made of red sandalwood, wu crystals, and mystic jade. The emperor had scoured the entire state treasury but did not find any to his liking. As a result, he ordered for artisans to build this one-of-a-kind bed out of precious materials. It had taken more than half a year!

These artisans were renowned throughout the Three Provinces for being masters at forging divine weapons, yet they specially crafted a bed for His Highness the Crown Prince. This was simply squandering precious treasures

Lady Qiaoqiao slept in until noon. It wasnt until the sunlight streamed through the variously colored agate and jadeite beaded curtain and landed on her eyes that she slowly got up from bed.

The little fellow stretched lazily, raising her fists above her head. She then momentarily froze.

She hastily put down her pet.i.te arms and looked confusedly at the two young girls who were kneeling in front of the bed. Her brain short-circuited for a moment.

Who are you two? She hastily wrapped herself in the covers and looked at them guardedly. She raised her pet.i.te brows. Where is Hubby?


She was referring to His Highness the Crown Prince right!?

Caixiu was more steady and quickly kowtowed, saying, This servant is Caixiu.


Greetings to the crown prince consort.

Never mind whether the emperor or outsiders acknowledged this young crown prince consort, everyone inside the Eastern Palace all called her the crown prince consort because His Highness the Crown Prince acknowledged her. Who wanted to go against His Highness the Crown Prince?

It was merely a form of address. There was no need to be at odds with their masters over it.