I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1369 - Brothers Fall Out and Master Du Is Beaten

Chapter 1369 - Brothers Fall Out and Master Du Is Beaten

Chapter 1369: Brothers Fall Out and Master Du Is Beaten

The rest of the people did not speak.

Pei Yunge came from Hengde, and many students from Yun University also came from Hengde.

Even the Year Two and Year Three seniors knew that Pei Yunge had sent someone to the hospital in high school. They even prayed crazily that this big Buddha would go to Beichuan University and not come to Yun University.

So, who wasnt f*cking afraid of Pei Yunge??

Whats the use of having all of you?? A bunch of useless people. w.a.n.g Guanchen gritted his teeth. At the thought that he had been praised in cla.s.s, these people were scared out of their wits just from Pei Yunges words.

Brother Chen, of course youre not afraid of Pei Yunge. Your family background is good and you came from Continent K. But we dont dare to offend her casually

The boy beside her explained.

Yeah, Pei Yunge is a lunatic. Who would dare to provoke her? Besides, her results are good. If anything happens, Yun University wont bear to fire her

However, w.a.n.g Guanchen laughed coldly. Cant bear to fire her? Idiot, watch carefully.

His sharp eyes swept over them, looking a little fierce. When my sister, w.a.n.g Huiying, comes, as long as Pei Yunge offends her, Yun University wont even dare to say a thing if my sister asks to fire Pei Yunge!

With that said

w.a.n.g Guanchen left, leaving the boys looking at each other.

w.a.n.g Huiying??


That famous genius from Continent K?


Friday afternoon.

After Pei Yunge sent Huo s.h.i.+du a message, she carried a bag and went to the apartment Huo s.h.i.+du had prepared.

After opening the door with the key, she found that the furniture inside was spotless, as if someone came to disturb her every day.

Pei Yunge raised an eyebrow as if she had thought of something. The smile on her lips gradually became interested before she casually entered the bathroom of a room to shower.

Huo s.h.i.+du, who had just received the news that Pei Yunge was going to the apartment today, had already driven to the apartment.

However, what Huo s.h.i.+du did not expect was that Pei Yunge was already upstairs.

What was even more unexpected was

Qin Yu seemed to have arrived at the apartment building before him.

Qin Yu did not plan to hide his ident.i.ty at all. He was wearing a black T-s.h.i.+rt and short pants as he leaned against the wall and smoked. The English tattoo on his forearm was revealed and his eyes were n.o.ble and superior. His loose black hair covered half of his emotions.

Huo s.h.i.+du looked up and met Qin Yus eyes.

The man glanced at him without a trace. He knew that there was something wrong with Qin Yus sudden appearance, but he was calm. Are you looking for me?

Qin Yu stubbed out the cigarette without saying anything and snorted coldly.

Before anyone could react, he strode forward and punched the mans face ruthlessly.

Huo s.h.i.+du, are you f*cking human?

Huo s.h.i.+du was in the wrong and did not plan to fight back. However, Qin Yus ruthless strength made him look away in a slightly sorry state.

The man licked his cheek that had been hit and sucked in a breath of cold air. Feeling the blood between his teeth, he laughed softly.

His fingers brushed against the blood on his lips. Got it?

Qin Yu was speechless.

How many more punches do you want? Ill let you hit me enough today, but dont hit my face.

Huo s.h.i.+du said calmly.

Qin Yu gave a fake smile. Why?

Huo s.h.i.+du slowly took off his suit jacket and threw it to the stunned Ceng Xu beside him. Its hard to explain if the little girl sees it.

Qin Yu felt like killing someone.



At this moment.

Pei Yunge, who had just finished showering, was wearing a sleeping robe and reading a book on Huo s.h.i.+dus table. She did not expect what was happening downstairs.