I Have Countless Legendary Swords! - Chapter 806 - Daohu's Lucky Chance

Chapter 806 - Daohu's Lucky Chance

Chapter 806: Chapter 806 Daohus Lucky Chance


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

A red figure suddenly flew out of the Mortal Place and arrived before Daohu.

Daohu immediately bowed and greeted, I respectfully greet Mortal Sovereign. I wish you eternal life and everlasting life as the Dao.

His tone was completely respectful. He didnt dare to look directly at the Mortal Sovereign.

Dajhu, do you still remember who help you reach your todays height? The Mortal Sovereign casually asked, gazing at Daohu.

Daohu replied without a moment of hesitation, Its you, Sovereign. If you still hadnt bestowed me the exercise and pa.s.sed me the divine ability, I would still be speck of dust among the livings.

He was a legend in the Kunlun Origin Court because he had risen too quickly!

When he had made his debut, Beast Sovereign had been the Master of the Evil Sky Divine Range for many years already. But Daohu still caught up to him or even surpa.s.sed him. It was quite evident how terrifying his talent was. And it was because of this that he was able to win countless diehard followers and create the Daohu Qiuzun that struck terror in the hearts of many Divine Ranges.

You did a good job but you are still eager for quick success. First you killed your sworn brother, and then, want to topple the Kunlun Origin Court. You were too fast, and because of that, you have now missed the opportunity now, the Mortal Sovereign continued as she turned and looked toward another direction.

Daohu had his head bowed as a little ugly look appeared on his face.

The matter of killing his sworn brother was a shame of his life. Had it been other person, he would have definitely killed him or her.

Now, you have another chance, thats to replace a Sovereign Divine Range. Remember, you must be careful of the Origin Court War G.o.d and Zhou Fa. Their backgrounds are very special. You should never judge them by your previous opinion, the Mortal Sovereign exhorted. Daohus curiosity was piqued after hearing this.

He quickly asked, Can you tell me where they are from?

He was quite familiar with Zhou Fa and the Origin Court War G.o.d.

Zhou Fa had been trying to cooperate with him during this period, often sending people to find him, annoying him like a fly.

And the Origin Court War G.o.d was the strongest person under the Sovereign. Of course, on the bright side.

If one counted all the experts in the Kunlun Origin Court, among the experts that Daohu knew, the Origin Court War G.o.d didnt even make it to the top ten.

Zhou Fa is related to a certain Sovereign. That Sovereign is very mysterious and definitely not a kind one. Otherwise, he would not disturb the Kunlun Origin Court. As for the Origin Court War G.o.d, he might be absolutely loyal to the Kunlun Origin Court, but he actually poses the greatest harm. You should always be extra careful of him. You can go back, replied the Mortal Sovereign, flicking her sleeve. After having finished speaking, her red figure flew toward the depths of the universe and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Daohu finally raised his head. A deep frown appeared in his brow as he fell into contemplation.

He was very curious about the true ident.i.ty of the Origin Court War G.o.d.

All along, the Origin Court War G.o.d has been the spiritual pillar of the Kunlun Origin Court. And now, the Mortal Sovereign says that he is the biggest scourge of the Kunlun Origin Court.

Daohu couldnt help but think about the disappearance of the Sovereign.

Could it be related to the Origin Court War G.o.d?

After the Sovereign disappeared, he had the best chances of making it to the Sovereigns throne. But things backfired; various Divine Ranges started fighting, ushering a dark period in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Things are starting to get more and more interesting, Daohu mumbled to himself as a horrifying smile appeared on his face.

The more chaotic the Kunlun Origin Court was, the more excited he was.

The more mysterious the enemy was, the more challenging he found the things!

After thinking about it, he turned and flew in another direction.

After recovering from the injuries, Zhou Xuanji took the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage and flew toward the Kunlun Origin Court.

Along the way, he didnt encounter Yuan Ruzun again.

It seems that he was really frightened.

Inside the carriage, Zhou Xuanji was cultivating.

The battle with Yuan Ruzun had given him a lot of insights. In addition to the growth of his Origin Fusion Divine Energy, his Dao had also improved.

According to his estimation, it wont be long before he could break through to the two comprehensions Origin Fusion Divine Lord Realm.

But he didnt feel proud or complacent of his cultivation speed. On the contrary, he found it slow.

After all, the Dark Sovereign was already aiming at him. He must do everything possible to become stronger.

After having returned to the Kunlun Origin Court, he saw fights taking place everywhere. From Overlord Saint to Origin Fusion Divine Lord, everyone was fighting with each other. Even the Divine Ranges were locked in battle. Countless creatures were clas.h.i.+ng with each other. It was extremely spectacular. From far away, it looked like a big bang.

Zhou Xuanji saw it all but he didnt stop. He flew straight toward the Evil Sky Divine Range.

The struggle for power and status existed no matter where it was.

As long as any intelligent race existed, a struggle for power and status could never be avoided.

After entering the Evil Sky Divine Range, he went straight to the Sovereign palace.

After entering the main hall, he met the Beast Sovereign and recounted all his previous experience.

After listening to things, Beast Sovereign was deeply sighed. He said, You really have completely matured. Even Yuan Ruzun was toyed with by you. Although you have learned the Destiny Manifestation Art, it doesnt mean that you are invincible. If you encounter Yuan Ruzun, you still have to be careful. He had the strength to sweep through the Origin Fusion Divine Lords. Only, he cant display his complete strength at ordinary times. The price is too high.

Zhou Xuanji nodded in agreement. He too felt that Yuan Ruzun hadnt tried his best.

Yuan Ruzun hadnt expected the Destiny Manifestation Art to be so terrifying.

Do you have any other things for me? If not, I have to prepare to enter a closed-door cultivation. I am stared at by the Dark Sovereign Zhou Xuanji continued to talk about the Dark Sovereign, who was a catastrophe for the entire Kunlun Origin Court. He might not be able to suppress him.

Dark Sovereign!

Beast Sovereigns face drastically changed for the worse. He tried to stay calm, patiently listening to Zhou Xuanji.

Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, This is a big problem. I have heard of the horrible legend of the Dark Sovereign when I was young. I didnt expect it to be true. Even Senior Lun Dian is afraid of him, what can our Evil Sky Divine Range alone deal with him.

Zhou Xuanji didnt answer; he didnt have an answer. He didnt have the authority to plan the future of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

After a while, the Beast Sovereign told him to leave.

Be the way, is Wei Yi still in the Divine Range? Zhou Xuanji seemed to have thought of something as he turned around and asked.

Beast Sovereign replied without hesitation, He is out on a mission.

He mind was preoccupied with the Dark Sovereign. So, he didnt think why Zhou Xuanji asked about him.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes as he left.

He had to find an opportunity to get rid of Wei Yi to avoid any future trouble.

Before meeting the Dark Sovereign, he still wanted to set a long line to catch the big fish.

But now, he was afraid that Wei Yi would collude with the Dark Sovereign to deal with him.

After leaving the Sovereign Palace, he flew straight toward the Pure Sword Heaven.

On the way, he ran into an acquaintance.

Ji Huanglin!

The genius who invited him into the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Since Zhou Xuanji joined the Evil Sky Divine Range, he seldom came to disturb Zhou Xuanji, at least not as eagerly as Wei Yi.

During the long time I havent seen you, you have already surpa.s.sed me and become an Origin Fusion Divine Lord. Its really gratifying, Ji Huanglin clasped his fists and stated with a smile. His gaze had a completely different look.

He had always admired Zhou Xuanji and had been looking for an opportunity to chat with Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji nodded with a smile as he asked, How are you doing?

When Ji Huanglin heard this, his smile immediately turned stiff. He sighed and waved his hand, Its okay. Thats it.

Lets talk next time, Im in a rush to finish the mission.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned.

Why did this guys face suddenly changed?

He wouldnt happen to be in trouble, is he?