I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 2894 - 2894 Chapter 2894, third personality

Chapter 2894 - 2894 Chapter 2894, third personality

Chapter 2894 - 2894 Chapter 2894, third personality

2894 Chapter 2894, third personality

This scene had happened before.

However, this was the world that Guan Yujue imagined. Therefore, Gu Yan wasnt sure what would happen next.

Therefore, when the room was lit up again, there were only five people left out of the original eight people.


Looking at the two Guan Yujue who looked exactly the same, Lucifers eyebrows furrowed and she was on guard.

Gu Yan quietly looked at the two Guan Yujue and said in a soft voice, To put it simply, multiple personalities means that several souls live in one body. Let Me Guess, you are Ah Jue and you are brother Jue?

The eyes of the sunny personality ah jue lit up, Sister!

On the other side, brother Jue lightly looked at Gu Yan. Although he was as calm as before, his eyes lit up slightly.

A gentle and warm light flashed past.

Lucifer understood, So, the third personality really appeared?

This was the worst outcome.

After hearing this, Ah Jues eyes drooped and he looked pitiful.

He nodded and said in a wronged tone, During that period of time, brother Jue and I were too weak. In the end, we let that b.a.s.t.a.r.d take advantage of us.

Ah Jue was bright and cheerful, while brother Jue was domineering and domineering.

And the third person, GE Jue, was..

Paranoid,brother Jue said. His gaze turned around Gu Yan before he retracted it.

He said to the three people in front of him, Because Gu Yan provoked him several times, he lost his mind. So, during this period of time when he was in a trance, Ah Jue and I were able to come out. However, after a while, he might wake up again and continue to dominate this world.

He inherited all of our love for Gu Yan and he will abandon all rationality. Therefore, you guys better leave this place immediately. Ah Jue and I will think of a way to stall him and create time for you guys.

Ah Jue and brother Jue had a good impression of Gu Yan. However, they were different from stubborn jue.

They couldnt bear to see Gu Yan get hurt.

Lucifer thought for a while, then he turned around and said to Gu Yan and Cang Lan, I will go with them to make this world shake, then you two will go back the way you came. The world over there has already collapsed, and with us holding it back, the third personality wont be able to take care of you.

It was happening again.

Gu Yan didnt seem to hear what Lucifer said. She said to brother Jue, Then do you know why the third personality trapped Cang Lan Here?

Cang Lan also raised her eyelids.

Brother Jue said, Because of the third personalitys stubbornness towards you, he thought that Cang Lan was in the same boat as him, so he created an illusion and let Cang Lan stay here with his loved ones. He thought that it was a happy thing.

Then I understand. When we were in the rainforest, the third personality did something like imprisoning a fake me.Gu Yan sneered, And Cang Lan is not in the same boat as him. Cang Lan already has someone who is in love with him.

The three personalities had been sleeping, so they did not know about this.

Cang Lan coughed awkwardly.

Ah Jue asked curiously, Who is it?

Brother Jue also looked over curiously.

Gu Yan paused and said, Its Xiao Yu, the Xiao Yu who has always liked you.

Both brother Jue and Ah Jue had only treated Xiao Yu as a friend and family member. Now that they saw that she and Cang Lan liked each other, after the shock, all that was left was blessings.

At this moment, another bolt of lightning flashed across the sky.

Brother Jue and Ah Jues expressions changed at the same time.