My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 2046

Chapter 2046

Chapter 2046: We Mentors Will Prioritize Your Training

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Qiao Mu looked up at him, and then she abruptly cast her gaze to the side.

This persons pampering att.i.tude, gentle voice, and breathtaking looks inexplicably disturbed her heart!

Qiao Mu felt her little heart beating wildly, as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

Calm down, calm down!

The little fellow recited these two words silently in her mind, and then she patted his face with her paw. Dont worry, Im totally fine!


This test was only threatening, not dangerous for her. She had even tamed a group of interesting fellows, so the risk was worth it.

Mo Lian wanted to laugh but he held it back, and he took her paw into his hand. Qiaoqiao.

*Muah.* He then openly gave his wifeys cheek a smooch.

He whispered into her ear as he glanced toward He Jiao, who was giggling foolishly while lying on the ground.

Qiao Mus eyes turned cold as she followed his gaze. Its this person?

Mo Lian nodded, and then he explained quietly, There is no doubt that he is from the Clear Sky Faction. I discovered Fan Qiuhe and his aunt when I searched his soul.

They are at Clear Sky Gorge right now? Qiao Mus eyes lit up.

She had searched high and low only to find them when she least expected to. If Fan Qiuhe and his aunt were willing to hide obediently in Clear Sky Gorge, it would make settling accounts with them easier.

Everybody come over here. Zhou Danjin heaved a sigh of relief and beckoned to them with a smile. Are you all alright?

Luckily it was more of a scare than actual danger for you all! His Highness the Crown Prince has already dealt with the person who schemed against you guys, Wei Xu interjected with a nod.

The points have come out. Lets go over and see.

It was unknown who gave a shout, but everybody swarmed toward the published ranking.

First place in the Academy Ranking Compet.i.tion: Anyi Prefectures Jiaqing Academy team, led by Li Nanshen.

Second place in the Academy Ranking Compet.i.tion: Shuntian Prefectures Moonlight Academy team, led by Zhou Xiao.

As for third place, it was not one of the Six Prefectures Continents original top 10 academies, but a dark horse.

Shuntian Prefectures Apex Academythe third place in this times overall team academy ranking compet.i.tion.

This shattered so many peoples expectations, including those of the people who had not viewed them favorably previously.

As for the individual ranking, Qiao Mu was ranked third. After all, Li Nanshens cultivation was much higher than hers. Her level-three cultivation, cough, cough, dragged down her score significantly.


This was the reason the mentors were staring at her critically.

She possessed such an amazing spiritual domain, which was a hundred, a thousand times the amount of cultivation resources other people had, yet she didnt put in effort!

Everybody stared at her disapprovingly, expecting better from her.

This caused Qiao Mu to look down repeatedly at her own clothes.

Weird, she didnt wear her clothes inside out

Wei Xu kicked Mentor Zhou furtively, causing the latter to glare back at him. Zhou Danjin braced himself and said, Cla.s.smate Qiao, we mentors have decided to prioritize your training in the following days!

Qiao Mu looked expressionlessly back at him.

We mentors hope you will live up to our expectations in the following year. It will be possible to boost your cultivation by a bit!

Wei Xu kicked him once again, and Mentor Zhou could only correct himself irritably. Fine, we mentors plan to boost your cultivation by a lot! Level-seven or level-eight spiritual cultivation would be best.

Everybody stared at Mentor Zhou as if he was an alien.

How could you spout such big talk?

Xiao Qiao was only just a level-three minor spiritual cultivator right now