Exclusive Rights to An Online Voice Actor - Chapter 121

Chapter 121

Chapter 121


Eh? This noise from Yuan Zhengming was very quietexactly the type of sound one would unconsciously make in spite of oneself, lasting not even a second. When he realised that it was Qin Tuos first line, he quickly shut his mouth.

By the time the management hurriedly set the timer,


had already finished this line, five seconds having pa.s.sed. Under Yuan Zhengmings rule of scoring based on elapsed time, he was giving himself a disadvantage, throwing away 0.05 point for nothing.

The audience, including Qi Jing, only now managed to process it.

And everyones feelings right now could be summed up to that eh? as well.

Audience 1: ( ) Eeeehhhh?

Audience 2: ( ) Are?? Wai, wait a moment, it started just like this?? Thats Qin Tuos line, right?

Audience 3: Our fella Two, you Dont just start with no word of warning, my heart might fail from the shock This delivery of the emotions is on point, but are you really fine with losing that 0.05 point?Ah, Im speaking as your fan, Im just worried for you thats all

Still, everyone uniformly thought of one thing: doesnt that mean that


didnt forfeit, agreeing to perform with

Kittys Papa


He himself was too self-conscious to admit that, so he just did it right away, or at least it could be interpreted like thisQi Jing guessed what


s currently thinking, smiling instinctively; this weight was finally off his shoulders.

But Shen Yans next line once again disturbed his heart. And it was not because of the line itself, but rather the tone it was said with

Calm like dead still water, one which even though has no waves to be heard, one can still hear it colliding time and time again in their hearta tone that gives rise to sorrow upon listening.

Even more so if it was the voice of an aged old man.

Qin Tuo The man speaking didnt sound quite like a human being, but more like a clay figure, the words he uttered hard like a dry earthenware, What are you hiding from me?



heard Shen Yan ask this, a panicked gasp found its way into his choked voice, staying there for a moment. He stopped breathing for a second or two, then swallowed. His tone changed along with his breathing, strong at one moment, faint and quiet at the other, even starting to shake slightly.

This student lied to the Master, hiding away from him the fact that, hes in contact with the Twelve Wulin Alliance He hardened his resolve, bringing the truth of his a.s.sociation with the rebels to light.

Qin Tuo He didnt even have a chance to finish before the other man harshly cut him short.

What, are you


from me? This time the old mans voice finally showed some billows. This characters temperament was profound like a sea, so although this small, meagre wave didnt sound as much, it actually took a great deal of effort for him to ask that shakingly. Each word he spoke was weaker than the previous, as he slowly seemed to start losing control, his whole body shaking faintly.

As if he knew from the very start that his student was telling lies, and he knew that rebels and whatsoever were nothing but a pretence, a disguise for something else.

Old Man Xiao Shan loved Qin Tuo dearly, and rarely spoke from his position as a sect leader to this student of his. But now, when he suddenly showed this stern side of him, it was like deep still waters disturbed by a hit of a stoneeven though the ripples werent quite the majestic and billowing waves, it still could make a person shake.

This gap.

So this was the gap between themQi Jing suddenly felt how away he was from those two in terms of the skill. This time, it was even more evident than when he competed with


in the individual auditions during the semi-finals.

His two auditions for Fang Yisheng just now both werent half bad. But both still lacked maturity.

If the previous scene between Fang Yisheng and Yan Buliu was a dynamic conflict, with intense clashes in dialogue and great dramaturgy that could easily move the audience Then the current scene was a cla.s.sic example of a static conflict.

There was no t.i.t for tat in the lines.

There were no heart-stirring cries.



Under those circ.u.mstances, for the tension that could catch every listeners attention only through the contestants control of their own voice It was truly a difficult feat.

People would say that the shouting scenes could bring out the entirety of a voice actors skillset, but it isnt exactly the case.

Just as with two movies of the same length, an action movie would always have it easier grasping the audiences attention than an arthouse movie, with its quick pace and clear-cut conflicts. And an arthouse movie would often appear rather simple production-wise, but to attain the same result, the requirements for the actors skills and performance of the lines would be much stricter.

The voice actors would always fear such works, because if they didnt perform up to standard, it would be easy for the acting to fall flat with no appeal, and so their still not that bad skill would inevitably get looked down on and picked on.

And voice actors feared voice acting in pairs for such works even morebecause with two people, it would be much easier to commit a mistake than alone, as even the smallest of mistakes would turn out double as severe.

This scene between Old Man Xiao Shan and Qin Tuo was precisely this type of static conflict.

And within the duration of those three, four lines, there was close to no activity in the chat, until the first person finally uttered at loss, k2026;I, Im kinda worried.

Once this got out, the other listeners finally started to add to it as well.

Audience 1: k2026;I, Im worried too now.

Audience 2: Im also a bit worried

Audience 3: _(:)_ So is it because Im worried that those two wont cooperate well, or because Im too immersed in their performance, I cant tell already

Audience 3: _(:)_ I think its because of the breath control It sounds so stifled, thats why its so heart-wrenching (holds heart from the pain)

Audience 5: Theyre doing so well keeping the tacit flow This is quite a difficult part of the dialogue, but it actually makes it feel as if it flows naturally When I first saw their lines, I thought they should be stuttered and disjointed, but they actually got the grasp of the transition points so well without getting stuck with any of them. It sounds so lifelike!

Audience 6: I dont think you could do that without both sides cooperating on the highest level Aaah, to think that this is their first work together after their reconciliation, and its so great, it makes me so emotional!

Control over the breath was


s strong suit.

To fill out the blank left by the internal struggle of the character between the lines, he didnt waste a single moment, using all kinds of changes in breathing to paint a living image of this man. This man, kneeling before his master, on the brink of resisting his grief, wavering and uncertain after getting hit by his masters wordsQin Tuo.

His mic was probably of quite good quality, as it caught all of the little details in his changing breathing, making it sound even more lifelike. And he also took care to keep a control over the choked sob of a character in grief, not inserting it everywhere to be heard, but only showing it emerging every now and then, painting an immensely vivid image.

And as for Shen Yan, up till now it sounded as if he had two lines, but in reality, he only had one:

What are you hiding from me


There was nothing to pick about whether his old man voice suited the role, so the main point was how he would take one identical line, and differentiate the context and tone between them. And more than that, he also had to consider how to play along with


which was anything but an easy task.

The first line was when he heard his student break into sobs, and understood that most of his guess was real. His heart went cold, and his tone sank along with it as well.

The second one, was when he heard his student refuse to tell the truth, sorrow and worry rus.h.i.+ng right into his head, the usually calm and composed heart in disarray.

The same line, yet two completely different mental states, as well as different layers of them. If he and


left it without either of these, there would be no chance of creating an effect this natural.

If it wasnt known that it was just now that theyve reunited, and if it wasnt for the randomised selection for the audition group, people would certainly a.s.sume that theyve practised it multiple times beforehands.

At that time, Shen Yan suddenly began to cough, as if from having spoken so urgently, that he couldnt help a coughing fit. The previously full of tension atmosphere loosened to a certain degree, now midways between tense and calm.

As he coughed chestily,


s voice suddenly got closer to the mic, making it feel as if the character leaned over, now calling out nearby, Master Master

Such an earnest and troubled image, so vivid that one could virtually see it before their own eyes.

The listeners too breathed a sigh of relief, oblivious to the fact that the next part of dialogue was the one that was about to deliver the stab, tearing out hearts and shedding blood.

Shen Yans coughing gradually grew weaker and scarcer, finally disappearing. He finally asked, Those twenty seven people from the Tuo Yang sectwho killed them?

At this moment, an indistinct sound from


s throat showed his faltering while speaking, The imperial soldiers

No. The abrupt cut here sounded almost callous, but in reality, it was one from a pained heart as he laughed slowly, hopelessly; an indescribable misery. It was your Senior It was your Senior, wasnt it? The owner of the Listen to the Wind Inn, he was also poisoned by him, wasnt he?

After no reply was heard from


for a long while, his breath suddenly got more urgent, as if he stood up from the ground having settled on some decision, then said through gritted teeth, Ill go down the mountain to find him, and I will drag him right back here!

Qin Tuo! Shen Yan called even more heavily and urgently to stop him, his voice shaken and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with grief, As your master, I cant be more clear about your seniors character. If he can even harm his benefactor, then he can also harm you as well.

Master, my senior, he he wouldnt do something like that.

In this old mans life, bloodshed between the brothers was the last he would wish to ever see, there was no way Qin Tuo didnt know that.

So when


said this line, his voice was faint as if each word he said was made out of cotton, with the hollow, surface-level optimism and filling to support it. Even he didnt believe his own words, having to convince himself so, squeezing out a shadow of a weak, pale smile.

He would. But the old man was already resigned to this reality. He gradually curbed his grief, only leaving the numbness behind, If one day, he will think of killing you, posing a threat to your lifeat that time, you

At this point, the pain in his voice stopped him from speaking further.

Saying it out loud would be to foresee the end of the child he had brought up with his very hands. As a man, a teacher, a father, he couldnt accept it through neither feelings nor reason, yet he still couldnt stop the pain from twisting its blade in his heart.

You eradicate this traitorous disciple in my name.

Even with things coming to this point of no turning back, the old man still stressed that in my name strongly. The morals codex of Wulin, the principles of the sect, all of those could be put aside To have raised a child like this, it was all his fault, and the one to make up for it had to be him as well.

If Bai Ke already committed his crime, his sins deserving death, then At least if he was the one to give the order, it would keep his heart from breaking.

The timer stopped at 0:55.



started early, they also finished five seconds early.

After this conclusion, the listeners couldnt free themselves from that sorrowful atmosphere for a long while, one after another breaking in tears.

Audience 1: QAQ Master

Audience 2: QAQ At first my heart was already squeezed in the ball, it got a bit easier in the middle, but I didnt expect the end to be the real killing blow

Audience 3: QAQ Kittys Papas voice was so miserable, Im crying!! And fellow


s voice was so desperate, it made me cry too!!

Audience 4: QAQ The way


portrayed Qin Tuo being unable to talk and swallowing it back in silence, making it even more hard to bear for the Master I dont have enough tissues for that

Audience 5: I can really virtually see it Im imagining the animated effects after this appears in the game Its straight up an onion ninja siege!

Audience 6: Everytime I hear Kittys Papa playing a grandpa character, its so realistic and moving Theres even no saying about whether he suits the role anymore, his tone always makes me think of a benevolent and warm elder. But because his disciple had committed an unforgivable sin, he had to put justice before his family, so he certainly feels so pained about that too, sobs

It was finished now.

So great.

Qi Jing sniffled quietlyhis nose was getting more and more runny as he listened. He couldnt help but admire how those twos skill managed to pull him completely into the plot of Order to End the Heavens.

When the final score calculation showed, everyone accepted it wholeheartedly.

Group Score: 4.5, 4.5, average score 4.5

Elapsed Time: 55 seconds = 0.55 points

Audience Votes: 93.9% voting ratio = 0.939 points

Overall group score: 4.50.550.939= 5.989 points

Gimme a proper dub, dumba.s.s individual score:

Voice Quality: 4.5, 4.0, average score 4.25

Enunciation: 4.5, 4.0, average score 4.25

Foundation Points: 4.5, 4.5, average score 4.5

Charisma: 4.5, 4.5, average score 4.5

Overall average scores: = 17.5 points

Additional audience vote points: 88.9% voting ratio = 0.889 points

Overall score: 17.50.8895.989 = 24.378 points

Kitty Papa individual score:

Voice Quality: 4.5, 4.0, average score 4.25

Enunciation: 4.5, 4.0, average score 4.25

Foundation Points: 4.5, 4.5, average score 4.5

Charisma: 4.5, 4.5, average score 4.5

Overall average scores: = 17.5 points

Additional audience vote points: 90.7% voting ratio = 0.907 points

Overall score: 17.50.9075.989 = 24.396 points

Audience 1: Two bullied Kittys Papa! So I wont give you a vote, no matter how well you perform! Humph!Okay, I actually voted

Audience 2: Thats right! I decided to bully him back in Kittys Papas name! Humph!I actually voted too

Audience 3: Hahaha! You weak minded peasants, Im the one who actually didnt vote!! (Although Im sure that he isnt short of that single vote) See how you will bully Kittys Papa now!! Huh!! This time its you thats losing in individual scores to him, huh?? (**)mental case

Audience 4: But now that were saying this, those two really are so incredibly skilled The difference in score is also only because of the votes, and even Teacher Pu gave both of them 4.5, Im on my knees.

Audience 5: Isnt the group score the most terrifying one?

Audience 6: Isnt the group score the most terrifying one? +10086

The group score was definitely the most terrifying oneboth


and Teacher Pu gave them 4.5 points.

This one It really couldnt be outdone.

Speaking from a VAs point of view, it would certainly feel a bit upsetting, but there was no logical way to refute this score. Perhaps someone would say that both of them played roles which they ranked first in semi-finals, so there was an effect of two powerhouses working together at play. But it wasnt like any other two first places would mesh together this well.

Qi Jing smiled lightly, then opened the QQ chat window.

Dont ask for my return date: ^_^ Im so happy. For both of the results, the one from the audition, and the other one as well.

Geese Fly North: Mn Thank you.

Geese Fly North: Ah, Two is messaging me in YY DMs.

Geese Fly North: He probably has something to say, and I also want to take this opportunity to have a good talk with him Qi Jing, wait for me for a while, I will be back in a moment.

Dont ask for my return date: Mhm.

This time, it was his turn to hum dejectedly.

When Shen Yan listened to him and

Crossing the bridge noodles

perform together Thats probably how he felt, right?

What to do, Im also getting a bit jealous Qi Jing muttered half-jokingly, half-serious to himself, propping his chin as he stared at the chat windowthere was no new message in it for quite a long time, making him feel a bit desolate.

But thinking of this now, it was his first time hearing Shen Yan acting with someone else aside from him.

And thinking of this now, the performance between him and Shen Yan Aside from the staff from Trap production group, there was not a single person who heard it.

It was a very long time ago when


and that group had already started practising with Shen Yan, and even though they almost completely broke apart before, their understanding of each other was still as good even long years later, it really made a person

So envious. Qi Jing chuckled bitterly, lowering his embarra.s.sed gaze as he said those words.

Just so envious


Patting 2Yans shoulder, honestly, I think that among the little buddies, only Two can manage that, does that make you feel any better? (Eh, why does it keep getting worse)

P.S. Its not like every single of the little buddies are so amazing at voice acting, the strongest two had already appeared, the rest of them arent as impressive But they each have their own strengths. If, if you think that this is too much of a cheat, then I have no choice as well (kneels)