Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return! - Chapter 379 - Night Raid

Chapter 379 - Night Raid

Chapter 379: Night Raid

Lin Bai placed one hand under his body and looked straight ahead. Not long after, a small green snake appeared under Lin Bais feet.

Little Green, go and see whats going on.

Little Green didnt say anything. It crawled on the ground without making a sound and merged into the darkness far away from Lin Bai.

Wu Su closed his eyes, but with one hand behind his back, a black bat with a pair of green eyes appeared. It flapped its wings silently and disappeared into the darkness.

Lin Bai and Wu Su had discovered the other party, but the other party clearly hadnt realized it yet.

Therefore, the two of them understood that they didnt want to alert the other party, and instead went to investigate the situation first.

However, what Lin Bai didnt expect was that Wu Su was actually a beastmaster. Lin Bai was rather curious about the bat that Wu Su had just released.

If it werent for Lin Bai keeping his eyes open and observing the convoy in front of him, maintaining his previous appearance, he really wouldnt have been able to discover this bat

Time pa.s.sed, minute by minute

The guards in the convoy also began to yawn, and the others had long fallen asleep. The lights in Qi long and Ren Mus carriages also dimmed, making no sound.

Lin Bai yawned and half-lay beside the bonfire, squinting his eyes. Not long after, he lay down, snoring softly from time to time.

Wu Su was still sitting cross-legged, his eyes tightly shut, and his head drooping down from time to time.

The originally high full moon was covered by thick dark clouds, causing the originally bright night to become pitch black


Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Two air-piercing sounds rang out!

The two patrolling guards on both sides of the convoy each had an arrow stuck in their necks. Their bodies collapsed like dry gra.s.s, and they didnt even have the time to scream.

Immediately after, more than ten black shadows appeared from the darkness and arrived around the convoy.

Heh... this convoy seems to be very fat. I saw a chick earlier!

Dont think about it. The girls are all big brothers. Were just here to do some work.

Sigh... I can only hope that when big brother is tired of playing with them he can let us brothers have a taste and have a taste, right? Its very rare to see a girl with such a heavy and slender body.

Dont shout. Hurry up and do it!

While they were talking, they had already moved to Lin Bai and Wu Sus side.

They had observed for a long time in the dark, so they could naturally determine the division of power among the people in the convoy. They decided to deal with Lin Bai and Wu Su first so that there would be no future trouble.

A burly man in black was holding a saber that was emitting a cold light. Beside him was a slim man with long limbs. He was also dressed in black, and he was holding a short and curved dagger.

The two exchanged glances and kept approaching Lin Bai and Wu Su. No footsteps were heard.

When they were only one step away from Lin Bai and Wu Su, the two of them raised the weapons in their hands and quickly swung them downward, aiming for Lin Bai and Wu Sus vital points. They intended to kill them with one strike.

At this moment!

Lin Bai and Wu Su opened their eyes one after another!

Lin Bai exerted force with his elbow and stood up, taking advantage of the situation to pull out a kick toward the burly man behind him.

Wu Sus feet swayed, and his body was like a ghost as he pulled away from the person behind him, causing the dagger to miss.

d.a.m.n it! Theyre all awake!

The thin man with slender limbs shouted.

The burly man did not retreat, but instead advanced. The knife in his hand was held in the back of his hand, and he took a step forward, slas.h.i.+ng at Lin Bais chest from the bottom right to the top.

This move was decisive and ruthless. It was impossible to guard against.

Lin Bai was about to take a step back, but he heard a slight sound of air breaking from behind him. He frowned slightly and stepped on the ground with the tip of his foot. He rose high into the air.


At this moment.

An arrow that was completely black cut through the position where Lin Bai was standing and pierced deeply into the ground.

If Lin Bai did not dodge in time, even if it was only for a split second, he would still be pierced through by this cold arrow.

Lets see where you can hide now!

The burly man let out a cold laugh. He held the knife in his hand from the back to both of his hands and swung it outwards. He slashed at Lin Bai, who did not have a point of strength in the air.

This knife seemed to have cut through s.p.a.ce. It carried a whistling and biting wind as if it could destroy anything.

However, just as this slash was about to land on Lin Bais body, the burly man felt as if his body had frozen, and he couldnt move at all.

Lin Bai took the opportunity to land steadily on the ground. He took small steps and retracted his right hand before suddenly thrusting forward.


Blood splattered everywhere!

The burly mans left rib was pierced through by Lin Bais hand!

This was still the burly man. When his life was hanging by a thread, he had risked his life to dodge in one direction. Otherwise, this strike wouldnt have only pierced his left rib, but his heart!

The burly man covered his wound and kept dodging backwards.

Only then did he see clearly that there was a completely green snake beside Lin Bai. This snake made the burly man raise his guard. It was as if this green snake was not as simple as it looked on the surface. Its body contained some kind of prehistoric ancient beast.

The black-clothed man with slender limbs and a thin figure was in a fierce fight with Wu Su.

Wu Su skillfully controlled a few spirit beasts, and with his agile movement technique, he kept increasing the distance between him and his opponent, making the man in black in front of him even more disadvantaged.

The burly mans face was pale, and his heart was shaken.

At first, they had been observing from the side and thought that they had encountered an inexperienced caravan and planned to enjoy this feast. However, they did not expect that this was simply pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger

In addition, many people in the caravan had already woken up after hearing the commotion. The situation was not good for them.

Wind tight pull!

The burly man shouted, his voice reverberating in the dark night.

The slim black-clothed man with long limbs hurriedly retreated to the side of the burly man. The wind beneath their feet caused them to escape into the darkness.

However, just as the two of them took three steps forward, their heads were flying in the air, and their bodies were still rus.h.i.+ng forward. This scene was especially strange in the darkness.


The two of them fell into a pool of blood.

Luo Ningyu landed steadily beside Lin Bai. She elegantly waved her hand and shook off the stinky blood on her hand:

I didnt expect that someone would dare to plot against me.

Rong Ziyi followed closely behind and hurried over.

Lin Bai looked at the two headless corpses and then at Luo Ningyu. He came to a conclusion... Luo Ningyu was very scary!

Lin Bai didnt even see how Luo Ningyu had attacked before. He only remembered a faint light in front of him. Then, there were two heads flying in the air and the headless corpses running away

The rest of the team was quickly killed by Qi long and Ren Mu who had woken up.

Wu Sus expression was cold. He threw a black-clothed man who was tied up before the fire.

The black-clothed mans eyes were filled with fear. His face was pale and his teeth could not stop chattering:

Dont kill me, dont kill me. I beg you, dont kill me! Ill say anything, anything!